IS IT TRUE that Evansville City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn (R) has been conferring with members of the Winnecke Administration and City Council concerning the total elimination of our Homestead Tax Credit starting in 2018?

IS IT TRUE that City Council Finance Chairmen Dan McGinn (R and members of the Winnecke administration are now talking about increasing the Local Option Income Tax to the maximum (an increase of 25% to the level of 1.25% of all income) allowable under State statute?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if anyone in the Winnecke Administration or members of the Evansville City Council can explain to us the rational of increasing the Local Option Income Tax and taking away our Homestead Tax Credit while spending $750,000 on Penguin exhibit art the Zoo?

IS IT TRUE last week officials of the Vanderburgh County Health Department went before the Vanderburgh County Commissioners to discuss ways to allow local restaurant owners to have air curtains, functional garage doors, separate roll down screens?

IS IT TRUE that County Commissioner Ben Shoulders (D) worked diligently on this issue during the last several months?  … he did extensive research on this issue, made phone calls to other Indiana County jurisdictions that had similar problems, met with many local business/restaurant owners in order to find a simple solution this problem?  …we would like to also give special thanks to County Commissioners Ben Shoulders for creating an ordinance that gives more flexibility to outdoor dinning?

IS IT TRUE we would also like to commend Commissioners Cheryl Musgrave and Commissioner Bruce Ungethiem for supporting an ordinance that gives more flexibility to outdoor dining?

IS IT TRUE that downtown Evansville got a glimpse of what could be Saturday night when Michigan Senatorial candidate Kid Rock came to town?…the flashy redneck rocker sold over 10,000 tickets in the Ford Center with people driving from as far away as Poplar Bluff, Missouri to hear what The Kid had to say and sing?…the show opened up with a political speech that called for a return to Christianity and a departure from identity politics?…Kid Rock could be the next Mayor of Evansville if he could just capture the votes of his fans?…this guy is made possible by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and is an example of President Trump with flash and the brashness of youth?…the music was of course enjoyable and full of energy?…every barstool in downtown Evansville was full with a dozen people waiting for the seat hours before and hours after the show?…for the first time since the inaugural Bob Seeger concert, the Ford Center actually delivered the kind of concert that Weinzapfel’s consultants said it would on a monthly basis?…we hope to see Rush and Metallica next?

IS IT TRUE that the hacking of your Social Security numbers, especially when combined with other exposed data such as driver’s license numbers, birth dates and home addresses, can allow identity thieves to impersonate you. They can apply for loans, housing, utilities and even government benefits in your name. Or, more likely, they can sell this data on the open market to those who will use it for those purposes and perhaps for other crimes we can’t imagine?   …Its time for you to contact your financial advisors to insure that they will immediately begin to you protect your identity and hard earned money?

Todays READERS POLL question is: Do you agree with City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn (R) that City Council should vote to totally eliminate of our Homestead Tax Credit for 2018?
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  1. Rush?
    Maybe a little AC/DC or a return of Aerosmith or Fleetwood Mac or Lynyrd Skynyrd, but Rush? Who’s the opening act, Donnie & Marie?


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