IS IT TRUE May 23, 2017

IS IT TRUE Evansville City Council refused to answer 2nd Ward pastor and newspaper editor Steve Ary’s questions at a previous meeting?  …It’s been alleged that a couple of council members may have violated his civil rights him during that meeting because of his profession?  …we are pleased to report that at yesterdays council meeting, members of council changed their insulting demeanor towards Pastor Ary and treated him with respect?
IS IT TRUE at last night City Council meeting 2nd Ward pastor Steve Ary returned to the podium with more pointed questions to ask City Council members?  … that Council members actually attempted to answer his questions?  … Council members seemed to be limited in their knowledge of the inner financial workings of the city that they couldn’t accurely answer his questions?

IS IT TRUE that Scott Schoenike, General Manager of the Ford Center admitted in an email he sent to City Council members last week that the Evansville Thunderbolts hockey team isn’t responsible for any financial losses, but the city (taxpayers) are responsible for their debts? … that Mr. Schoenike’s email revealing this information were sent to the Evansville City Clerk who then forwarded his email to pastor Steve Ary and Council  members alike?
IS IT TRUE after the meeting Evansville City Council members, Dr. H. Dan Adams told Pastor Ary that Scott Schoenike had related to him that the private owner was responsible for the Thunderbolts losses for the 2016-2017 season?
IS IT TRUE that all City Council members should be privy to the inner financial workings of the Ford Center? …that Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn and Council President, Missy Mosby should have been aware of the Thunderbolts and the City financial agreement  the day the contract was signed?
IS IT TRUE we have been told that a couple of the Evansville City Council members don’t want the public to know that the Ford Center has become a big money pit to the tune of  $9 to $10 millions of dollars per year?
IS IT TRUE the thing that City Council members Mosby, Weaver, Adams and Robinson have in common are they voted to give for $200,000 loan to Earthcare, Inc?  …other things that City Council members Mosby, Weaver, McGinn, Adams and Robinson have in common are they voted to give $129 million dollars to build the Ford Center, voted to give $21 million dollars to build the Downtown Hotel and voted to give $51 million dollars to build the downtown IU Medical School?   …it now looks like they are supporting the backroom deal that makes the city taxpayers responsible for all loses incurred by the Evansville Thunderbolts hockey team?
IS IT TRUE that Joe Wallace  is the invited speaker at the Chief Innovation Officer Forum in San Francisco? …among the other speakers are Google, Hewlett Packard, Gatoraid, and the United States Department of State.  …not bad for someone the powers that be in Evansville, Indiana seemly couldn’t handle?  ...we recommend that you clink the attached line to get an idea of the agenda of this prestige event?
IS IT TRUE that the Ringling Brothers, Barnum, and Bailey Circus once known as The Greatest Show on Earth has taken its final bow?…this classic circus is no more?…between the cruelty to animals and the advent of online entertainment the circus has essentially become obsolete?…at some point in the near future this art and entertainment form will vanish into history with the buggy whip?

IS IT TRUE that another round of shut downs is happening in the brick and mortar retail space as 12 Sears stores and 18 K-Marts are being closed forever?…none of these are in our neighborhood, but it is just a matter of time before this comes to roost?…looking at the list of closures, one would have to suspect that when leases are close to the end, the store is too?

FOOTNOTE: Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that the majority of  the Evansville City Council are knowingly withholding financial information about how much the Thunderbolts lost during  for the 2016-17 season?


  1. Can anyone tell me why the city council meetings have become so short and have no discussions . Why some members who use to be very vocal now say nothing ? Can anyone tell me when the issues are really discussed because it’s not at the public meetings. Can anyone tell me why know one seems to want to talk about the lack of transparency of this council.

  2. Regarding the seemingly lack of participate by Clowncil members, should anybody with any common sense realize that no member of the clowncil can be objection. Let;s see ..Mosby, concerned about how many property listings is she going to received from Mrs. Mayor ..of course, we then have the Weasel Weaver working for the same outfit as that of Mosby ..then comes Dan Adams, whose son is employed by the Chief of Police as a police officer ..and of course we have Connie Robinson, who receives maga supply orders from Tropicanna and the Ford Center ..and then comes Michelle Mercer, the so-called nurse who has been looking for non-traumatic nursing positions for some time. Of course, we then have Elpers, the son-in-law to the president of the Vanderburgh County Council, namely James Shelter, God only knows where we will be with this advise.


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