Marsha Abell Barnhart Calls Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave An Out and Out Liar

Posted below are comments made by former County Commissioner Marsha Abell Barnhart concerning a statement made by Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave about the hiring of the former Director of Burdette Park.  Marsha Abell Barnhart comments about Mrs Musgrave was posted on her Facebook page.  We asked and received permission from Marsha Abell Barnhart to post her Facebook page comments in the CCO.  We post her comments about Commissioner Musgrave without bias, opinon or editing. You can also click the blue headline below and it shall take you directly to Mrs. Barnhart Facebook page.
Marsha Abell Barnhart Calls Cheryl Musgrave An Out And Out Liar 
 No words are to be withheld. Cheryl Musgrave as an out and out liar. She knows nothing about how the Burdette Parks Director was hired because she was not on the commission. She was out trying to start trouble somewhere else then. I, however, was a commissioner with the Honorable Stephen Melcher and the Honorable Joe Kiefer. All three of us interviewed Mr. Murphy and I checked on him with my contacts in Louisville. We were lucky to be able to hire him. Musgrave has botched this entire issue and now says it was the previous commissioners. She has lied so much she can’t determine what is true and what is not. And she will throw anyone under the bus to get what she wants. Too bad the State of Indiana didn’t want her so we got her back.


  1. It appears the county fired a man from a job he was well qualified for and good at. Then hired him for a job he was not qualified for and does not know anything about. The Peter principle?

  2. Marsha should go purchase some more taxpayer funded wine.
    I am not impressed with any politicians at this time.

  3. While Barnhart is weighing in, maybe she’ll expound on the naming rights that were granted to Old National for the ‘Centre’. I don’t think we’ve ever been treated to an honest accounting of what happened there.

  4. It is sad that Marsha, who was always considered the biggest liar in politics in Evansville and Vanderburgh County, has crawled out of her hole to rant about a smart of professional and motivated County leader (Cheryl Musgrave), which I can only figure is because she is jealous that Cheryl has been successful and Marsha was kicked out of office as a loser

  5. Classless Commissioner
    Is Cheryl Musgrave the “Local Trump”? She said the hiring of Murphy was “good old boy” politics made behind closed doors, and that the weights and measures position should have been posted to a field of applicants. Yeah just like Musgrave posted the Burdette Park job. Just like Trump….blame someone else. And what’s with this burr up your butt with Joe Kiefer. He was 100 times the commissioner you are. Politicians beware of this woman.


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