IS IT TRUE MAY 18, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that yesterday the Courier and Press published an article on the best places in Evansville to go poop?…it makes one wonder why print media is dying when the lead story is about luxury crappers?

IS IT TRUE we are told that the acting Director of ECHO HOUSING may be presenting some of the initial findings of the forensic audit results at the next City Council meeting?  …if that happens we expect that the forensic audit report won’t be something to write home about?  …you better get ready for the political spin doctors to work their magic by trying to convince us that everything is ok with the ECHO Housing audit?
IS IT TRUE we been told that longtime Democrat Steve Melcher has decided to become a Republican so he can run for an At-Large City Council seat in the 2019 city election?  … Mr. Melcher lost the last two elections he ran in?  …Mr. Melcher has served our community well in public office for the last 25 years? …we hope that Mr. Melcher will understand the possibility of his getting elected to another political office at this stage of the game are extremely slim?
IS It TRUE we have been told by reliable sources that 4th Ward Councilwoman Connie Robinson’s openly supported Mariama Wilson for Pigeon Township Trustee in the Democratic primary race? …we were also told that Connie Robinson helped MS. Wilson put together a group of volunteers that helped her win the Democratic primary for Piegon Township Trustee?
IS IT TRUE we have been informed that Johnny Kincaid the Republican candidate for Knight Township Trustee hasn’t filed his campaign report for the Republican primary?
IS IT TRUE yesterday we were sent a copy of an e-mail post we found extremely perplexing?  …this e-mail was a copy of a Facebook post that was allegedly made by Knight Township Trustee candidate Johnny Kincaid?  …the post said: “Last week my dog passed away, I became unemployed, and I closed my church”.  “I think I have the makings of a good county song going”?  … we believe that Knight Township Trustee candidate Johnny Kincaid had to be kidding about the issues he posted on his Facebook account last week?

IS IT TRUE we are told that there is a group of parents who are upset about how the Vanderburgh County School Corporation treat the low-income and minority students?  …we are told that some parents of economically disadvantaged students are wondering if the EVSC educational priorities include helping kids who don’t have the support of loving parents in a stable household?  …we predict that this is a developing story?

IS IT TRUE we are wondering what is the status of the EVSC golf course that they purchased last year? …we wonder if this golf course is also being used as a facility for area high school golf practices and tournaments?  …we also wonder if this golf course is making a profit for the EVSC?
IS IT TRUE we wonder how many two bedrooms Habitat type homes that ECHO Housing could have built with a $6 million dollars State grant earmarked for providing housing for the homeless and economically disadvantaged of the Northmain area? …the answer is around 100 homes?
IS IT TRUE we wonder about the status of the plans for ECHO Housing to turn a vacant warehouse at 101 N. Garvin St. into 27 one-bedroom units of housing for the chronically homeless.  …the project is expected to cost $6.1 million?
 IS IT TRUE that the former ECHO Housing Executive Director Stephanie TenBarge said, “that her organization will commission a “Mural” to be painted on the side of the 101 N. Garvin St. building?  …we remember when the former ECHO HOUSING  Executive Director commissioned another “Mural” to be painted on the side of a warehouse building located just behind the McDonalds restaurant located on North Main and the Lloyd Expressway?
IS IT TRUE we recall when the former Executive Director of ECHO Housing declared that the North Main Street “Mural” will enhance the opportunity of bringing economic development to the North Main Jacobsville area? …we urge you to drive to the North Main McDonalds and look at the building directly behind it so you can see if this “Mural” would motivate you to locate a business on North main street?
IS IT TRUE we wonder if Executive Director of DMD and ERC Board of Directors would spend their personal money the same way they spend our tax dollars?  …we bet you know the answer to this question?
 IS IT TRUE that yesterday County Commissioner Ben Shoulders denied that one of his favorite things he enjoys is eating fish tacos and drinking slushies at TACO TIERRA?  …all you have to do is go to TACO TIERRA on Friday at noon or Saturday during dinner time and you will find out if this statement is true or not?
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  1. Re: Johnny Kincade (former disc jockey, full-time anti-smoking crusader, and former employee of the local casino).

    “I think I have the makings of a good county going”.
    I suspect it was meant to say:
    “I think I have the makings of a good county song going”

  2. Just an early look at todays poll, Im disgusted. To vote YES doesnt mean you like Hillary! I know from reading this site it is a right leaning site, but c,mon people . Is there anything this man does that disgusts you? Look for Dems to do a House clean up in November. If they question was about Bill Clinton the poll would lean the other way, I know

  3. Hmmm, let’s see now. Steve Melcher, former employee of Les Hammer (father of losing Republican County Commissioner candidate Steve Hammer) and recent local government employee (CAPE) has decided to switch party alliances and become a Wayne Parke Republican. Wonder if Les will contribute to former employee Steve’s campaign coffers given Parke’s treatment of his son?
    Ah, politics does make strange bedfellows.
    In the meantime, long-in-the tooth double-dipping political hacks like Melcher and Duckworth need to go.
    Melcher and Duckworth are only in it to pad their pensions. Frank McD II did the same by getting a patronage job a “pee cop” at the local DADS program after not accumulating enough years for a city pension after serving as a City Councilman, City Comptroller, and Mayor.

  4. I do not care that Trump had an affair with a pornstar. I DO care that he violated campaign finance laws when his lawyer paid her hush money. I also care that the shell company Trumps attorney set up received money from a Russian oligarch, at&t, and others in an attempt to influence policy.

  5. Thank you for correcting the record concerning the support for Mariama Wilson’s victory. Indivisible Evansville had nothing to do with it. Energetic volunteers under the guidance of Councilwoman Robinson and the hard work of Ms. Wilson had everything to do with it. There’s a new generation ready to take up local political work.

    • First Your Not A NoBody We considered you to be a Somebody.

      We appreciate your kind words.

      We are pleased to hear that anew generation is ready to take up the local political work.

      Thank you for reading the CCO and sending us your comments.


    • If a group of white people got together and formed a coalition of white people to take down a local black politician would it go unreported? That is exactly what happen. No surprises there. The 4th Ward is a primary reason we need to expand our current jail. I hope Mary changes parties and runs as a conservative, she is much too honest and above board to be a liberal democrat.

      • The jail is overcrowded due to changes made by the state legislature on keeping inmates in the local jails for up to a year before sending them off the state prisons. Both house and senate are completely controlled by your republicans

        • The jail was overcrowded the day it was finished. Criminals are winning, they are multiplying faster than our willingness and ability to built new jails. I know both houses are controlled by Republicans, I also know that the jail is filled and controlled by democrats.

  6. Wow, our legislature did it again. $7,232 and change for each school in Indiana for “school safety”. Again, 10 dead in TX by a 17 year old. Oh, well shit, it couldn’t happen in the Hoosier State. Let us ponder, who cares about ECHO, nothing will happen, Johnnie and his campaign, WTF, who cares, EVSC treats minorities badly, but hey, we gotta a golf course, if we can pawn off Bosse Field and get a Hell of a deal on Signature, all is good and remember Deputy Duck is on the piss poor School Board, murals and the rest of the Evansville Mafia make me want to scream. Status quo will be the solution by the crooks to the lambs!!!! You people who are to busy eating Grippos and watching Oprah really could care less about, oh I don’t know, voting the idiots out!!! You reap what you sow!!!!!!!!!!


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