YESTERYEAR: Old State National Bank by Pat Sides


The Old State National Bank, seen here in the early twentieth-century, was a downtown fixture for over a century. Located at 20 Main Street, the bank was built in 1835, but it was extensively remodeled in the 1850s to resemble an ancient Greek temple, which made it an architecturally unique structure on Main Street.

In 1883, the institution’s charter expired, and it was renamed Old National Bank. Rapid growth led to the construction of a considerably larger building at 420 Main (which was razed in 1970 when a newer high-rise bank opened next door).

The original bank at 20 Main was used as a Moose Lodge for several decades after the bank vacated it, but like many other downtown buildings at mid-century, it was razed in 1960 for a parking lot.


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