Mesker Park Zoo Welcomes Giant Anteater


Mesker Park Zoo is happy to announce the addition of new resident, a male Giant anteater. The anteater (“Mr. Pickles”) was born at Potawatomi Zoo in November 2016 and is currently on exhibit in the Zoo’s South America section.

“Mesker Park Zoo has not had this species in over 50 years. They’re an amazing species with some unique adaptations,” says Erik Beck, Zoo Director. “Mr. Pickles is a great addition to our zoo family and we can’t wait for our visitors to meet him.”

Giant anteaters range from 60-90 pounds and are found in the tropical forest and grasslands areas of South America. These animals do not have teeth and use their long tongues to feed on ants and termites – approximately 30,000 each day.

It is estimated that there are fewer than 5,000 remaining in the wild. Their habitats are threatened by urbanization and habitat loss, roadkills, hunting and fires.



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