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We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”

IS IT TRUE  that Jeff Flake (R) voted with Trump 84% of the time and Susan Collins (R)  voted with Trump 78% of the time? ….that Bernie Sanders (I) voted with the President only 11% of the time and Elizabeth Warren (D) voted with the President only 10% of the time?
IS IT TRUE we predict that starting on January 1, 2019, the Vanderburgh County Commissioners will become a non-partisan group of like-minded individuals that will begin to make well thought out decision based on “Good Policy Policy”?  …we are extremely excited that three (3) extremely talented individuals will be working hand-in-hand in order to take Vanderburgh County into the remainder of the 21st Century?  …we predict that County Commissioners Cheryl Musgrave, Ben Shoulders, and Jeff Hatfield are going to make us extremely glad that we elected them as the “THREE MAYORS OF VANDERBURGH COUNTY”?
IS IT TRUE  that Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann has awarded ABK Tracking, Inc.a non-competitive drug testing contract ever since he has been in office? …we’ve been told that this contract is financially lucrative?  …we hope that members of the Vanderburgh County Council with have the political guts to required County Prosecutor Nick Hermann to put out the 2019 drug testing contract for competitive bids?
IS IT TRUE we respectfully suggest that members of City Council Councilman take the bull by the horns and create an ordinance giving the Evansville City Council full authority to re-organize the make-up of the current ECHO Housing Board of Directors?  …we hope by doing so this will allow Council members to appoint new ECHO Board members that will be good stewards of the public trust?

IS IT TRUE  we have been informed that the Governor recently appointed another Vectren Executive to serve on the USI Board of Trustees?  …that there are now two (2) Vectren employees currently serving on this prestigious board? … it’s obvious that the Governor feels that Vectren Executives have a “patent on brains”?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that some Republicans are looking for ways to stymy County Commissioner Ben Shoulders political agenda because they’re afraid that he might run for Mayor of Evansville?  …we feel that they will be fool hearted to consider such a move?
IS IT TRUE we are hearing that a group of Evansville taxpayers is starting to put together a detailed Freedom Of Information Request concerning how much the City, VenueWorks, Vanderburgh County Building Commission, the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and the Evansville DMD donated to help subsidized the Evansville Thunderbolts Hockey team since they started playing at the Ford Center?  …we are told that they will begin requesting this information right after all the candidates announce their intentions to run for City Council in 2019?
IS IT TRUE  that yesterday we posted the following statement in our “IS IT TRUE” section? … we said; “we also urge that you pay special attention to the EVSC school board races?  …we hear that the individuals running against the incumbent members of the school board are poised to give them a run for their money”?  …”we are told that its possible that the make-up of the 2019 school board could have at least two new (2) members”?  …it looks like our projection was spot on?
IS IT TRUE we now predict that the era of the Superintendent of EVSC schools always getting his way with the school board members will come to an end starting on January 1 of 2019?
IS IT TRUE that that last year a well-known website called that tracks the cost of living across the United States has just named the Indiana cities of Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend as the cheapest places in the country to live?…the City-County Observer is confident that no one who contributed to this article has ever faced a utility bill from Vectren with respect to local earnings or an ever increasing (unreasonable) bill from the City of Evansville Sewer and Water Utility?…when digging an inch below the surface one finds that only considers housing, food, fuel, and property taxes?…property taxes are by definition 1% of the market value of the house so cheap houses means low taxes?…with the always under attack HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT there are some homeowners who pay nearly no property taxes at all?…fuel may be cheap in Evansville but it is always cheaper across the money saving bridge in Kentucky or down at Marina Point?…food is and always has been reasonably priced in Evansville but part of that is because locals tend not to be willing to pay for designer brands and have an appetite for very inexpensive fast food from a drive up window? …Niche also excluded the cost of healthcare which is quite high due to the high levels of obesity, smoking, sedentary living and abuse of alcohol?…while Evansville is not even close to the cost of places like San Francisco, it is far from the cheapest place in the United States?
Today’s “Readers Poll” question is; Do you feel that the Vanderburgh County Drug Testing contracts should be put out to competitive bidding?
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  1. This is exactly why it was so important that Pelosi Joe and his no Kavanaugh vote be removed from the US Senate. Welsom to Senator Braun who will confirm President Trumps nominees to SCOTUS:


    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, breaks ribs in fall

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, fell in her office at the court and fractured three ribs, according to a release from the court Thursday.
    “Tests showed that she fractured three ribs on her left side and she was admitted for observation and treatment,” the statement said.
    Ginsburg’s health has been a matter of intense speculation in recent years. Ginsburg, the court’s oldest member, is one of the court’s four liberal justices.

  2. Now this is really funny. Despite the fact the mainstream media like ABC, ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC are anti-Trump and anti-Republicans 24/7, somehow FoxNews is responsible to McCaskill’s loss in Missouri. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that she was an open borders liberal Democrat and voted no on Judge Kavanaugh had something to do with her loss:

    Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) called Fox News a “state-owned news channel” while criticizing the news outlet’s impact on voters in her state days after her reelection defeat…

    She said she would walk into restaurants in Missouri and see Fox News running footage of the migrant caravan traversing Mexico toward the U.S. border…

  3. “We respectfully suggest that members of City Council Councilman take the bull by the horns and create an ordinance giving the Evansville City Council full authority to re-organize the make-up of the current ECHO Housing Board of Directors?”

    So you are advocating that the government pass a law so it can take over a not-for-profit? Talk about government overreach.

    • Sam

      In a situation when a not-for-profit receives the overwhelming of their operating money from State, Federal and local governments such as ECHO Housing Corp. and it’s been alleged that a couple hundred of thousands of dollars may be missing from the agency coffers the answer is “YES”!


      • Well, you and I both would like transparency regarding the allegations. Perhaps when wrong-doing is proven, action can be taken. But until then, taking over not-for-profits through legislation sets a dangerous precedent.

        • Doesn’t the United States Inspector General have jurisdiction to investigate ECHO since it also receives federal funding?

        • Sam

          Thanks for your kind remarks about transparency, we totally agree with you.

          Heres the problem. It was announced by the Acting Director of Echo Housing at a recent City Council meeting that they appointed a new member to their Board Of Directors but he failed to give the person name. Hows that for transparency?

          Thanks for reading the CCO and submitting your comments.


          • I can state without remorse that it’s not me.
            They wouldn’t pay the taxes on my $594,000 so I’m forced to sell it.
            Maybe you can find me at the local casino trying to raise funding for my lifestyle.

  4. Texas Democrat Celebrates Re-Election in Jail Cell:

    KXAN reported that the victory celebration for inmate number 232573, who is better known as state Representative Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City), took place in Pod 2 of the Montgomery County Jail after the incarcerated Democrat was declared the winner of the Houston-area suburb.

    Then, in 2016, as a consequence of his conviction, Reynolds was disbarred from practicing law. However, because the crimes were misdemeanors, Reynolds did not have to step down from role as an elected official.

    However, unless Reynolds’ sentence is reduced, it is likely he will be sitting in his jail cell when the Texas Legislature reconvenes in January 2019, and he may also miss the entire 86th legislative session before he becomes a free man again on September 7, 2019.


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