IS IT TRUE  we heard from dependable sources that the Indiana State Party Democrat Chairman John Zody and 8th District Chairman Tony Long held a closed door meeting with local Democrats about how to restore party unity in Vanderburgh County last week?  … besides John Zody and Tony Long a few  Democratic office holders and local party officials were also in attendance? … absent from this meeting were Jonathan Weaver,  Missy Mosby and union leaders?  … after about hour and half pep talk from Zody and Long 4th Ward Councilwoman Connie Robinson stood up and gave the group a piece of her mind concerning the lack of leadership within the party?  …she also expanded her remarks  concerning the poor treatment of minorities by the local and State Democratic party officials?  ….after Robinson give Zody and Long a piece of her mind she walked out and slammed the door behind her?  …it looks like its going to take a special Democratic candidate to win the 4th Ward in the coming years?

IS IT TRUE  that the attempted  “political love feast’ meeting arranged by the Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody and 8th District Democratic Chairman Tony Long was doomed from the start?  … that Zody and Long should had called this meeting about two years ago?   …its obvious what former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel,  some past and present City Council members and others did to Rick Davis and Gail Riecken campaigns has taken its toll on the once powerful and proud Democratic party of Vanderburgh County for years to come?

IS IT TRUE that State Representative Tom Washburn attempt to be appointed to the State of Indiana Supreme Court fail short?  …Mr. Washburn was informed last week that he didn’t make the final list of candidates to be interviewed for this position?

IS IT TRUE that the Democratic Primary for State Representative District 77 seat is becoming a political barn burner?  …we hear that State Representative Gail Riecken has wisely decided not to endorse anyone in this hotly contested  primary race?  …all we can say is that all three Democratic candidates in this race are outstanding individuals?

IS IT TRUE that the Bernie Sanders National Campaign committee now has “boots on the ground” in Evansville?   …that the “Sanders Headquarters For President”  is located at 312 NW MLK Blvd?

IS IT TRUE we have received many phone calls about new sidewalks installed on both sides of an entire block in the Haynie’s Corner area?  …we wonder why the city would install new sidewalks beginning on the corner of Madison Ave on Haynie’s Corner that extends a full block down to Putnam Street when other areas of the city have none?  …we get it, the Director of DMD found new Federal money laying around in a file cabinet?

IS IT TRUE we invite you to drive downtown and tour a couple of blocks around Haynie’s Corner and view the abstract art displayed on vacant lots owned by Evansville Brownfields Corp and DMD?  …we can’t wait to read your comments once you viewed the abstract art in this area?

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Todays “Readers Poll” question is: If the election was held today for the Republican primary for the 8th Congressional seat who would you vote for?

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  1. Gail Riecken wisely decide something? How can that happen, and who would believe her? She is famous for going along with the last person who talks to her. Thus she has no position. However, it is better that she not support any of the three candidates. That way, they might have a shot at winning.

  2. I’m surprised there has been nothing in an IIT about the people responsible for the Inland Marina fire being found innocent of arson.

    • I didn’t know they found the people responsible. I followed it pretty close. . . . I think the only thing determined for sure is who wasn’t responsible for the fire.

      The lack of press coverage on the verdict was odd.

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  3. The “truth telling” moles focus narrowly on a handful of Democrats and the illustrious mayor. Plus Colorful Coures. The “nothing” list is pretty long. The Republican side of the District 77 race gets nary a mention. No details of the fact that the GOPers are extremely hopeful that the three-way race shakes out for the minister/media personality, because they see a prospect of taking this one in the fall. The commissioners race between Musgrave and the young lawyer is actually a three-way contest, with Brenda putting out a lot of yard signs in the northern part of the county. In the other commissioners race, it’s all about Ben, the former Schriber supporter with a family network woven like a spider web around the mayor. And what about those rumors that the Winnieites want to promote Becky Kasha as a sub for the “Friend of Winnie” who dropped out for “health reasons” with his name still appearing on the ballot?

    • The rumor concerning Becky Kasha makes a lot of sense. Doing that would heal any lingering animosities between her and Wayne Parke. As for the Musgrave/Bergwitz/Schmitt race, I’m rooting for Cheryl because of her competence. It’s pretty telling that Winnie is backing Alex Schmitt against her. Mr. Mayor clearly wants to have a “rubber stamp” in the style of Mercer and Hargis, et al on the County Commission. His tentacles were weakened on the County Commission when he lost Marsha Abel two years ago, so he’s making another attempt to flex his muscle county-wide.

