written by Vanderburgh County Resident Phyllip Davis

If the Drag Queen Story Hour was an event held by local drag performers without any additional resources being used by EVPL for the event, it would be fair game and definitely entitled under the fair use of a public facility. That is not the case with the event that will be held at the North Park library branch. This event is being put on by a touring production and they are being paid for their appearance through funding by EVPL. Additionally, part of the funds being used has come from the Public Education Foundation who awarded a grant to EVPL for LGBT programming. I would be one of the first to defend the right for local Vanderburgh County residents to be able to use the EVPL facilities for meetings like this or anything else, as their taxes pay for the facility.

I also support and believe that each and every one of us has the right to pursue their personal happiness and determine their sexual identity, gender and desires as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others or require others to finance their passions through the use of public funds.

Due to the rift that this has caused in our community, the public resources used by EVPL to host this event and deal with the fallout and surely the additional resources that will be required for public safety for the event, the library should cancel the event.


  1. As usual, I think Phil is pulling info out of his backside. However, if he can support any of this with proof, I will gladly retract any of my assertions proven to be incorrect

    First, unless he really wants to prove he is being bigoted, the proper terminology is LGBTQ, so perhaps he should learn how to address the subject matter

    Next, he states “part of the funds being used has come from the Public Education Foundation who awarded a grant to EVPL for LGBT programming” I have spent considerable time looking at the Public Education Foundation website, and I cannot find a single grant that even REMOTELY mentions a grant to EVPL for LGBTQ programming. The grant fundings for the last 24+ months do not show ANY records of a grant like this.

    Some of the links to PEF grants are here:


    So, Where’s The Beef?

    Furthermore, he opines that “This event is being put on by a touring production and they are being paid for their appearance through funding by EVPL” Once again, there is not a shred of proof of this. The official “Drag Queen Story Hour” program that is based out of San Francisco has a list of every event they sponsor, both past and future. There is ZERO mention of Evansville. The other major group that educates people thru “Drag Queen Story Hour” also has ZERO mentions of an Evansville event.

    Once again, Where’s The Beef?

    Last, but certainly not least, Phil makes some serious allegations that this event is being financially covered by EVPL and PEF, and after almost an hour I can locate ZERO mention of either of these groups providing any funding of this. There have been countless articles on this, but NOBODY has provided a single assertion that either EVPL or PEF is funding this. In fact, EVPL has been very up-front about this issue. So if Phil has some proof, then link to it

    While I concur that there has been a “rift” over this local event, the “additional resources that will be required for public safety for the event” are caused by the shameful hypocrisy of locals who fail to understand how a public facility is utilized

    Yep, gonna wait for Phil to support his allegations. If he is talking thru his hat again, I am sure EVPL and PEF will have a swift rebuttal to this

    • There is a unsettling silence by the EVPL on the specifics of the Drag Queen Story Hour. Any contracts and all their e-mails should all be made available for public inspection. Let their be light on this matter.

    • “the proper terminology is LBGTQ” says who?
      That might be your definition or the definition used by the community that wants these perversions to be accepted as normal, but it’s not everyone’s definition. I think a more acceptable term is LGBTQF.

  2. Mr. Davis, are you claiming a traveling group of drag queens is being paid by the library with taxpayer money to come to Evansville to interact with young children?

  3. Mr. Ronald Reagan. Obviously, you want to hide your identity as you attack this person and I’m surprised the City-County Observer allows that to happen. Shame on them.
    You’re probably right that he has his facts wrong, however, I think his main thrust is that he objects to the Drag Queen Program being promoted by a Public Library as is the vast majority of Evansville, in my opinion.

    Considering that you are so critical of Mr. Phyllip Davis and his facts I just can’t resist to point out that you too have a fact wrong. The very one that you so hatefully insinuate that he is a “Bigot” for not getting right. If you were up on your proper terminology, it isn’t “LGBTQ” it’s now “LGBTQ+”. The plus (+) is to be all inclusive of everybody including NAMBLA.

    • Mikey

      The lack of the + sign was a typo and keyboard input error. No slight was intended. And if you insist on being so politically correct, and not a smart ass, then the actual term preferred by the LGBTQ to mean all of the communities included in the “LGBTTTQQIAA”

      Gender Queer
      Gender Variant

      “LGBTQ is the more commonly used term in the community, possibly because it is more user-friendly…The most important thing is to be respectful and use the terms that people prefer”

      Since it appears you need to brush up on your LGBTQ terminology, here are a couple of links for you:


      As for remaining anonymous on the CCO, your vitriol and rancor prove why anyone would be careful. Hell, do you pay attention to the CCO on a regular basis? I know for darn sure you are not a regular poster under your nom-de-plume

      Perhaps you should have a jelly bean. They do wonders for me

    • I don’t care about the opinions or insult from a person who is too cowardly to post using their own name, so Reagan is of no concern to me. He/She/Xe can call me whatever they choose. However if we want to educate people on the abbreviations being used, we can start with LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI, LGBTQI AP and so on and so forth. What Reagan chooses to ignore is the fact that I said in my comment and I’ll repeat I would wholeheartedly support this if it were a community member and no resources of the library were used than what is normally used when a group wants to use a room at the facility. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been on the side of individuals’ freedoms and rights.

