IS IT TRUE MAY 6, 2016


IS IT TRUE that City Council attorney Joshua Claybourn of Newburgh who with considerable media coverage withdrew as an Indiana delegate to the Republican National Convention and in his prepared statement said “he cannot in good conscience attend a convention supporting Donald Trump”, attended Donald Trump’s Evansville rally at the ONB Events Plaza as a backroom VIP guest?  … that Josh Claybourn disdain for Trump didn’t stop him from accepting a backstage pass to the local appearance by the Donald and taking a smiling “thumbs up” picture with him? …it looks like Mr. Claybourn finally got his 15 minutes of fame? …we would like for the real Josh Claybourn to stand up and be counted?

IS IT TRUE that it looks like the video of the last City Council meeting has been altered by someone in authority?  …the segment at the end the meeting has been erased?  …the section that was erased had to do with the discussion between City Councilman Dan McGinn, Dr. Dan Adams and George Lumley?  …could the reason why this video segment was erased was Mr. Lumley took them to task and made both of them look bad?  …it looks like censorship is well and alive at the Civic Center?

IS IT TRUE we are extremely taken aback by the results of the primary race for County Commissioner District #3?  … Cheryl Musgrave political machine flexed its muscle by helping her win her race with 50% of the votes?  … one of our most favorite conservative people, Brenda Bergwitz ran a very positive and aggressive campaign?  …we hope Brenda will continue to stay engaged in politics?  ….Alex Schmitt would had been better off if he would had ran for a position like County Council? seems like Alex is a reasonably nice person that received bad political advise?

IS IT TRUE we would like to congratulate District 77 State Representative candidates for providing us with positive, aggressive and an issue driven campaign?  …who ever did the marketing  campaign for Brandon Lee Ferguson did a masterful job? … Mr. Ferguson is extremely likable and we predict  that we haven’t seen the last of him?  …Lori Sherman almost became the first black female attorney to ever win District 77 State Representative Democratic primary election?  …you can bet that the voters hasn’t seen the last of Ms. Sherman name placed on a ballot?  …we predict that Lori Sherman will be a political force to deal with in the future?…election day belong to young and well liked attorney Ryan Hatfield?  …Ryan’s comes from a well known and established political family which proved to be the difference that put him over the top in this extremely competitive race?  …his Republican  opponent better beware because Ryan Hatfield has shown that he is one hell of a campaigner?

IS IT TRUE that Zachary Heronemus and Elliot Howard both run an extremely positive campaigns?  …they attended every political gathering and conducted impressive door to door campaigns?  …we congratulate both young men for providing the voters with the closest race of the day?  …we predict that the general election race for Clerk Of The Circuit Court is going to be an ole fashion political barn burner?

IS IT TRUE that Ann Ennis give District 64 State Representative Thomas W  Washburn more than he wanted and much more?  …if Mrs. Ennis would had focus on Mr. Washburn know-it- all attitude she could had sent him packing?  …we predict that there shall be something positive in the Ann Ennis political horizon?

IS IT TRUE that Republican State Representative candidate for District 78 Johnny Kincaid ran one hell of a race? …the votes he received was truly impressive?  …having a well known campaign manager by the name of Phillip Davis didn’t hurt him either?  …we also give three cheers to William Billy Garrett and Henrietta Jenkins for running an aggressive and issue based campaigns?  …you can bet we shall be seeing the names of William Billy Garrett and Henrietta Jenkins on future ballots?  ….both individuals are very nice people?

IS IT TRUE its hard to believe that Republican Dale McCuiston a withdrawn candidate for County Commissioner District #1 race received a whooping 18,460 complimentary vote?  …unopposed Democratic District #1 candidate Ben Shoulders received an impressive 13,235 votes in his race?  …we predict that Ben Shoulders name may one day appear on the ballot as a candidate for Mayor of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE the Republican race for Clerk of The Circuit Court was extremely interesting?  …its sad that two extremely well respected ladies had to run against each other?  …Carla Hayden ruled the day by handily defeating Connie Carrier ?  …it looks like local GOP party Chairman Wayne Parkes endorsement help Mrs. Hayden to win this extremely competitive race?  …we also know that the endorsement of former Clerk of The Circuit Court and County Commissioner Marsha Abell proved to be extremely valuable to the primary election win for Mrs. Hayden?

IS IT TRUE the most effective and hard working District #78 State Representative Holli Sullivan received an impressive 7,325 complimentary votes from the people of her District?  …Holli is becoming to be known as the “go to gal” in the House of Representative side to get things done?

IS IT TRUE County Commissioner Steve Melcher votes shows that he still enjoy strong support among Democrats?  …County Coroner candidate Steve Lockyear complimentary votes tell us that if any Republican are considering to take him on in the general election they better be ready for an uphill political battle?

IS IT TRUE next Monday we shall do some additional IS IT TRUE primary election recaps?

FOOTNOTE: todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Joshua Claybourn should had withdrawn as an Indiana delegate to the Republican National Convention?

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  1. He went to the Trump rally as a backstage guest, glad-handed with Trump, had a smiling picture taken with Trump, and now pulls this media stunt. Looks like Mosby knew exactly what she was doing when he was hired as their City Council attorney.

