“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 12, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE last night the Inland Marina Harbour Master, heard a bartender yell that someone just jumped in the river?  …that the Inland Marina Harbour Master jumped in his the Jon boat and started going after him?  … that the water current was running extremely fast downstream but the Marina Harbour Master caught the drowning man and secured him to the Jon boat and waited till the fire department came to get him from the water and revived him?  …this is a developing story?

IS IT TRUE our prediction that a last-minute amendment will be added to the proposed “Noise Ordinance” by Connie Robinson was spot on? …Councilwomen Robinson amendment to the “Noise Ordinance” proved to be acceptable to the majority of City Council members for passage?  …when City Council allowed amendments to the “Noise Ordinance,”  it insured that outdoor entertainment events and future investors in the music/bar businesses will continue locating here?  …when City Council accepted the “Robinson 75 Decibel” amendment to the “Noise Ordinance” it guaranteed that the boundary within the City limits is now treated equally?  …we commend City Councilwomen Connie Robinson for thinking outside the political box?
IS IT TRUE the discussion of the proposed “Noise Ordinance” lasted for several hours?  …we commend City Council President Jim Brinkmeyer for doing a credible job in allowing everyone the opportunity to speak their piece?  …we especially were impressive how Councilpersons Mosby, Weaver, Robinson, and Elpers were well prepared concerning the details of the subject matter?  …we must say that City Council Attorney Josh Clayborn did an extremely good job in advising Council the legal issues concerning this extremely complicated ordinance? …after all, said and done the vote taken by City Council to amend the current “Noise Ordinance” was a “good public policy” moment? …hats off to the At-Large City Councilperson Dr. Dan Adams for graciously accepting several amendments to his well written ‘Noise Ordinance”?
IS IT TRUE that yesterday a political bombshell was delivered by local Republican party boss Wayne Parke to the popular Cody Morris? … that Mr. Parke removed Cody Morris as a Republican Precinct Chairman?  …that the e-mail text to sent to Cody Morris by Mr. Parke stated that “you are being removed as a Precinct Chairman for the following reason “is that you cannot be a Republican and support Democrat Joe Donnelly for the Senate”?
IS IT TRUE we wonder why lifelong Republican Cody Morris wasn’t removed by the local “GOP Party Boss” Wayne Parke years back when he openly supported Democratic Knight Township Trustee Kathryn Martin for re-election?  …maybe it was because that Mr. Morris was the Campaign Advisor to the Committee To Elect Todd Young to The United States Senate at that time?
IS IT TRUE we are told that the 2019 Evansville City Council At-Large races are beginning to that shape?  …we are hearing that on the Republican side it will be incumbent Michelle Mercer, former County Commissioner candidate Alex Schmitt, and former Democratic City Council member and County Commissioner Steve Melcher?  …we are hearing on the Democratic side it will be incumbent Jonathan Weaver, former County Councilmen Ed Bassemeier, and business owner/community leader Amy Word-Smith? …we can guarantee that the At-Large City Council races are really going to be fun watching?
IS IT TRUE that the TV commercial depicting Indiana Republican US Senatorial candidate Mike Braun as ” Millionaire Mike” is really getting a lot of political traction for his opponent?  …this TV advertising makes some serious charges about Mr. Brauns business practices?  …at the bottom of this political advertising, it stated that the information for this advertising was taken from the Associated Press?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: DO you feel that Evansville City Council did the right thing in amending the “Noise Ordinance”?

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    • If Obama would have listen to Rodman about meeting the crazy dictator you would have had a s—t fit.
      Now Trump has his head up Putin and any other dictators ass you think it’s great. You certainly don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth is true. That could be either one of them

        • Like I’ve said before I’m far from liberal. But you far right wing folks that anyone not in lock step with your thinking they must be liberal.
          Like I said if Obama would have cozied up to these crazy dictators like Trump has you would having a coniption

        • TB, that may well happen per the bookies odds and the snowflake meltdown could cry a few rivers:
          “Two of the United Kingdom’s largest bookmakers have cut the odds on bets that President Trump lands the Nobel Peace Prize after his landmark summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday.

          Ladbrokes increased Trump’s chances of winning the prize, either alone or jointly, from 10/1 to 6/4 in the wake of the summit. And betting company William Hill is now giving the president a 7/4 shot of winning the prize in either 2018 or 2019.”


        • No liberal here. But for damn sure no trumper. I’d prefer not to have Dennis Rodman be my best contact person😂😂😂

  1. Saw this posted yesterday. Deserves a re-post:

    “President Bill Clinton’s new interview with PBS NewsHour, which aired last week, featured some shocking, and strikingly tone-deaf, comments from the former president about sexual harassment and assault, including his opinion that “what you can do to someone against their will” has changed.”


  2. What? No breaking news about Vanderburgh County Commissioner Ben Shoulders brother Jeff Shoulders being removed as a magistrate?
    Those Shoulders boys, entitled like their daddy…

    • HotMana

      First, we are told that former Magistrate Jeffrey Shoulders decided to resign in order to make money in the private sector.

      Also, he is not Ben Shoulders brother, he is his uncle.

      Thanks for reading the City-County Observer.


      • Ok, my bad. Forgot there’s other Shoulders involved in the the political game. I guess that means Jeff Shoulders is “Slick Willy” Pat Shoulders brother?
        And the other media/news reporting agencies aren’t reporting it as financial reasons. They’re reporting it as allegations of misconduct and inappropriate relationships involving court employees and attorneys during work hours and on court property.


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