Making Sense by Michael Reagan

At my age I’m pretty sure I don’t need maternity care.
At her age I’m pretty sure my granddaughter doesn’t need health insurance for her end-of-life needs.
But what do I know? I’m just a dumb citizen.

According to the architects of Obamacare – if you can call the Democrats who designed President Obama’s signature failure “architects” – I can’t be trusted to buy my own health insurance.

The architects of Obamacare in Washington, all Democrats, decided six or seven years ago they knew what the best health plan was for everyone, rich or poor, healthy or sick, old or young, Californian or New Yorker.
For them health-care choice was never an option for individual American citizens – it was one-size fits all.
They decided that every American human being, no matter what their sex, age, health or personal needs or desires, deserved Cadillac care for any possible sickness or service.

Just in case you might desire to change your gender someday, for instance, you’d be covered for the necessary surgery —- and get to pay for it in your insurance premium today.

When they drew up their plans the architects of Obamacare promised the moon but they delivered the usual piece of government space junk.

They promised insurance premiums would be low and be subsidized for the poor. Co-pays also would be minimal.  They promised all Americans would have access to affordable quality health care.  But in the real world it turned out many people can’t afford to use their Obamacare insurance cards to actually purchase health care because the deductibles are too expensive, or Obamacare’s architects severely limited the kinds of health care plans insurance companies were allowed to offer customers.

It should surprise no one that Obama’s pie-in-the sky promises have been broken and his plan is on fire and crashing to Earth.

It was cynically designed by his administration and Democrats in Congress to have its inevitable and widely predicted problems emerge after Obama was safely reelected in 2012.

But now even some Democrats are admitting Obamacare has got serious problems.
Of course, no one in the liberal media is pressing Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi to reveal how they’d change Obamacare to make it better.

If the media did ask a Washington Democrat to solve a problem they’ve created with one of their social policies, we all know the answer – throw more federal money and subsidies at it.

Republicans want radical changes that will get the government out of the health care insurance racket.
They want to repeal and replace Obamacare’s mandates so that individuals can buy the health insurance plan they want from insurance companies that want to sell it to them.

What a concept.  They want individuals and small businesses to be able to join together in larger groups or insurance pools to pay lower premiums.

And they want people to be able to buy their health insurance across state lines (like car insurance and a million other things) instead of being forced to buy from their state’s monopoly provider.
What concepts – freedom and choice.

The American people got Obamacare shoved down their throats because of the liberal myth that government knows best about everything.

Republicans in Congress – if they can get their act together and stop fighting each other —- are in a position to radically change things for the better.

But they need to come together, present a patient-based, market-based repeal & replace health care plan to the Senate and then force the Democrats there to explain to the country why they are the ones whose filibusters are preventing it from passing.

Republicans have to make the Democrats own and defend Obamacare, which will soon die a natural death.
If that doesn’t work, President Trump should invite every Republican and Democrat leader from Congress into the White House and lock the doors.

Then he should not allow anyone of either party to eat or pee or leave until they come up with a solution.



  1. ‘But they need to come together, present a patient-based, market-based repeal & replace health care plan to the Senate … ‘. ~~ Flaugher/Bourgholtzer

    This son of John Bourgholtzer seems to think he’ll be able to negotiate a ‘patient-based, market-based’ policy for himself. His unsolicited advice to the Orange Buffoon goes unappreciated and would result in Drumpf publicly ridiculing him, if he knew he existed. Flaugher is deteriorating rapidly and will soon be sopping up Medicaid dollars when he should be out looking for a job.

  2. At my age of 72 I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go to school so why am I paying school tax? I live in a quite neighborhood why am I paying for extra police protection needed in a high crime area? I don’t need fire protection so why am I paying for their services when I don’t currently need them? My health is good, I require few prescriptions, so why am I paying for prescription coverage and gap insurance I don’t currently need? I could continue this train of thought but why? We need social programs that is what a civilized society does it takes care of ALL its citizens otherwise let’s just admit we are not a civilized society, get our AR’s or AK’s out and take what we want OR continue to let the corporations control our thoughts and government.


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