IS IT TRUE MAY 19, 2017


IS IT TRUE we have been told re-branding never ever solves a physical problem and is sometimes is more associated with deception than betterment?…we must remind our readers that re-branding does not and never will repair a decrepit sewer system?…a catchy phrase never has and never will get the EPA off of Evansville’s back, nor will words keep raw sewage out of the streets and waterways?…that clever words will not fill the pot holes, repair the water distribution system, rebuild the sidewalks,  improve the poor performance of the public school system,  or stop the Mayor from spending our hard earned tax dollars on his expensive feel good projects, or never lowered our taxes or increase wages?

IS IT TRUE speaking of the EVSC, they have tried to re-brand their way out of poor performance by renaming failing schools as academies and other nonsensical concoctions of hollow words?…propaganda without substance is often where some educated people go to avoid the hard work of real improvement?

IS IT TRUE that perhaps it is time for the City of Evansville to find a way to hire some National Merit Finalists because apparently the City does not have the will or ability to read a utility bill or the willingness to be honest about who pays it?

 IS IT TRUE  each year there are around 7,500 National Merit Finalists named across the country and this year seven (7) of them are from Vanderburgh County?…that constitutes 0.05% of the National Merit Finalists in the nation and Vanderburgh County has 0.05% of the nation’s population putting our portion of National Merit Finalists at exactly the average for our population?…what is really interesting is what schools are producing these high achievers?…Mater Dei High School produced one (1) finalist, Memorial produced three (3) finalists, and the Charter Signature School produced three (3) National Merit Finalists?…no other high school in Vanderburgh County produced a single one?…the larger enrollment EVSC High Schools called North, Bosse, Central, Harrison, and Reitz produced exactly zero National Merit Finalists between them?…the Evansville Day School that has in the past been a big producer also had zero?
IS IT TRUE there is one high school in Bowling Green, Kentucky that had a senior class of only 59 students that produced 15 National Merit Finalists or 0.1% of the honorees in the entire nation?…between Vanderburgh County and the Gatton Academy, every student to be named a National Merit Finalists was either attending a private school or a charter school?…that really begs the question about why public education cannot apparently produce students who are ready for college the way these private schools and charter schools are?  … it is no wonder that many in elected offices are supporting private or charter schools and school vouchers that give parents a choice?
IS IT TRUE by the conclusion of the 2017 competition, about 7,500 Finalists will have been selected to receive National Merit Scholarships totaling over $32 million. Winners are the Finalist candidates judged to have the strongest combination of academic skills and achievements, extracurricular accomplishments, and potential for success in rigorous college studies.
IS IT TRUE that County Commissioner Ben Shoulders recently told the Rotarians to keep in mind. “that we should  approach each day with a can-do spirit, with optimism.”?  …Shoulders also said. ” If we as a county can focus on these productive things by listening to one another then in a year from now we’ll have even more success stories to share”?  …all we can say is that Commissioner Shoulders  comments are “track on”?
IS IT TRUE since Pastor Steve Ary forced the manager of the Ford Center to publicly admit that the City of Evansville (taxpayers) are totally responsible for all the debts incurred by the Evansville Thunderbolts we can’t wait to see a detailed breakdown of their debts?  …word in the street has it that we shouldn’t be surprised if the Thunderbolt loses for the 2016-17 hockey season will be well over $500,000?
IS IT TRUE we hear that 2nd Ward resident and pastor Steve Ary will have a couple of pointed questions to ask City Council members at their next meeting?  …we hope his questions won’t force council members Mosby and Mercer to go over the edge again?
IS IT TRUE we are being told that the ACLU are closely monitoring the treatment that 2nd Ward pastor and part-time newspaper editor Steve Ary receives from select members of the Evansville City Council?

IS IT TRUE we have been told that several local CPA”s shall be monitoring how the City Controller will be presenting the 2018 budget reports and requests to members of the Evansville City Council?  …we hear that they will be paying special attention to the figures in the “YELLOW BOOK” that the City Controller gives to council members?

FOOTNOTE: todays “READERS POLL” question is:  Do you feel that long time City Council members Mosby, Weaver, McGinn, Adams and Robinson have been “Good Stewards Of The Public Trust”?


  1. Pastor Avery has been a breath of fresh air. However he would be would be wise to distance himself from the ACLU. That is the same organization that sues to remove the VFW’s 10 Commandment monuments from Courthouse squares and to take down Santa Claus at Christmas time. Pastor, stay away from those liberal socialist kooks at the ACLU and keep the City’s feet to the fire on the real cost of the Ford Center.

  2. Off topic, but the heck with wack job liberals blaming Russia for Hillary’s loss. Here is proof positive of Obama’s collusion with Mexico.

    “Under the Obama administration, Breitbart News noted at the time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture paid to run advertisements in Mexico promoting U.S. food stamps so that when illegal aliens came to the U.S. they would be able to access the benefit.”

  3. I notice a shift in position from the Trumpists in here.

    Before it was “It’s not true about Trump’s problems. It’s all fake news.” NOW, you’ve shifted to “Well, maybe it’s true, and other people have done worse things!” It is an acknowledgement though!

    Notwithstanding, some Trumpists in here are not getting it. (Surprise, surprise, I know.) Wake up! – Robert Mueller’s appointment by the Trump Administration’s Dept. of Justice, means THIS IS REAL. Maybe Sean Hannity is entertaining, but he’s lying to you. You might even know that, but you can’t admit it, cause you lose face if you do.

    But again, the appointment of Mueller by the Dept of Justice validated this is real.

    The day last year Trump changed the GOP Convention Platform to make it easier on Russia to seize Ukraine territory, this became a public fiasco. That was a directly not conservative thing to do…Russia is an evil thug country. Real Republicans know that.

    This took time to get to the size of DOJ appointed Special Counsel. Like just over One Hundred Days.

    Good luck. You’re welcome to throw a fit, resort to name-calling and whine now.

  4. the liberal squirrels on crack “not you reg’………will be without a doubt falling out of their trees when all is said and done…………the liberal squirrels have without a doubt just blown their wad all over their face because of fake news……….President Trump Law & Order 2017 And Beyond…………..the working hard playing hard middle America has spoken………….and will do so again……….

    • 1. Trump A’INT Law & Order. Far from it. He fired the FBI Chief BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID HE WOULD DO HIS LAW & ORDER JOB! (And I’m not Comey fan, but THAT is WHY Trump fired Comey. Fear Comey would do his job too well. Liars promote the other excuses for Comey’s firing. Liars.)

      2. Al, you’re a lovable fool. But…you are a fool. Real Republicans are taking out Trump. You complaining about liberals? Trump loves those guys the most, cause they make easy targets. It’s the real Conservatives forcing Trump to abide by the Law.

      3. Hope is all you got left. So, keep up the hopeless faith. The facts are not on your side Al.


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