Long Time And Beloved EPD Sergeant To Retire Today


Sergeant Lonnie Rahm is retiring Friday, 7-6-2018, after serving the citizens of Evansville for 42 years and 11 months. He came on the department on Aug 6, 1975. Sergeant Rahm worked undercover narcotics for nine years where he made hundreds of hand to hand drug buys. He was promoted to Sergeant on August 12, 1992 (almost 26 years). Lonnie will be receiving his 10th Merit Award next Monday at the department’s hiring and awards ceremony and he is well beloved by the officers who work for him on second shift. Sergeant Rahm has had a front row seat to many changes in this profession over the past 43 years and Evansville has been lucky to have him.

Some fun facts from when Sergeant Rahm was hired:

#1 song in the country was Jive Talkin by the Bee Gees.

#1 movie was Jaws. This was two years before anyone had heard of a little movie called Star Wars.

#1 TV Show in 1975 was Sanford & Son.

Sergeant Rahm served under sev en different Police Chiefs, dating back to Dave Jackson, six different Mayors, dating back to Russell G. Lloyd Sr. (Lonnie once served as a Camp Counselor at Camp Carson where future Mayor Lloyd Winnecke was one of his campers.), and eight different US Presidents, dating back to President Gerald Ford.


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