IS IT TRUE MAY 16, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE we are told that a group of current and past elected offices holders are talking about a sponsoring a political fundraiser for the newly announced Democratic candidate for the Vanderburgh County Commission seat in the near future? …we are hearing that County Commissioner Ben Shoulders may be spearheading this event?

IS IT TRUE  we are told that any political candidate running countywide shouldn’t announce that they have the backing of the Area Chamber of Commerce? …we are told that the county folks still haven’t forgotten the role that the Area Chamber of Commerce played in the unification effort between the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County?

IS IT TRUE that the Democratic party of Vanderburgh County has a new Sheriff in town? … Chairman Scott Danks recently said: “that he will aggressively go after every seat in the city and the county”?   …Mr. Danks also said; “that the head of political snakes is local not in D.C”.? …could that be the reason why a group of alleged Democrats quickly and quietly left the meeting right after Mr. Danks remarks?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville, Indiana has always been accepting of a practice known as “political patronage” when it comes to jobs that are financed fully or partially by public dollars?…it has been so entrenched that a former Evansville Mayor whom we shall not name has been quoted as saying “I get all of the credit and they take all of the blame” to justify appointing his political supporters to jobs under his control?

IS IT TRUE that “political patronage” came about at about the same time that the Tammany Hall shakedown tactics in New York City were being used to drain the public coffers to enrich the politically connected?… the one thing that “political patronage staffing never seems to require is any expertise at all with respect to the job that one is being appointed to?  …”political patronage” staffing is a dangerous artifact of the past and has no reason to exist in the present?…the need for competence as opposed to loyalty will someday drive ‘political patronage” staffing from local government, but until then shenanigans like putting campaign managers into well-paid positions that are out of their league will continue in River City?

IS IT TRUE that the “Indivisible Evansville” played a major role in the upset defeat of the longtime Pigeon Township Trustee Mary Hart?

IS IT TRUE we expect to see a request by the Mayor to develop Roberts Park in the 2019 city budget?…the Mayor also needs to forget about asking City Council to give him $1 million dollars to help EVSC to renovate Bosse Field in the 2019 City budget?

IS IT TRUE we wonder when construction will begin to renovate the old vacant downtown YMCA building into apartments targeted for the disadvantaged?  …we hope that yesteryear’s announcement by potential investors wasn’t a “pie in the sky” decision to convince the taxpayers of this community that downtown EVANSVILLE is on the move?
IS IT TRUE last year ECHO Housing announced plans to turn a vacant warehouse at 101 N. Garvin St. into 27 one-bedroom units of housing for the chronically homeless.  …the project is expected to cost $6.1 million? …the former ECHO Executive Director Stephanie TenBarge said: “that her organization will also commission a “Mural” on the side of the building?  …we remember when Ms. TenBarge commissioned another “Mural” to be printed on the side of a building located just behind the McDonalds restaurant located on North Main and the Lloyd Expressway?  …we recall when the former ECHO Executive Director Stephanie TenBarge declared that this “Mural” will enhance the opportunity of bringing economic development to the North Main Jacobsville area? …this “Mural” cost many thousands of dollars? …we urge you to drive to the North Main McDonalds and look at the building directly behind it so you can see for yourself if this “Mural” would motivate you to locate a business on North main street?
IS IT TRUE we wonder if Executive Director of DMD and ERC Board of Directors spend their personal money the same way they spend our tax dollars?  …we bet you know the answer to this question?
IS IT TRUE that County Commissioner Ben Shoulders denied that one of his favorite things he enjoys is eating fish tacos and drinking slushies at TACO TIERRA?  …all you have to do is go to TACO TIERRA on Friday at noon and you will find out if this statement is true or not?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that recently announced Democratic Vanderburgh County Commission candidate Jeff Hatfield can beat Republican Mike Duckworth?

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  1. “House Bill 1242 is a tax bill which exempts trucks, pavers, vehicle parts and fuel purchased by a hot mix asphalt company from Indiana’s 7 percent sales tax, which will cost the state around $5 million per year. It also includes a provision requiring that employees of the Department of Revenue and subcontractors be fingerprinted to comply with federal requirements. The bill passed the House 74-20 and 41-7 in the Senate.”
    Abominable!! Can someone please explain why this is a good thing for the taxpaying citizens of Indiana?

    • I would suggest calling your republican members of house and senate. They have control of both houses by a wide margin.

  2. Mention Duckworth and political patronage and you see one in the same. Deputy Duck left the sheriff’s department and has fed off political jobs, none he qualified for, since. Hatfield should be on the voters radar for a yes vote in November.

  3. I’ve brought this up before but after driving by last week it still baffles me why the city didn’t put a lake in at “Roberts Park”. It seems to me a lake would be less maintenance and offer other opportunities for either the city or a private contractor to add paddle boats, etc. for another attraction. I believe several years ago I looked and a lake the size of Garvin Park’s would fit in the area easily. Plant trees along the expressway for a noise barrier and have walking paths around the lake area with native grasses to minimize the upkeep. Wasn’t water an issue at that site anyway?

  4. Admin
    Could you please tell when and where Chairman Danks made the statement about the head of the snake being local. Who were the people that walked out of that meeting

  5. I typically vote Republican, but will vote for Mr Hatfield this November; for the reasons outlined by Soul Stealer.

  6. It is not true that Indivisible had anything to do with Mariama Wilson’s victory over Mary Hart. Edie Hardcastle spoke at Mary Hart’s fundraiser and tried to avoid being in a picture with Ms Wilson at the Black Caucus event.
    The absence of support for Ms.Wilson has not gone unnoticed by her energetic supporters.


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