      • Its apparent that Winnie wants to annex large parts of the county to pay for his expensive projects in the city. He wants to drain tax dollars from those areas to pay for his pitiful projects. Do you think annexed areas will see sidewalks and street lighting? Probably not. Unless a Winnie supporter owns a company that can install all of it. Winnie wants a rubber stamp county commission to compliment his rubber stamp city council. Then he will pack up and run, leaving the mess he created. Just like every other career politician around here.

  4. Who is Winnie supporting for Reicken’s seat? As I’ve said before party lines are so blurred here I can’t keep up. My very brief research has me intrigued by the Ferguson fella but I saw on his Facebook page he’s tagged in a photo posted by Carol McLintock. Am I reading too much into that? Usually any association with those snakes is a big red flag for me. Hatfield just gives me the Winnie vibe. His signs look like all the ones Winnie’s minions had last fall Hargis, Mercer, etc.

  5. The news about Tom Washburne is a relief, although I’m surprised. I’d like to hear some details about the finalists.

  6. The unforgivable treasonous backstabbing of Rick Davis by the Central Committee, which included then Democratic Vice-Chair Robinson, was political suicide. Their orchestrated and open disloyalty to their Mayoral candidate killed the local party. It allowed Mayor Winnecke to skillfully absorb and keep Democratic office holder support. The local Democrats have only themselves to blame for their extinction event.

    • They were just following the orders of the same person who had been issuing the orders for the prior 7 years. Knowing the future revenue assumptions he used on a variety of capital construction projects were bogus, and knowing the next person to hold the office would probably have to file for municipal bankruptcy, he found a patsy from the opposition to run and he supported his candidacy even though that candidate was from the opposition party. Covering your ass takes precedence over party loyalty. Evidently he thought that Rick Davis could not be counted on to provide cover for the 8 years of insane spending that has brought Evansville to the brink. I would posit that he was right in that assumption!

      • MainstreetDemo is 100% nail on the head correct.
        The old guard Evansville Democrats did stab Rick Davis in the back and killed the Democratic Party, and beginning a collaboration with Mayor Winnecke, they created a total vacuum in resistance to the Evansville GOP. More than any other constituency…they are responsible for the landslide re-election of Winnecke and handed him a dominating partner in the makeup of the current City Council. Winnecke’s domination of all political affairs in Evansville is due to that decision….he is dominating….and that old guard disingenuously blames him every day for it.

        They did this for him.

        Pressanykey….those old guard Evansville Democrats do not….DO NOT…..deserve any cover you seem to be providing them by saying “they were just following orders.”

        • Don Becker, Pressanykey is right that the old guard Democrats were taking orders from Central Committee to backstab Mr. Davis. That’s what they did, blindly followed orders like the North Koreans follow orders from Kim Jong Il. Political suicide here we come! You are also right their implosion created a vacuum that allowed Winnecke to use their officeholders. Winnecke fears not at all what little Democratic opposition is left.

  7. The backstabbing of Davis only illustrates the problem with the Democratic party in Indiana…fresh and upcoming candidates are shunned for long time political hacks who have “paid their party dues”.

    Pence is probably the most beatable incumbent in the history of the Indiana Governorship, and yet, the Demo’s trot out a baffoon like Gregg. The same thing in the mayor’s race, Gail Reicken had a like-ability factor among people under 65 of about -1. They couldn’t have found someone less appealing if they actively tried.

    The Repubs are getting their voters, along with people who are young and progressive across the state. If Zody wants success, he needs to shed the lifetime hacks like Patrick Bauer, John Gregg, etc and find some fresh face moderates. In essence, they need the second coming of Evan Bayh.

  8. I heard Missy turned up at Hatfield’s fundraiser and said she is supporting him. That should be the kiss of death for him.

  9. Was Gail at the Hatfield fundraiser also? I heard she was. It’s all the talk, but clearly she remains dazed and confused. She sent out a legislative wrap-up mailing that doesn’t mention that we are rid of her. She probably forgot.

  10. I am told she was there. I definitely wasn’t.

    Today I got a piece of mail from Mr. Hatfield that included a filled-in absentee ballot application. An envelope addressed to the Clerk was included. I see a huge opportunity for abuse here. All a cheat needs to do is mail some to recently empty houses, gather them up, mail them in, and wait for a ballot to arrive. Then they can vote it for Hatfield and send it back. This is a REALLY EXPENSIVE way to go about winning a part time, but powerful office. It reeks of Winnecke’s cash being thrown behind another Democrat.

    • I just checked Hatfield’s Facebook page. Here’s a copy-and-paste quote from the post about the fundraiser:

      “Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our campaign last night! It was a huge success with a great crowd! A special thanks to Kayley Hazelwood and Gail Riecken for their kind words of support!”

      I am disappointed to see Gail dirty her hands with Missy and Weaver’s candidate!