  2. There is no Musgrave machine. There is Cheryl with brains, guts and determination. There is no question about who she is or where she stands. The voters know her and respect her. Hatfield is not well-liked. He flexed a lot of family-backed muscle, and got a weak win, which has to embolden Republicans in 77. He has his work cut out for him in the fall. But his candidacy did finally put the official seal of a phony on Riecken, who needs to quietly stumble off into the political sunset.

  3. To the 14,544 Republican voters in Vanderburgh county who voted for Donald Trump, Josh Claybourn of Newburgh in Warrick county feels your votes do not rise to the level of discerning taste, and therefor he can not represent your votes at the Republican Convention in Cleveland July 18 – 21, 2016. Anyone with an ego that big has no business being a delegate: “a person who is chosen or elected to vote or act for others” (Websters)

    I think it is insulting to the people of Evansville to have such a person as a legal counsel to the Evansville Common Council. He should be removed immediately.

    • Press, once again this proves the quickest way for any “Republican” to garner glowing main stream media attention is to turn on their own party.

      • No, JoeBiden. You are wrong.
        The Blaze, Drudgereport, Fox News, Breitbart…they are all media sources covering scores of GOP party members, elected leaders (like Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House) turning away from supporting Trump.
        Which media is NOT the mainstream media JB?

        • You have to keep in mind who you’re talking to. Everything is a liberal conspiracy to nut jobs like commenter JoeBiden.

          • The best right-wing site is Red State, by Eric Erickson. I subscribe and read it regularly. You should try it, instead of nut sites like Breitbart, Info Wars, and the Blaze.

          • @JB: I watch MSNBC, but I don’t believe everything I hear and see. I also make it a point to watch FNC, and the same goes for it.
            Dr. Maddow is a brilliant woman, but even she can’t predict the political happenings of this election cycle. She is neither psychic nor psychotic and for anyone to predict the political scene they would probably need to be one or both.
            Here’s one of the reasons:

          • @PCD: She holds a Doctorate ind Political Science from Oxford and is a Rhode’s Scholar, so why would she not be called “Dr”? Do you think her sexual orientation over-rides her education and intelligence? If so, how would you refer to Dr. Condoleeza Rice?

          • That just goes to show that having an advanced degree (Undergraduate, Masters, or Doctorate) doesn’t make you the brightest light on the Christmas tree.
            Can you imagine how many dumbaxxes out there in this country will have college degrees if the Burnmeister gets his way? The whole vountry will look like California with it’s non-working, non-performing, non-contributing professional student body.
            Not everybody needs to go to college.

          • @PCD, are you familiar with the terms “Oxford” and “Rhodes Scholar”? I notice you didn’t answer about how you would refer to Dr. Rice, whose educational credentials don’t hold a candle to Dr. Maddow’s.

    • Clayborn sounds like he did this for the attention instead of the reason he shouldn’t support Donald Trump, that he’d be a disaster for the entire world. Trump with the nuclear codes? Scary, scary thought.

    • Which law office does he work at? I want to know so I can avoid them. I heard that him and Nick Herman are like blood brothers.

      • You ca google him and find out. I don’t think the firm wants to be mentioned at the moment.
        Does anyone know the circumstances of his abrupt departure from his position at Vectren? They are known for being generous with their professional staff, and it seems odd to me.

  4. What about the Mexican protesters that will be in Cleveland? They got pretty wild at the Trump stuff in California. It could be scary in Cleveland.

    • I saw this. He certainly damns Cheryl Musgrave with faint praise. I look for the Winnie Machine to back Melcher.

  5. I do not give a flying……you know what about what a bunch of establishment career politicians are whining about Trump. What matters is the voters and who they cast their votes for. The establishment got their delegate fix in early:

    These are the people who are running the show, right? Your votes are a mere “formality” that can be discarded on a whim.

    • Except of course in the general election this fall, then that one man one vote thingy kicks in to mess up the establishment’s efforts.

      • But, the one man one vote thingy isn’t the way it’s done. The Electoral College thingy over-rides it, and so do the courts. Remember Bush v Gore?

          • Yes. We may not have wound up in the glorious wars in the Middle East we’re fighting. I wonder if the all of the wounded warriors and the families of those who died there are as giddy about having Dubya for a president as you are.

          • Not happy with George the II either but he was the lesser of two evils (almost like our choices,for President today). But then, without Little Al we wouldn’t have the internet, pseudo global warming, and his kids doped up while driving a car in Californication. And Tipper, dod I forget Tipper? Hillary thought she was the President when BillyBoy was cavorting in the Oval Office, and Michelle is nothing but a racist tyrant bent on destroying the United States, but can you imagine Tipper Gore as First Lady? It c woukd be like Billy Carter all over again…

          • Not happy with George the II either but he was the lesser of two evils (almost like our choices for President today). But then, without Little Al we wouldn t have the internet, pseudo global warming, and his kids doped up while driving a car in Californication. And Tipper, did I forget Tipper? Hillary thought she was the President when BillyBoy was cavorting in the Oval Office, and Michelle is nothing but a racist tyrant bent on destroying the United States, but can you imagine Tipper Gore as First Lady? It would be like Billy Carter all over again…

  6. Editor,

    Thank you for your positive words for Johnny Kincaid and his campaign. We look forward to having a respectful contest between two gentlemen. May the best man win, but more importantly, may the people’s voice be heard.

  7. It is really sad that the voters forgot what a mess Marsha Abell and Carl Hayden left the County Clerks office when they were there.. Susan Kirk had a lot to fix when she took over.


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