Ivy Tech Students Participate in the Spring Season of the National Cyber League


Friday April 27, 2018 *best time for photos/videos/interviews: 5:00 -10:00 p.m.

Saturday April 28, 2018, 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

Ivy Tech Community College Evansville Campus

Classroom 318

3501 N First Ave., Evansville

Eight Ivy Tech students are participating in the spring season of the National Cyber League (NCL) at the Evansville campus on April 27 and 28. Day 3 of the event will take place the the Vectren Corporation headquarters on Sunday, April 29.

From the NCL website: Being cybersecurity virtually competitive is just as athletic as a basketball or soccer player just using different muscles.

Participants are able to flex their mental muscles by refining their skills and working on challenges in the NCL’s 24/7 virtual Gymnasium. While practicing in the NCL Gym, players can access a solutions guide that includes step-by-step instructions to help them understand the more difficult challenges. The Preseason game then ranks participants’ knowledge and skills to put them in brackets for the Regular Season game. Following Regular Season, everyone receives a Scouting Report and certificate of participation with prizes awarded to top finishers.

The NCL game simulates real-life work routines and situations. Some scenarios include correlating multiple sets of logs to identify insider threats within a business or breaking a custom encryption algorithm to decipher communication between hackers. Each challenge makes these competitors stronger.

Through these exercises, NCL players develop and validate their cybersecurity knowledge and talent across a range of industry recognized competencies, making them more marketable. Companies looking for qualified employees then use the Scouting Reports in their hiring process.



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