Let’s travel back to the advent of MTV with the latest and greatest geeks gone wild – the ‘80s tribute band — the RetroNerds!

Adorned in tube socks, pocket protectors and poindexter-style taped-up glasses, they’re live in concert at Tropicana Evansville’s 421 Casino Lounge for the first time this weekend!

Known for their quirky, period-correct geeky attire and amazing energy — which lead vocalist Jason Nelson claims comes from his “proprietary mix of peanut M&Ms, Swedish Fish and sugar” – the RetroNerds are astute musicians and eggheads of music to the max.

Between them, these rocket scientists of rhythm have performed for two Presidents, hold several music degrees, teach in various school districts, and have even played with the St. Louis Philharmonic.

And can they put on a unique show?  TOTALLY!  See them perform in sync with original MTV videos on multiple background screens featuring Prince, Culture Club, Devo, Queen, David Bowie, The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” and Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science.”

Bassist Mike Steinkamp, sums it up, “You can’t fake enthusiasm.  People can tell right away if you’re going through the motions.  Our enjoyment comes through the music and the zany antics you’ll witness on stage.”

Catch the RetroNerds from 7PM-10:30PM, Friday and Saturday, August 24-25.  Then dance into the night with DJ Ace as he pulls you onto the dance floor with his polished mix of tunes from 11PM-2AM.  No admission fee, just a two-drink minimum for a night of geeky fun!


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  1. Tropicana would be better off if the shuttered this poor excuse for a “club”. It’s obnoxiously loud, over-priced, and looks,like some straight out of tge 70’s complete with ultrasuede Lounge Lizard Larry furniture.
    Hoosiers Lounge wasn’t that great but it was better that this poorly designed faux club.


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