“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 4, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE today the U.S. Supreme Court gave a victory to a Colorado baker who argued he should not be compelled to make a cake for a same-sex wedding?  …this case pitted freedom of religion against marriage equality and protection from discrimination?  …the 7-to-2  Supreme Court ruling was focused on this case and did not address the larger question of whether the First Amendment protects providers of wedding and other services who have cited religious and freedom of expression objections when refusing to serve gay and lesbian customers?

IS IT TRUE on March 1, 2018, the Owensboro Health System President and Chief Executive  Officer, Greg R. Strahan sent a certified letter of interest to Methodist Hospital Chairman of the Board, Dane Shields?…attached below is a certified letter we received from an anonymous source yesterday for your review?

IS IT TRUE that last week we posted the names of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital and Union County Hospital Board of Directors members?  …the reason why we didn’t post the Deaconess Hospital-Evansville Board of Directors members was that we couldn’t find a listing of them?

IS IT TRUE we just received this e-mail from a Susan Hon?  …she wrote: I live in Ward 2 and thinking about running for City Council Ward 2? … for 12 years this position has been held by Missy Mosby?  …Missy claims she works for you? …she works for the dogs “It Takes A Village” and sell houses?  …Missy is all about the dogs, not the city?  …Is it Time For A Change”?

IS IT TRUE that several months ago ECHO Housing attorney Scott Wylie alleges that “all donor funds that have come to ECHO have been accounted for”? …we wonder if ECHO Housing attorney Scott Wylie still feels that all money that came into Echo Housing has been accounted for since the forensic audit has been completed?

IS IT TRUE according to the Assistant Chief of the EPD the Forensic Audit of ECHO HOUSING has been completed but they can’t release the results because of possible criminal charges?  …since the EPD feel that there might be criminal activities pertaining to the financial transactions of ECHO Housing we wonder why the EDP haven’t turned over the results of the Forensic Audit to the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor office for possible criminal indictments?

IS IT TRUE we have been contacted by several readers asking us what is the educational and professional background that makes one qualified to be hired as the Executive Director of ECHO Housing?  …that our readers also wonder would who appoints members of the ECHO Board 0f Directors?

IS IT TRUE that both St Vincents and Deaconess Hospitals are part of an important data gathering effort to learn more about Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome  (NAS)?   …that NAS is when a baby is born dependent on drugs (mostly opioids) due to mom’s substance abuse?  …the Commission on the Improvement of Children (CISC) has on its website a factual explanation of infant mortality, including an explanation of the survey our hospitals have volunteered to participate?  …attached is the link to the CISC for your review?

IS IT TRUE we appreciate the excellent work that the Chief Deputy of the Vanderburgh County Treasurer Department is doing?  …that Dottie Thomas deserves five (5) cheers for doing a good job as the Chief Deputy of the Vanderburgh County Treasurer Department?

IS IT TRUE we commend the Courier and Press senior political writer, Tom Langhorne for reporting that the Mayor’s wife was doing some political lobbying on behalf of people who want the proposed noise ordinance to be approved by city council?

IS IT TRUE we would like to thank the AMR Medical Transportation personnel, emergency room staff, nurses and Doctors at Saint Vincent Hospital for doing a great job in treating our Publisher during a serious medical crisis over the last several days?  …we are happy to report that he is now home quietly resting?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: DO you feel that the EPD should turn the results of the Forensic Audit of ECHO HOUSING over to the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor office for possible criminal indictments?

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  1. Copperhead Carole flexing her First Lady muscles to push a political agenda for her buddies? Say it ain’t so, please say it ain’t so.

  2. The SCOTUS decision is not a win, but a major loss, for those people hoping that SCOTUS will back evangelicals who want to discriminate against gay people. How? Because they chose NOT to make new law that did what the evangelicals were asking for. They said NO, they are not willing to do that.
    Ouch. Bad. They evangelicals had their shot. They said NO. Ouch.

    • Think this one through. The SCOTUS vote was 7-2 with only the two most liberal justices dissenting. Constitutionally speaking the decision that was made is the only one possible to defend the constitution. If this baker however misguided his belief system may be truly objected on religious grounds then his rights to freedom of religion are superior to his customers right to buy a wedding cake from him. There are probably 1,000 other places that they could have gotten a wedding cake but they didn’t choose that route. They chose to make this a federal case and they lost. I don’t see how this really hurt them or kept them from getting a cake. Kagan and Ginsberg dissented out of political loyalty to the left and not because they had any constitutional grounds on which to stand.

    • 7-2 SCOTUS……you do not have to bake a rainblow cake……also MAGA TRUMP won the election ruskies ruskies ruskies………….stormy stormy stormy…..history…………..also MAGA TRUMPS economy booming 3.8 unemployment greatest since 69…….😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁also ishn is without a doubt a dumbass………………GOD BLESS MAGA TRUMP……………….a real AMERICAN MAN……………..

  3. IS IT TRUE with Methodist hospital losing around 600-700k month, and after allegedly taking over 20 million $$$ out of Union County Hospital funds to cover their operating losses. While on the hook to a major bank for a big loan in order to cover monthly expenses, with the Hospital almost empty, and that it’s been alleged that Methodist Hospital has given out raises to a few top administrators over past few months. If this is true, we wonder what are they getting raises for? Why are they rewarding themselves? If this is true, this is not the time to be handing out big raises to the inner circle but a time to make major budget cuts.

  4. Langhorne has been doing his usual diligent good job at the C&P. Webb’s articles are back to the same wacky liberal nonsense of a year or so ago.

  5. Need more Mike Goebels in politics. Now, get off our ass on the audit. Public will not see results till the case, in it’s entirety, is ready for the prosecutor. Remember, too, the Feds are investigating the ECHO theft. Many irons in the fire on this investigation. An audit may not show much to the public, but our investigators, will present the entire case and audit to prosecutorial authority when DONE. The noise law, not enforceable so Mrs. Mayor, save your breath. Lastly, thank you Supreme Court. Although, you did not absolutely rule out forcing us to bake cakes for anyone, 7-2 should shut up the LGBTQ people who try to force their beliefs on the rest of us. Don’t care what you do, but the belief you are owed the same rights as the rest of the Christian people got shot down today!!!!


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