Lamasco Bar Hosts Family Friendly Drag Show


Lamasco Bar Hosts Family Friendly Drag Show

It’s proven to be a controversial topic but drag shows are nothing new for one local bar and grill. For the last six months, Lamasco in Evansville has played host to a monthly drag show.

They invited people of all ages to come to enjoy a family-friendly show to spread a little holiday cheer.

Though, it’s not just about the glitz and glamor and performing. For many of these drag queens events like this give them a chance to meet people in the community

Drag queen Londyn Starz says, “Character development is exhausting. Cause you learn things as you go. But I think the most exciting thing would probably just networking.”

The performers take the stage at Lamasco on the last Thursday of every month.

Thursday night was the first family-friendly show for the bar.




  1. It’s not the first family friendly drag show at that location. And huge kudos to Lamasco’s for holding these events!


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