IS IT TRUE it looks like Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in the great State of Indiana?  …people are watching to see if Mr. Trump will have political coat tails in order to help the down ballot?

IS IT TRUE  you better get ready for a long night in order to find out who will be the next Governor of this great State?  …the odd makers are projecting that Democrat John Gregg chances of defeating Republican Eric Holcomb are good?  …if TRUMP winning margin is between 9% to 11% and has some political coat tails then Eric Holcomb could be elected Governor?

IS IT TRUE it looks like the current United States Congressman Todd Young is about to hand former Governor and United States Senator Evan Bayh a political defeat?  …if Congressmen Young beats Bayh this should serve as a notice to all politicians that the people of Indiana will not tolerate any more elected officials practicing influence peddling?

IS IT TRUE current 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon is on his to be re-elected to his last term in office?

IS IT TRUE it looks like the current Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz is on the verge of being re-elected by a reasonable margin?

IS IT TRUE last week the Clinton Foundation has confirmed it accepted a $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was U.S. Secretary of State without informing the State Department? … this happened after she had promised to let the State Department review new or significantly increased support from foreign governments?

IS IT TRUE that Senatorial candidate Evan Bayh “I stayed in my condo” lie has finally caught up with him because of the outstanding investigative reporting of the INDY STAR? …we are pleased that the INDY STAR reported that Mr. Bayh also misused his campaign funds for personal use?

IS IT TRUE members of the local main stream media would be amazed to find out what former local official  had $750,000 in his campaign coffers when he left office? …they also might be surprised to find out what the rules are that control how our retired politicians spend the left over money in their political coffers?

IS IT TRUE we hear that Congressman Larry Bucshon purchased a condo in the Newburgh area right after he and his family purchased a new home in Washington D C so his wife can practice medicine there? …we hear that the local “Tea Party Patriots” believe that elected officials should live in the area they represent? …don’t be surprised to hear that “Tea Party Patriots”  will be monitoring when Congressman Larry Bucshon stays at his Newburgh condo?

IS IT TRUE we were told that 1st District County Commission candidates Sean Selby ‘Smoked Shoulders” yesterday?  …we were puzzled by the “Shoulders Being Smoked” comment since the election is being held today?  …after a little research we found out that Mr. Selby indeed “Smoked Shoulders” yesterday? …Mr. Selby “Smoked Pork Shoulders” as a political fundraiser and sold them for $20 bucks each?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that after this election the Chairmen of the Vanderburgh County  Democratic party will announce that he shall not seek re-election?

IS IT TRUE it looks like that the Evansville City Council is reverting back to there “Senegal” way of doing business?  …please  stay tuned to future IS IT TRUES to find out what we are talking about?

IS IT TRUE we would like to thanks everyone that ran for elected office and trying to help our community to prosper?  we also realize how their family members sacrificed in order that their love ones could offer themselves for public service?  May God bless our city, county, state and country!

FOOT NOTES: Todays READERS POLL question is:  Who are you going to vote for the Governor of Indiana?

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    The reason Donald Trump will win such a big victory is because Americans, all true Americans, never will reward a person like Hillary Clinton, who represents corruption, lying, and criminality, with the highest office in the Country.

    • Pressanykey……what’s this “true Americans, never will reward a person like”…
      …..other than particulate matter?
      Pure, loser crap?
      “Well, we may have lost, but WE are the real Americans, not those citizens who outvoted us!!”

      We live in a democratic republic. American citizens vote their leaders IN office, and OUT of office.
      Free speech gives you the right to say ignorant crap like “YOU are somehow a real American, and others are not.”

      But NO. You are wrong.

      Sure sounds like you are preparing to lose though Press.
      Sure sounds like you know your Daddy’s credit card bill is due.
      Sure sounds like you are gonna blame EVERYONE ELSE cause your Daddy’s credit card is gone now.
      Grow up Sir.

    • I have cast my vote for Donald Trump, and I think many people will vote for Trump also , only problem is will the popular vote count

    • I cannot wait to come back with an “In Your Face” post when Clinton wins. Can’t wait to see the end of your copy and paste jobs. Have you ever heard of a link Press?

  2. Concerning Dr. Bucshon, if the Tea Party folks, and there really isn’t a “Tea Party”, just individual groups with their own agendas, are concerned about where he spends time with his family more than how he votes in Congress, perhaps they should try to find a replacement. The same people turned on Hostettler because of his vote against the Iraq invasion and after Hostettler was proven right, they decided they were “mislead” by Bush.

    Tea Party people basically are now just part of the Republican establishment with an unjustifiable sense of self-importance, so I doubt if the good doctor is too concerned about their cataloging his trips back to the district.

  3. Damned my evangelical soul to hell and voted for Trump. Line were 3-4 times longer than normal. If it is the same across the nation, it could be a long night.

    • “So Mr. Enoch, your point is that a pro-business, low taxes, small government voter is a LIBERAL unless he embraces that the USA is a ‘white Christian country?”
      Indiana Enoch: “Yes. That’s exactly right. They’re all liberals.”

      We will find out, TODAY, if you are right……on your redefining “liberal” Indiana Enoch.

    • No B4H, we will find out who the president will be today. Who was right is at a future date.

      You have become adept at liberal yapping points, “white Christian.” Sorry you suffer from white shame.

      You try to pass Yourself off as a fiscal conservative, but you are a social liberal aiding a fiscal liberal to become president.

  4. Who will be the next President of the United States of SNEGAL? There are literally zero pollsters predicting a Trump win in either the popular vote or the electoral college. Some are close. The closest is the RCP average that has Hillary winning 272-266. That means that the state of New Hampshire is being projected to provide the margin of victory one way or another. The expected margin of victory in NH is about 1% or 7,000 votes. There will be 120Million people who vote and if 3,501 people,from NH change their mind to Trump it may change the outcome of the entire country.

    The highest margin of victory projected for Clinton is 106 electors and that is Nate Silver’s 538. Yesterday afternoon Silver had her margin of victory at 6. I wonder what happened overnight to change Silver’s algorithm by that much? The answer is not much. The states of FL, NC, and NV went from Trump up by a fraction of a percent to Clinton up by a whisker and that is how the electoral college works. All or nothing. The roulette wheel,of American politics will speak tonight.

    Finally even with a 106 elector win, here is an interesting fact. If my home state of California is reversed, there will not be a path to victory for any democrat to win. Think about that. One high population state changes the outcome for the other 49 states time and time again. If you toss in New York, that is also reliably blue, the other 48 states are solidly red in all branches of government.

  5. Homeowners and business owners:
    If you have campaign signs on your property, please remove and dispose of them properly.

    If you see campaign signs on public grounds, please take time to remove and dispose of them, if you can do so safely.

    Please don’t let outdated campaign signs litter our community!

  6. The Evansville City Council is reverting back to their ‘Senegal’ way of doing business ?

    I say ship them all off to Africa !

  7. Has anyone tried calling the State Board lately? If you call, they’ll send you to the communications director that sounds like Elmer Fudd!


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