IS IT TRUE JUNE 15, 2017


IS IT TRUE that our nation’s capital was shaken yesterday when a lone gunman opened fire on a group of Republican members of congress and staffers who were practicing for a baseball game against Democrats that is played annually for charity?…for the first time in a long time there was bi-partisan agreement that charity is good and that shooting randomly at people is bad?…if our elected leaders can’t agree on those two things we had just as well close up shop and Balkanize into a dozen independent republics?…for one day out of what seems like years partisan bickering, juvenile name calling, and outright lies did not dominate the mainstream media reports?…it took a sick hate monger with intent to kill to get congress to treat each other with respect in a civil manner?

IS IT TRUE that is about as far as the kindness goes because once the shooter’s identity was known a quick search of his Facebook page revealed a deeply seated hate for President Donald Trump and anyone associated with the Trump administration?…the full of hate shooter was a 66 year old Caucasian from Belleville, Illinois (near St. Louis) who had been a vocal supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign?…he also advocated to raise taxes on the so called “rich” up to levels of 70%?…more importantly the shooters own words calling for Trump and the Republicans to be “taken out” should have and could have been sufficient reason for law enforcement to knock on his door for a heart to heart talk about posting such things?…the shooter has paid the price for his actions with his life?…one can only ask what pushed this person over the edge to attempt to become a mass murderer?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if he found inspiration from entertainer Kathy Griffin holding up an effigy of President Trump’s severed head or if he had become empowered by watching the New York City production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar where a President Trump look alike was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate for entertainment?…we wonder if this supposedly quiet guy who stayed to himself was inspired to attempt to kill by watching the barbaric hoards of anti-Trump protests that destroyed property, tossed projectiles at those who think differently, and shouted down free speech at the place where free speech was born?…that one thing is becoming obvious and that is that civility, tolerance, respect for the constitution, and even embracing basic human rights is under attack from a faction of American society that is so consumed with hate for President Trump that they have forgotten where they came from and rejected what they have professed to believe in?

IS IT TRUE that things my get worse in America before they get better unless the lies and rejection of differing opinions are ceased?…from many people’s perspectives, the supporters of Hillary Clinton who labelled Trump supporters as deplorable based on their opinions are the ones who are in the streets committing deplorable acts of violence?…the seal of the State of Kentucky says “United We Stand, Divided We Fall?”…unless mutual respect and love for ones fellow citizen without regard to ideology return, we are headed for a great big fall?…the CCO says “come one people, we are better than that so let’s prove it by stopping the hateful speech and violent actions?”

Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that that its time for individuals to mutually respect and love one another without regard to ideology?

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  1. Two stories broke yesterday. One is a shooting in DC. Today’s IIT talks about that.

    The 2nd story is about an expansion into a criminal probe, and it is FRONT PAGE of the Wall Street Journal today (ahead of the DC shooting).
    Here it is:
    “US Special Counsel Mueller Now Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice”
    JUNE 15, 2017 – President Donald Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey is now a subject of a federal criminal probe being headed by special counsel Robert Mueller, which has expanded to include whether the president obstructed justice, a person familiar with the matter said to the Wall Street Journal. The probe directly contradicts President Trump’s insistence “he has been totally vindicated.”

    The move by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to investigate Trump’s conduct marks a major turning point in the nearly year-old FBI investigation.

    Mr. Mueller is examining whether the president fired Mr. Comey as part of a broader effort to alter the direction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe into Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election and whether associates of Mr. Trump colluded with Moscow, the person said. The obstruction-of-justice investigation of the president began days after Comey was fired on May 9, according to officials who spoke to the Wall Street Journal.

    Mr. Mueller is interviewing US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and US National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers as part of its examination of whether Mr. Trump sought to obstruct justice, the person said.

    A criminal investigation now, it is doubtful that the White House could use executive privilege to try to block them from speaking to Mueller’s investigators. The US Supreme Court ruled during the Watergate scandal that officials cannot use privilege to withhold evidence in criminal investigations.

    The investigation is also examining possible contacts with Russian operatives as well as suspicious financial activity.”
    Does the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and both Houses of Congress HATE TRUMP? Of course not. That is a totally infantile conclusion, and today’s IIT is trying to say that. LET THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS OF TRUMP RUN THEIR COURSE. These professionals are doing their job. LET JUSTICE DECIDE, even if it takes 4 years.

    • Story number two was from a leak and probably illegal and possibly inaccurate. The Washington Post has less credibility on the subject of President Trump than Pinocchio. Story one was news. Story two is sourced in hate and paranoia and like the others like it may well turn out to be a lie.

