YESTERYEAR: National City Bank by Pat Sides


These happy National City Bank employees “ride” a tram that disguises some of the construction work behind the main office building at 227-229 Main Street. The date was December 1962, and the thriving bank was expanding to create more space for its loan departments. National City could trace its roots back to at least 1850, when it opened as the Canal Bank on Water Street (now Riverside Drive). In 1866, the bank moved to Main Street, eventually ending up at Third and Main. Over its long history, Canal Bank underwent several names changes: First National Bank, City National Bank, Old National Bank, and in 2000, Integra Bank. The institution closed in 2011.


  1. My wife was “let go for her own good” for being pregnant in 1967 and told she could re-apply after she had the baby and a baby sitter was in place. Integra was a very misleading name for a very family unfriendly workplace. Needless to say, it’s inner corruption caught up with it. Good riddance.


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