Lawmakers Wrap Up First Half Of The legislative Session

by State Representative Wendy McNamara

The Indiana General Assembly has reached the halfway point of the legislative session. In the coming weeks, the House of Representatives will consider Senate bills while the Senate considers House bills.

This session, I authored legislation to further increase school safety. My proposal would provide grant funding flexibility to schools to implement preparedness strategies and add mental health resources for students and teachers. With this school safety initiative, all schools would implement threat assessments, active shooter drills and establish more partnerships with law enforcement. To learn more, click here.
The House of Representatives also passed legislation supporting a balanced budget, increasing protections for our youth, strengthening our commitment to students and teachers, aligning and promoting workforce initiatives, and supporting Hoosier veterans.
To follow these bills and others as they move through the process, visit
If you have any questions or input concerning proposals for new laws, please contact me at 317-232-9600 or


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