Luke Messer Applauds Senate Passage of Tax Cut Plan

 Luke Messer today applauded the United States Senate for voting to pass President Trump’s tax cut plan.
“This is a great day for working Hoosiers,” Messer said.“The Senate has finally passed President Trump’s tax plan that will cut taxes for middle class Hoosiers, bring back jobs from overseas and get our economy moving again.”
Messer also blasted Indiana’s Senator Joe Donnelly for his vote in opposition.
“Typical Joe Donnelly… he says he is bipartisan but votes with his party’s liberal leadership to block the President’s agenda,” Messer said. “Hoosiers know that actions matter more than words. Once again, Senator Donnelly has made his choice, siding with Chuck Schumer over Hoosiers.”
For months, Luke Messer urged Donnelly to support the President’s plan and give Hoosiers a tax cut.
Senator Donnelly joined his Democrat colleagues to vote against the Senate’s tax cut plan today. Senator Donnelly was also the deciding vote against the President’s plan to repeal Obamacare.
Messer voted in support of the tax cut plan when it passed the House of Representatives earlier this month.


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