        • Five branches of US Government investigating Trump.
          (oh, but I’m sure you’re’s all nothing and just trumped up bs)

          CIA, FBI, NSA, US Senate, US House. All investigating Trump.
          It’s nothing? There’s nothing there? Right…

          • Good posts. Trump’s lawyers didn’t deny anything, they know he’s in trouble, it’s why he hired them. Fourth Stringers, the best lawyers declined Trump’s attempts to hire them. They didn’t want to be sullied by association with him, they didn’t want their current clients to bolt if they represented Trump. His personal lawyer said the ‘leak’ might be illegal, it’s all he could say. His words mean nothing.

            Folks will parrot what his lawyers say because that’s what they want to believe. They see their man, the candidate they voted for, scrambling. The Washington Post has people and excellent sources right there on the ground. Slamming them is just more misguided beating the ‘fake news’ horse that Trump rode to town on. Add the WSJ tossing in their credibility on the subject and you’ve just about gotta believe it.

            The President is being investigated for criminal obstruction of justice by Mueller. Not a witchhunt, not even a warlock hunt. The coverup by the White House has been slipshod so far. Amateurish. Tweety Bird has Tweeted on the subject of the investigation but not denied it. It’ll be entertaining to watch it unfold.

        • In fact, facts are EXACTLY what fazes me. Facts are also EXACTLY what fazes the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and House and Senate investigations.


    • Keyword, “nearly year old.” 2020 “the nearly 4 year old investigation into incumbent candiate president Trump’s collusion with the russians…”

      • HA! That’s funny. If you’re Trump, or even a Trumpist Goon, which is amazingly what you have descended to Indiana Enoch, I don’t know which is worse – done in 1 yr, or suffer through 4 years of “Trump’s collusion with the Russians.”

        goon (noun, informal): “a bully or mindless thug, especially one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition”

      • Oh please One 4 Hillary. I have not changed at all and neither have you. Trump simply revealed the RINOS. So sorry that you feel that my being right is bulling to you. You and our media are ate up with these investigations as if they are proof of guilt. They are not.

  2. Today’s kumbaya question begs another question, doesn’t it? What commands respect and love for an individual diametrically opposed to what your core beliefs are? If the love you speak of is Christ’s commission to “love thy neighbor”, I don’t believe it entails any respect for their views on anything, does it? Acceptance of a person’s right to have a different opinion is one thing, respecting that opinion is quite another.

    • Jesus’s command was to love and pray for our enemies. It does not have to do with our enemy’s ideology but with the innate image of God in all mankind. Because we have seen the very form of God in Christ we see His image reflected on every man and look upon them as God looks up on them.

    • You are correct. It does not mean one has to respect another’s opinions. It also does not mean they have to respect yours. It does mean that two parties should not resort to personal attacks or violence over disagreements. Talk it out if you like or choose not to communicate if that is what it takes to keep the gun in the holster and the fist in the pocket. You mentioned Christ so I think that all religions have some version of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” in their narratives. Whether that is from a higher source or not, it is a very good way to live.

  3. One thing is for sure, this is the land of opportunity to unite because yesterday was just another incident out of so many to give unity a shot. But ain’t gonna happen.

    Just as the above ITT states one side destroys property and tosses projectiles, a man on the other side said after Sandy Hook, “I don’t care how many kids die, I’m not giving up any of my 2nd Amendment rights”.

    Compromise is what made this country great but now is the most hated word in the American political discourse. It’ll actually get you a primary surprise.

    admin, can you search your archives and post the comment section on June 17, 2015 and November 27, 2015? Those are the dates of the Charleston church shooting and the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting and it would be very interesting to see the comments of those days compared to yesterdays.

    Thanks Reg….

  4. Displays of political or social excess seem to be everywhere. Whatever once fastened the doors of people’s minds to something secure and stable has become unhinged. poet T.S. Eliot

  5. I was waiting for someone to correct a poster on here who doesn’t post anything but troll bait, but I must step in to correct his ignorance of our Constitutional government. There are NOT five branches of our government, but, as anyone who has paid attention to our Constitution and bothered to read it, much less study it, there are just three. I believe everyone I usually disagree with on here knows that, but someone who views the WSJ as the final arbiter of conservatism obviously does not.

  6. Please, disaffected, so he didn’t state the government structure as you wished. We all understand OneEvansville’s intent. We all understand your intent, too.

    • They are chasing a rabbit into the woods……..BECAUSE they don’t like the path.

      FIVE separate agencies (within 3 branches of government0 are investigating Trump. FIVE. Mindless, Trump herds of water buffalo somehow easily discount that as weak evidence Trump is in trouble. (It is fascinating to me that JOE WALLACE has lost his status as a compelling writer of substance. It’s Trump disease I guess.)

  7. Oh, for God’s sake.

    Now PENCE has hired his own private counsel to protect him from Trump problems.

    (no worries. this is nothing. Indiana Enoch is right. this is all just trumped up mania and haters.)

    • No problems for me One 4 Hillary. Having a lawyer when you have these renegade head hunting RINOs and democrats chasing after rainbows is wise. Having a lawyer is not indicative of guilt.


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