“IS IT TRUE” MAY 16, 2019


IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Commissioners held a public meeting yesterday that followed their regular meeting to discuss the Vanderburgh County jail expansion?  …that this meeting involved all three County Commissioners, all seven members of County Council, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff, the Building Authority General Manager and the lead design team of American Structure Point? …that this meeting reviewed the size, scope, and design new of the Vanderburgh County jail expansion project? …we understand that nobody wants to raise taxes however there a little known tax that that can be used to help pay for the proposed renovation of the County jail? …the tax is called the “Safety Tax?

IS IT TRUE the “Demand Table” for the newly renovated jail are: 500 beds will meet our needs for the next 10 years?  …that a 600 beds jail will meet our needs for the next 15 years?  …that a 750-bed jail will meet our needs for the next 20 years?

IS IT TRUE we hope that the powers that be will agree on a new jail design that will be meet the future needs of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office for the next 20 years by building a 750-bed addition because it makes sound economic sense?

IS IT TRUE  the news that the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville will not be playing at the Ford Center this year is no surprise to the City-County Observer and our readers because we been projecting this news for several months?  …looks like the CEO of the Ford Center got egg on his face because he didn’t properly vent this proposed arena football deal?

IS IT TRUE we wonder why the former owner of the Evansville Iceman Hockey didn’t send Mayor Winnecke a thank you note to him for forcing him to leave town? …it’s obvious that the Evansville Thunderbolts lost money hand over fist and Ron Geary’s Jacksonville, Fla. IceMen did extremely well financially? ..it’s been reported by credible sources in Jacksonville, Fla. that the Jacksonville IceMen owner Ron Geary has just accepted a generous offer from a well-heeled businessman in the Jacksonville area to purchase the Jasonville Iceman from him?

IS IT TRUE that the downtown Evansville 6,600 square foot limestone building known as the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum was dedicated to the memory of those who served in the Civil War and the Spanish American War? …the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum has hosted a wide range of events since its dedication in 1917?  …that Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum is one of the few historical “Crown Jewels” left standing in our community?  …that it seems like the only public event that the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum that is attracting on a regular basis are bingo?  …we were extremely surprised to find out that longtime Director of the Veterans Coliseum Commander Mark Acker retired without fanfare and moved back to his roots in another State?  …we have been told that Commander Acker’s daughter has replaced him? …we are told that numerous people feel that members of the Vanderburgh County Commission should invite the new Coliseum Director to explain the future direction of this historic building?

IS IT TRUE that yesterday a land drilling company from Indy were seen getting ready to take core samples from the parking lot of the vacant IGA Grocery store on North Main Street? …it looks like this is a developing story?

IS IT TRUE that the City just purchased three (3) vacant and dilapidated houses located at 22 to 26 East Virginia Street? …we hope that these properties won’t become another little-used parking lot but used for affordable housing?

IS IT TRUE that Sarah-Jeanne Royer, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography charges that “microplastic pollution is something we don’t talk about as much because it’s unseen, but these microfibers are everywhere?”

IS IT TRUE the crusaders against plastic pollution has a new target: our clothes? …they found out that most clothing contains synthetics such as polyester or nylon, which are essentially constructed from thin plastic fibers?  …they allege when the clothing is washed, tiny bits of plastic make their way to the ocean, where they are ingested by fish; a single load of laundry can release up to 700,000 fibers?
IS IT TRUE we are told several people didn’t vote for City Council At-Large candidate Ron Beane in the recent primary election because they don’t want him to leave his position as Evansville Buiding Commissioner because he’s doing an outstanding job?
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  1. Seemingly reliable sources indicate that the taxpayers of our City are subsidizing the Thunderbolts to the tune of nearly 2 million per year coupled with the mortgage payment of 9 million per year plus other operating expenditures, between the subsidies, mortgage, and other operational expenses, the dream Ford Center is costing us dearly. Can’t remember the last time VenuWorks came before the Council with their financial report.

  2. There are (small) renovations being done at Mesker Amphitheatre | Webb


    Instead of letting beloved Mesker Amphitheater fully rot away from intentional neglect, it could be gifted to the Nut Club. With the skill and ingenuity of the Nut Club members, they could bring it back to service and benefit our community. Kudos to the Nut Clubbers for what they are doing.

  3. Any word on the name of the farmer who desecrated the graves of 15 ancestors/ pioneers in NW Vanderburgh County?


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