      Furthermore if we’re talking about drag performers, do they fit under the umbrella of LGBT? From anything that I’ve ever learned about drag, the performers may or may not be homosexual or transgender. I’m certain that there are many drag performers who say that they are heterosexual and/or cisgenger, but enjoy performing in drag. In fact when this whole debate started, I saw several comments referring to Shakespeare where men have played women and several modern theatrical roles including Mrs. Doubtfire and Madea.

  4. I dont care at all about gender classes. I do care alot if my tax dollars are being paid to hire drag queens to be with kids at a function promoted by the library. Are they, and if so how much? Can anyone answer this??

    • We’re all waiting to have Davis provide documentation for his allegations. I provided links to the PEFBgrants that show ZERO grants for LGBTQ, and five years of the PEF Facebook page shows nothing as well

      Davis also provides zero supporting documentation that this program is paid for by EVPL, and zero proof this is a “traveling” show. Everything thus far have local residents reading

      I think Davis is counting on folks not questioning his crap, and now caught he cannot support what he wrote

    • Al, talk about defamation of character, and after Phillie was all bunched up how he “don’t care about the opinions or insult from a person who is too cowardly to post using their own name”

      But please, tell us how the heck this story has anything to do with this article? Where is the TSA in this article?

  5. Why does Reagan feel like I owe him proof? Check your ego. If you’re so concerned about the veracity of what I’ve said, file a FOIA request with EVPL to find out where their funding comes from. It’s funny how all of the anonymous blowhard come on here and spew their vitriol and say that they hide their names because of the way that other people act. The same ones always try to dispute what I say, yet they never prove me wrong.

    • The usual obfuscation from Phillie

      YOU made the assertions of facts
      YOU stated that you “know” that PEF funded EVPLfor LGBT training
      YOU stated this is a “touring” group
      YOU stated EVPL is paying the aforementioned “touring” group

      I provided links to PEF showing no funding for EVPL
      I provided that there are ZERO references for PEF funding EVPL for LGBTQ training for five years
      I provided that there is ZERO to link the EVPL event to ANY national groups for DQSH

      So nice try, but you are NOT a journalist, and you FAILED to support your story. I provided links to the groups you are slandering PROVING that they have provided ANY financial remuneration

      I’m not disputing, I am saying you are either wrong or lying

      Put up or shut up. It’s that simple. Not the first time we have seen you make false assertions

  6. This is a VOLUNTARY event that parents MUST be in attendance with their children.

    There should be NO issue with this event.

    If you don’t like it, DON’T GO!

    Attendance will either support this or not.


  7. Boris B. The issue is sponsorship. The EVPL is tax-funded. The controversy will never go away because they use tax dollars. Why don’t they have their Drag shows and Drag strip shows at the First Presbyterian Church? I’m sure Pastor Kevin Fleming would welcome you.

  8. Phillie and Hillie

    First: Hey, Phyll, still waiting on proof? We know you prefer to wiggle and attack, but we provided proof you are wrong/lying. Your move

    Next: Hey, Hillie, EVPL is not sponsoring anything, unless you call allowing readers to, well, read. If that’s the case, where was outrage about other reading initiatives

    I’ll be eating jelly beans waiting on Phyll to provide his (non-existent) proof.

  9. Are the traveling drag queens paid by tax dollars?? Hello EVPL? Hello Commissioner Musgrave? Hello Councilman Shettler? Hello Mayor Winnecke? Anyone home?

    • Per Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library Director Cynthia Landrum, who was answering questions AT the County Council meeting:

      The volunteer readers will be trained to read books chosen by library staff

      Stories are picked by the library and the local drag queen volunteers are trained by library staff

      She also said library volunteers are expected to follow the employee dress code, the volunteers are aware they’ll be in a library and won’t wear nightclub attire

      She stressed that this is a voluntary event

      All of this is per various media that have covered the County Council meeting, you can ALSO see the video online

      PS – Hey, Phill, still waiting for that proof you have failed to provide in terms of whether you are wrong or lying

      • Has EPD done background checks on the supposed volunteer drag queens to ensure no sex offenders are put with young children? How van the EVPL ensure that none of these queens are NAMBLA members?

        • So YOU are willing to pay, in taxpayer funding, for EVERY volunteer at EVPL?

          Consider that the majority of HUNDREDS of volunteers at EVPL would cost tens of thousands of dollars, WTF are you thinking?

          Would you background check every Catholic in case they are a pedophile?

          Yeah, didn’t think so

  10. Hi Phyllip – Executive Director for the Public Education Foundation of Evansville, Inc. here!

    I wanted to provide some clarity about the mission and purpose of the Public Education Foundation. We exist to fund projects and programs in our local public school system – specifically EVSC schools (both public and charter). Our mission is to Inspire and cultivate innovative education for all students while realizing a vision that students will be educated, engaged, and ready to meet the challenges of the world.

    That being said, our grant dollars fund classroom projects within EVSC schools for its students and teachers. We have – to my knowledge – never provided a grant to the EVPL for any purpose.

    Hope this helps to clear things up!

    Kate Reibel
    Executive Director
    Public Education Foundation of Evansville, Inc.


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