Kentucky Receives Approval to Require Work From Medicaid Recipients

A major change is coming to Kentucky’s Medicaid program. Governor Matt Bevin announced federal approval of the state’s request to revamp the program.

Starting in July, able-bodied people on Medicaid who do not have children will be required to do what’s called community engagement to get their benefits.

That could be volunteer work, job training or school. Kentucky is the first state to try the new approach.

Bevin pushed back against Congressman John Yarmuth who called the move dangerous and irresponsible. Bevin says,”How is it dangerous to give someone an opportunity to make their life better? How is that dangerous? How is that irresponsible to expect people to be engaged in their own outcomes and to create an environment for people to have a chance to get healthier. How is that irresponsible?”

The new requirements do not apply to the elderly, the disabled and those with dependent children.

One-third of Kentuckians are on Medicaid.

Tyrone Morris

Web Producer


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