    • Hatfield is the same guy who tried to make a campaign speech at the City Council meeting. He doesn’t have any class at all.

  11. Is it true that no one gives a rat’s patootie about what is posted on the City-County Observer? Is it true that I am wondering when you might start covering the the story about about the County Commissioner switching the 457 plan for Vanderburgh County employees? ? Is it true that the Vanderburgh County Commissioners screwed over the 40% of county employees who have their hard-earned dollars invested in a Naitionwide fixed rate plan? Is it true that that when their money is moved to Voya that the rate on the fixed investment will drop from 3.5% to 2.1%? Is it true that Joe Kiefer II will get a big commission while the county employees invested in the 457 plane will take a financial hit? It is true that you are really a watch dog for local government or merely a lap dog?

    Jim Ethridge
    Indiana Atty # 8361-82

    • Ethics?—–“we” don’t need no stinking “ethics” it’s against our Political heritage! Ethics is a “dirty” word to Politicos in this neck of the woods!

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  12. I got the Helpful Hatfield absentee ballot application too. All filled out for me, even my birthday. Two problems. I vote in every primary, but never absentee. Helpful Hatfield is my fourth choice among the six in the District 77 race. He and Gail fit together nicely. His signs are all over Riecken rental property.

  13. I’m rooting for Brenda. No one owns her, she comes to almost every public meeting, speaks her mind and she is obviously Not afraid. I like her better than conniving muskrat and pad the resume Schmidt. I’d put

  14. Off today’s topics but, will we ever get to see an “audit” of the water meter “upgrade” fiasco?? Wasn’t it somewhere around $40 mil.? Wonder when the savings kick in.

    • I think it was closer to $50 Million and the meters are already obsolete. Google SecoSys. Now that is a smart water meter that is not obsolete.

      Don’t forget that Johnson Controls is doing a corporate inversion to take their corporate headquarters to Ireland.

        • The caption under the picture in your article;
          “Johnson Controls installed a solar energy system at the Fort Bliss Army base in El Paso, Texas.”

          If they weren’t allowed to install zilch on any U.S. Government facilities if they did an inversion do you believe they still would have done it? Of course not. So there lies the answer to stopping this but one particular Party will not allow that to happen. Not both, just one.

          They paid a 19% tax rate in the U.S. last year and Ireland’s I believe the article said was 12%.

          Basically what it all amounts to is corporations are using their power to drive to a 0% tax rate and with paying only 10% of federal taxes received last year compared to 34% they paid not all that long ago, they are doing a damn good job of getting there.

          Here’s a vote in 2014 that should get people’s attention but for some reason it just doesn’t;

          GOP blocks tax hike on firms moving overseas
          By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER Jul. 30, 2014 8:22 PM EDT

          WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican senators blocked an election-year bill Wednesday to limit tax breaks for U.S. companies that move operations overseas.

          The bill would have prohibited companies from deducting expenses related to moving their operations to a foreign country. It also would have offered tax credits to companies that move operations to the U.S. from a foreign country.

          The Senate voted 54-42 to end debate on the bill, six short of the 60 votes needed to advance it. The White House says President Barack Obama supports the legislation.

          “Today in the United States, any time an American company closes a factory or plant in America and moves operations to another country, the American taxpayers pick up part of that moving bill,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “Frankly, a vote against this bill is a vote against American jobs.”

          And the beat goes on….

          • “Basically what it all amounts to is corporations are using their power to drive to a 0% tax rate and with paying only 10% of federal taxes received last year compared to 34% they paid not all that long ago, they are doing a damn good job of getting there.” (Regulator)

            * * * * * * * * * * * * *

            Top Spenders Nationally

            Lobbying Client………………………..Total

            US Chamber of Commerce…… $1,225,115,680
            National Assn of Realtors……. $351,247,463
            American Medical Assn………. $341,112,500

            We all know it, the question is what in the f is anyone going to DO about it? Every four years we get a lot of meaningless blather from people who have sold their souls long ago. For Christ’s sake, Ted’s wife handles the wealth management accounts for Goldman Sachs $40. million and over client accounts in Dallas! Ted has borrowed money from GS to run his campaign.

          • True.

            And I wonder how many have noticed the Realtor’s Association being second and then associate it with the sub-prime crisis that both Parties created and all most helped destroy us.

            Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder, “What In The Hell!”

            I mainly take up for Democrats anymore but the only reason I can get away with it is the competition has a 14% approval rating.

            I believe Demos is at least 15%.

            Hang in there Press, it’s just as scary on this side of the fence.


  15. The first issue to address with the democratic party is to rid itself of Rob Faulkner and place a real leader into the position of Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party. This will begin the rebuilding of a party in Evansville.


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