Marcia Yockey



Most people remember Marcia Yockey as the zany, pony-tailed weather forecaster on local television, but her other skills included piloting a Piper Cub airplane.

In this late 1950s image, she appears with the Easter Bunny at the Evansville airport, probably after flying him there. The Bunny was part of a promotion at the Sears store, and when she wasn’t on television, Yockey was active in community affairs. During World War II, she had interrupted her pre-med studies at Evansville College to work for the U. S. Weather Bureau, a move which unexpectedly altered her career plans.

In 1953, Yockey joined the new WFIE television station, becoming one of the first woman weather forecasters in the nation, as well as a local celebrity. She retired in 1988.


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