IS IT TRUE the  City of Evansville General Fund showed a balance of $5,946,049 as of December 31, 2015?  … the General Fund should have shown a deficit balance of $11,886,084 as of December 31, 2015?  … the Wastewater Utility account was prepaid the 2016 payment in lieu of taxes payment totaling $1,400,000?  …the City did not pay the General fund’s portion of hospitalization bills for the 2rd quarter of 2015 totaling $3,932,133?  ….In December of 2015, the City improperly transferred $12,500,000 from the Riverboat Fund into the General Fund originating from the advancement of Tropicana lease payments to be paid in the future?  … the Riverboat Funds were improperly deposited in the General Fund without City Council official approval?

IS IT TRUE  last week we were talking with a group of veteran Sheriff Office employees and they told us that  since Sheriff Wedding has taking over the helm morale has drastically improved?  …they also told us that Sheriff Wedding is a hands on leader who is extremely down to earth?  …we find Sheriff Wedding an extremely likable and down to earth person?

IS IT TRUE that Cuba holds one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99.8%?

IS IT TRUE that Cuba reportedly had over 150 nuclear weapons at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

IS IT TRUE it’s time for “GUNS AND HOSES “ event  to begin?  ….we strongly urge you to purchase a ticket to this extremely worthwhile charitable event?

IS IT TRUE that a political sign placed on the State-Right -Away located on the Lloyd Expressway next to Harrison High School was removed by the State Transportation Highway officials yesterday?   …this political sign belonged to Vanderburgh County Commissioner candidate Alex Schmitt?  …we look forward to see if the City Engineering Department will stop playing political games and demand that Mr. Schmitt remove his other political sign located on the City right way on the corner Newburgh and Lincoln Ave on the Eastside?

IS IT TRUE we would like to point out that Rev Adrian Brooks was not reappointed to the Police Merit Commission Board because of his age but the President of the United States of America invited him and his grand children to the annual White House Easter Egg hunt in Washington DC this weekend?

IS IT TRUE despite not having much access to the internet, Cubans are a smart bunch. In fact, there are so many doctors in Cuba they’re often sent to other countries that have a shortage. The country has 90,000 of them to serve its population of 11 million. That’s eight for every 1,000 citizens – which according to the World Bank is more than double the rate in the US (2.5) and the UK (2.7)?

IS IT TRUE we would like to thank Whitney Riggs the Director of Public Relations for the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office for sending us important news about the happening of that department? We also feel that Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann is doing an outstanding job.

IS IT TRUE we have a monster IS IT TRUE planned for this Monday’s March 28, 2016?  …we wish you a wonderful Easter Weekend?

IS IT TRUE our next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Monday?

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  1. Typical cops. The entitlement attitude of police in this country has spiraled completely out of control. Sadly, due to Stockholm syndrome and post 9/11 bootlicking, 95% of the public are willing to let cops do ANYTHING with impunity.

      • I’ve never had one dime in any form of public assistance. While we’re at it, I’m also white, straight, not Muslim, and I don’t smoke pot. Thought I’d go ahead and dispell your other preconceived notions.

      • I think the mayor’s hand-picked candidate, Alex Schmitt sounds more like the “king of entitlement.” He seems to think its okay to convert public land to his own use.

        • ELKAYBEE:
          This Schmitt thing by the Mayor. It is small-minded. They are trying to take out a whistle-blower.
          It proves the Mayor (who is rolling over the Evansville Democrats laughing behind the wheel of a garbage truck) is vulnerable to principled, smart, strategic Democratic resistance to the heavy-handed, arrogant, behind-closed-doors tactics of the Evansville GOP these days.
          New Democratic blood is needed…the old guard Dems HANDED this to Winnecke.
          (You are one of them, by the way, but you already know I think that.)
          But my larger point is (and the CCO continues to be distracted by stupid things like hockey, Wessellmans and hospital CEO pay instead of this), new Dem leadership to be a viable resistance to Winnecke must be supported. The old guard needs to step away.
          Winnecke is laughing behind the wheel LKB. Laughing…..

  2. I’m pleased that a political sign was removed from State Right of Way. This is public land. To post signs on public land is littering! I hope that the State sends Alex Schmitt a bill for the removal, and a fine for littering!

  3. “IS IT TRUE we would like to point out that the most Rev Adrian Brooks …”

    What makes a person MOST reverend? Is that an honorary title? Are there folks in the church hierarchy who are considered LEAST reverend? I’m not a churchy person, so if anybody can clue me in that would be awesome.

    ALSO, to English Bob, your fear and loathing of domestic law enforcement is well known. Do you actually know anybody in public safety, like actually know the human beings behind some of these badges? Ever talked with a cop or done a public safety ride-along? It has been my experience that people with your level of hatred of police officers share some similarities with people who have loud, public hatred for homosexuals, or minorities, or folks who practice a different religion – – they don’t actually KNOW any of the people they hate, they just hate them. I could be totally wrong, you may have a long history of being personally mistreated by law enforcement or the judicial system in general. It happens, and would certainly explain your rage.

    ALSO, also, if you could possibly refrain from calling me a boot-licking sycophant, LE apologist and anti-constitution sheep for inquiring, that would be kind of you. My question is very simple and not meant to be antagonistic.

    • I realize there are some good law enforcement officers, probably even a majority. What I have a problem with is the societal tendency to take a cop’s word above all others, oftentimes when the only other party who might dispute his or her word is dead. I have a problem with the “code of blue” that protects their brethren even if they know they’re in the wrong. I have a problem seeing cops get away with things that the general public would not. That last bit happens quite often. Yes, the general hoisting up of law enforcement onto some kind of pedastal and total blind belief that 100% of them are beyond reproach does bother me. Every profession has bad apples, but not every profession deals with them. The Wall St apologists are equally as annoying.

