“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 29, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that it’s been alleged that the Henderson Community Methodist Hospital and Deaconess-Evansville board members may have gotten together yesterday to talked about a proposed complicated business arrangement between them?  …we wonder if the proposed business agreement between Henderson Community Methodist Hospital and Deaconess-Evansville board is an affiliation, a merger or a total buy out?  …all we can say is this that is a developing story?

IS IT TRUE that last nights political fundraiser for County Commission candidate Mike Duckworth hosted by the Mayor and his first lady at the home of John David Engelbrecht generated more than $30,000?  … were told that the cost to attend this plush political gala started at $500 and topped out at $5,000 per person?  …it’s been reported that Steve Hammer, Mike Schopmeyer, Jeff Ahlers, Brian and Barbara Williams, Ron Beacon, Bill Fluty, Michelle Mercer, Wendy McNamara, Vaneta Becker, Andy Guarino, Bob Dillow, Tom Gant, Russ Lloyd, Jr., John David Engelbrecht, Tony Flittner, Gary Burdsall, Justin Elpers, Carol and Lloyd Winnecke and many more attend this political fundraiser?

IS IT TRUE in the private sector when a person is accused of taking funds from an existing business to pay personal debts its called embezzlement or misappropriations and the business owners immediately file a police report?  …in Evansville when a person is accused of taking funds from an existing non-profit business to pay personal debts the agency Board of Director only file an official police report when they are forced to do so?

IS IT TRUE  we are told if anyone is having a difficult time in paying their 2018 personal property taxes they might consider asking ECHO Housing Board of Directors to help pay them without paying an interest penalty?

IS IT TRUE at the conclusion of last Monday evening City Council meeting City Controller  Russ Lloyd, Jr., CPA informed Council members that he didn’t pay $369,000 worth of bills accumulated by Victory Theater during the 2017 budget year?  …Mr. Lloyd also told council members that he paid the 2017 Victory Theater bills from the 2018 city budget funds?

IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased that the 3rs Ward Councilman G John Hayden, CPA  e-mailed City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. yesterday requesting a detailed explanation concerning the Victory Theater transactions?  … as of this morning Councilmen, Hayden hasn’t heard from Mr. Lloyd?  …we are told that members of the local mainstream media are trying to find out more details concerning most intriguing story.?  ..this is definitely a developing story?

IS IT TRUE that it looks like the political contest between the current Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann and the former County Prosecutor Stan Levco is going to be in-your-face and knock down political braw?

IS IT TRUE we wonder what the collections status between the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Department and the owners of the McCurdy?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that the Evansville Water and Sewer Board should advance money to the city to so they can pay past due bills?
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  1. Levco is a democrat, these are the people that support sanctuary cities, open borders, Unvetted and unlimited immigration, allowing criminals to stay in the community with their children, restricting local law enforcement and federal agents from doing their job. Democrats judges and prosecutors care little about the constitution but about their emotional involvement. Probably their biggest concern is the number of potential liberal voters that are in jail. Let’s not let democrats do to Vanderburgh county what they’ve done to Chicago. Vote conservative and make sure let’m go Levco stays in retirement. Remember he let Danks go on numerous occasions while the average citizens would have a bunkmate named Bubba.

  2. Again, find a viable candidate for Prosecutor. Don’t care R or D, but at least be qualified. Levco attacks Hermann, but he did not earn the name “let em go Levco” for nothing”! Also, Levco screwed up many trials both as the Prosecutor and as a cushy Special Prosecutor. Ask the LE in the county, neither, is worth a Damn!

  3. Enough BS. The Left Libtards want to abolish ICE now. Of course, they have no clue what ICE is charged with. First, they are not in charge of the abandoned kids at the border. That is under BP. Libtards want to have ICE mean, Illegals Come Enter! Let me see, every state has a mess in child investigations of legal citizens. How about ALL the neglected starved American kids, homeless or Vets, who on the Left speaks for them, nobody!#:;;!!! Send them all immediately back to the shit holes they emerged from. What part of ILLEGAL do you Libtards not understand. I say, lock up the Libtards with the rest of the Illegals. Make America Great Again.


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