Luke Messer Launches U.S. Senate Campaign at Annual Family BBQ

Messer: “Good Paying Jobs, Less Government and a Stronger America”   
MORRISTOWN, IND. –  U.S. Congressman Luke Messer launched his campaign for United States Senate today alongside family and friends at the 6th Annual Messer Family BBQ in Morristown, Indiana.  “Hoosiers deserve a United States Senator who will look out for them 100 percent of the time… not just talk like a Hoosier back home, then vote with the liberals in Washington,” Messer said during his announcement speech. “Good-paying jobs, less government and a stronger America. That’s what I’ll be fighting for.”
Hundreds of Hoosier supporters from all across the state joined Messer for the announcement, including several Indiana elected officials and Vice President Mike Pence’s brother Greg Pence, who serves as the Messer campaign Finance Chair.
“Today I am standing with Luke Messer because he stands with Hoosiers,” Greg Pencesaid. “Luke Messer is the only candidate who can unite our Party, defeat Joe Donnelly, and help President Trump and my brother Mike Pence deliver results for Hoosiers.”
On Thursday, Indiana State Senate President Pro Tempore David Long endorsed Luke Messer for U.S. Senate. Earlier in the year, Messer announced his statewide finance committee, which is chaired by Greg Pence and made up of key Hoosier business and political leaders from around the state.
“Together, we will win this election, and send a big message to our nation that Indiana will not stand idly by and watch the promise of our great country melt away,” Messer said. “Generations before us have risen to the challenge, and now is our time


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