More than 150 lawyers suspended for fee, CLE violations


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More than 150 attorneys in the state and across the country currently cannot practice law in Indiana after they were suspended for failure to pay their annual fees, comply with annual continuing legal education requirements or both.

The Indiana Supreme Court suspended 158 attorneys on Thursday for failure to comply with Indiana Admission and Discipline 2, related to annual registration fees, 2(f), related to IOLTA certification, and 29 sections 3 or 10, related to annual CLE requirements. Among the attorneys suspended, 87 are based in Indiana and 71 are in other states.

The suspension order stipulates that for purposes of reinstatement procedures, the suspensions are effective immediately. However, to allow time for the order to be copied and acted upon, the proscription of legal services in Indiana will begin at 12:01 a.m. on June 29. Suspended attorneys who wish to be reinstated must comply with the applicable reinstatement procedures, Admission and Discipline Rules 2(h) and 29, section 10(b).

The Indiana Office of Admissions and Continuing Education granted certain attorneys extensions of time to comply with the CLE rules, so the names of those attorneys do not appear on the list.


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