IS IT TRUE that every once in a while a comment that is so funny and true is left on the City County Observer and yesterday was such a day?…in response to the idiotic design of a street that was 6 inches too narrow and in need of a supplemental pour of concrete CCO poster Delta Bravo contributed the following words of wit:

RE: Lane width issues on North Main…

I honestly doubt it was inability to read a ruler that caused this issue. I blame the ‘real-world’ traffic studies which were no doubt were conducted prior to final planning and implementation. Any reasonable traffic observer in Jimtown would conclude that average traffic loading on North Main (per block) consists of 2-3 scooters and 1 stolen bicycle. Include a 36″ safety margin to account for an abandoned shopping cart on the side of the road or an enhanced collapse zone for the vacant, burned out houses lining the street, and there you have it…”

IS IT TRUE that Delta Bravo was seconded and supplemented by a few other posters on the local flavor of North Main from the torn down restaurants to the width of an arse moving through Evansville while straddling a scooter?…this particular oversight and the need to do a repair is comical and almost flies in the face of logic?…we wonder who in the heck in a position of knowledge and responsibility would get the width of a road wrong in modern day America where everything in life is predetermined or legislated?…the answer is the same moronic bureaucracy that messed up the base paths on a little league field and pour concrete too thick for a truck to get under an existing bridge?…the real insult to Evansville taxpayers is that the project is still asserted to be under budget?…the powers that be must have budgeted to mess something up big time?…there is nothing like coming home and bragging about buying a $30 item for $45 when you budgeted $50?…some folks are dumb enough to believe they saved $5 for such a fiasco?…so goes the public works in Evansville, Indiana?

IS IT TRUE there was one project that got done according to budget with very few snafus and that was the Ford Center?…the Ford Center was budgeted to spend $127.5 Million borrowed dollars and it exactly achieved its goal?…all was well at the corner of Main Street and MLK Boulevard until it was opened for business?…the wheels fell off of the bus known as Ford Center when it came time to manage it to the pro forma that it was sold on?…the building that Jon Boy built was advertised to break even and cover its cost in the first year but now in the 6thyear it is still draining the taxpayer coffers by $10 Million per year?…that losing that much money would make the Ford Center worth a NEGATIVE $100 Million Dollars in a financial valuation report?…The City of Evansville spent $127.5 Million on a building that loses $10 Million per year?…that is pretty darn hard to do?…we shall see how the subsidy hotel does when the numbers come out?…we may all be glad that the taxpayers don’t own any of the Doubletree for the $20 Million investment because it may come with a capital call attached to it?…the Ford Center is the gift that keeps on taking?

Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that someone should be held accountable for the major mistake made in redesigning the $18 million dollar North Main project?

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  1. Heard the latest news from the 3rd floor corner office of the Civic Center is the next plan is to open a 12′ wide passage through the Civic Center first floor thus reconnecting Main Street with the revitalized North Main Corridor so the Jimtown scooter drivers can multitask. Grab a nutritious meal at the Main Street/Lloyd Expressway McDonald’s, check in with their probation officer in the courts building, make a liquid donation for testing at the DADS office, and get an early seat for the WWE RAW extravaganza at the Furd Centre.

    • Of course the new passage will only be 6′ high (well, Mayor McClintock is only 5′-2″ so he’ll clear it) and those North Main trolleys might tend to be stuck until theyvlower the floor…

  2. What a waste of money. Who on earth would load their bicycles and bring their families to North Main for bicycle riding, by the dilapidated housing, businesses, and the strip club.

    • Bicycles? I thought that was a pathway for Jimtown DUI scooters. With curbs to keep them from getting in front of the buses.

    • my brother Reg is one that will without a doubt benifit from the bike path to the strip club……………………………believe me ………..MAGA……….…..

      • Can no do tommy.

        Just found out my mirror on my bike helmet sticks out farther than the Superintendent of the Gauntlet allows me to.

        Plus Amazon failed to deliver my bullet proof vest today.

        Plus, there are soooo many more places I’d like to see before I die.

        But I am going to miss your sister.

        Believe me 100% and beyond….


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