      • ….doing a Police Officer’s job, and living a Police Officer’s life, is a thankless role.
        No credit for a life that is high risk and high stress with little reward.
        English Bob lives his life unaware and entitled to safe living while sneering at the very people who provide it for him.
        It is sickening.

      • Fair enough. Your elaborated take is much more thoughtful than what you often post (e.g., “We live in a police state…” posts, or reference to EPD officers as jack-booted thugs or fascists).

        We do need to watch the watchmen, and every officer I regularly associate with realizes that they are given a tremendous amount of power by our society, and they try to be good stewards of that power. The ‘blue code of silence’ is, in my opinion, an unfortunate counter-reaction to the current national pastime of second-guessing every single interaction police have with the public, often based on a cherry-picked 10 second clip from a cell phone video. Even by the book, perfectly handled police work is usually not pretty. Saying “gee, pretty please?” rarely works. What appears to be a ridiculous use of force to a layperson (like 5-6 cops taking down a person they are trying to arrest) may upon further review be quite reasonable, but our media is not given to thoughtful review. It makes it hard to do the job knowing that even if you do everything by the book you may end up a YouTube pariah.

        I don’t know any reasonable person who thinks that all cops are beyond reproach. There are definitely bad actors, and the good cops are extremely aware of how much more difficult their jobs are because of those bad actors. In my experience it is rare for a police officer to defend another who is clearly, CLEARLY in the wrong.

        Thanks for the response.

      • Breitbart doesn’t produce much in the way of logic, Joe. I guess you don’t consider policies of “patrolling Muslim neighborhoods,” practicing torture, or “carpet bombing” to be fundamental changes for America. I do. We’re better than that.

          • You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning or being killed in your own home by police than you do of being a victim of terrorism. You’re one of Trump’s “poorly educated” sheepish masses who are turned on by the GOP politics of fear and hate. Also, don’t forget who caused this “jihad.” Yeah, that’d be us.

          • Wait a minute English Bob. Who is selling fear? Who?
            (In fact, this point is getting exhausting to point out about English Bob. He uses the same fear tactics as the far right. Eng Bob uses the same labeling and name-calling as the far right. Eng Bob invents straw men to spew slander faster than the fascist/bigots he claims to disdain. He is the same. The-Same.)
            More likely Cops kill you in your home than being a victim of terrorism? Are you nuts? AK-47’s abound killing Americans in schools, theaters, businesses, streets…your comment is a LIE invented to deceive.
            You are the same English Bob. Spewing hate like an entitled, small, resentful little man.

          • Bob, that pesky Profit Mohammad demanded jihad against infidels, but your liberal arts education said its our fault. We get where you come from.

    • I don’t think that anyone needs to have any experience with mistreatment by law enforcement to have a few doubts about the treatment some law officers dole out. They only need to be literate. Too many stories of police brutality are popping up on a daily basis. I even have questions about the recent local police killing of Daniel Wooters. Did nobody have a taser?

      • “Did nobody have a taser?”

        What if they did?

        You post implies that if a taser had been present and utilized, there would have been no need for lethal force. Similarly, if a taser was present and NOT utilized, the shooting was ‘questionable’ (i.e., the officers involved were a group of brutal individuals who woke up that morning hell-bent on murdering somebody during their shift)?

        There were around 30 years of combined street experience among the 3 patrol officers involved in the shooting of Mr. Wooters. Is it possible that, based on their experience, training, the history of the individual, and the way the situation unfolded that they had a taser and simply determined that it was not the right tool for the job?

        Is it your opinion that every level of force available to an officer (officer presence, voice commands, empty hand techniques, baton techniques, OC or other chemical sprays, taser or other ‘nonlethal’ projectiles, lethal force) must be attempted in a particular order and found to be ineffective prior to allowing the responding officer to move to the next level of force?

        How close/threatening/intoxicated must a knife-wielding subject be before an officer is allowed to determine that attempting to use a one-shot taser to address the situation is not a viable option? If a taser is not available, should the officer be required to attempt other forms of non-lethal force first against an uncooperative knife-wielding subject?

        • There is a 21 foot rule. An attacker at 21 feet can get to you before you can get to your defensive weapon. Perhaps it fits the adage, “don’t bring a taser to a gunfight.”

        • (I-E….the 21 ft rule says…not just “get to his defensive weapon” but to also be able to “fire 2 rounds at the suspects center mass.” On a side note: I found this description stunningly literal…you know, like how the German word for meat is “fleisch”)

  4. Is it true the westside university college basketball coach complained to the school president because people were making comments to his lack of success on the Athletics Facebook page.

    Now we understand why someone created

  5. Breaking news:

    It would almost be humorous if it were not so serious: Evidently it is not only the public that can never seem to access Dress Plaza, this time it is local law enforcement and emergency rescue personnel.

    As I write this there is a car in the water at Pigeon creek and the Ohio river. The rescue people went to the closest place to launch their boat, Dress Plaza, and could not gain access because of the locked gates.

    Can you believe that local rescue and LE would not have a plan for that?

  6. “Can you believe that local rescue and LE would not have a plan for that?”

    Of course we have a plan for that. We have muliple copies of keys on multiple trucks to access the Dress Plaza gate, and several large bolt-cutters as a ‘Plan B’. I’ll try to get more information for you.

  7. If there are any occupants in the car, I bet they appreciate your efforts on their behalf. It sounds like the rescuers aren’t in on the plan.


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