IS IT TRUE JUNE 11, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE at tonight Evansville City Council meeting they will be voting on the infamous “Noise Ordinance”?  …we are told if this  City ordinance passes, it will financially hurt future outdoor entertainment events and discourage investors in the music/bar businesses from locating here?  …we predict that the “Noise Ordinance” vote will be close?   …we are told that whoever votes for this ordinance in its current form, it will come back to haunt them in next years City Council election?  …we predict that a last-minute amendment will be added to this ordinance? …we expect that an amendment to this ordinance will be presented by the 4th Ward City Councilwomen Connie Robinson? …if approved this amendment will make this ordinance acceptable to the majority of City Council members for passage?

IS IT TRUE that last week the Vanderburgh County Commissioners voted on an ordinance that changed the way the Vanderburgh County Council conducts their annual County Budget process? … that County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave led the charge to craft this ordinance in a way that allows the County Commissioners to take control of certain parts of the County budget?

IS IT TRUE that Commissioner Bruce Ungethiem voted with Commissioner Musgrave to approve this ordinance?  ..Commissioner Ben Shoulders voted NO on this ordinance?  …Mr. Shoulders stated that this budget issue could have been worked out through “better communication and dialogue with County Council”?

IS IT TRUE we predict that the Vanderburgh County Commissioner race between Mike Duckworth and Jeff Hatfield will be a real doozy to watch?  …we’ve been told that Mayor Winnecke and the first lady of Evansville will be hosting a big-ticket fundraising event for County Commission candidate Mike Duckworth? …we’ve been told that the Mayor and his wife have promised to raise Mr. Duckworth $30,000 or more at this event?

IS IT TRUE we are told that Vanderburgh County Commission candidate Jeff Hatfield has a  big fundraiser planned for the end of the month at KC’S Marina Point on the riverfront sponsored by a list of impressive local political movers and shakers?  …we are hearing that Jeff Hatfield finance report for June 12. 2018 will reveal that he has raised well over $70,000 so far since he announced his candidacy for the County Commission early last month?

IS IT TRUE that the race for Vanderburgh County Prosecutor between incumbent Nick Hermann and former prosecutor Stan Levco is already heating up?  …we are told that this race is also going to be really exciting to watch?  …we are finding this race extremely hard to predict because some Republican office holders are not united behind Hermann and certain Democrat office holders are not united behind Levco?

IS IT TRUE we are told that the electorate is getting tired of everytime they turned the TV on, read the local paper, look on Facebook they see Mayor Winnecke’s self-promoting himself? …people are just getting plainly tired of hearing and seeing the Mayor self-promotion ever hour, day, week and monthly? …we remember many years back that another Mayor of a major city lost her re-election bid for a third term because the electorate got sick and tired of her self-promotion?  …her name was Jane Burne the former Mayor of Chicago?

IS IT TRUE isn’t there an election law that states that announced candidates for elected office are not allowed to do free public service announcements on social and mainstream media outlets?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: DO you feel that announced candidates for public office should be allowed to do public service commercials?

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  1. You know we are not the first town to have music venues around peoples homes. How do other cities of our size deal with it? Every waterfront community I have visited has both homes and bars with bands. I those towns the waterfront is and always has been the entertainment district. Our town got rid of that kind of entertainment in that area in the 50’s. Thank Frank senior for that. We have since had a bipolar attitude. Desiring a vibrant downtown waterfront but not one that disturbs the wealthy people that now live there. Our downtown/waterfront is a quiet residential neighborhood now with some wealthy powerful people living in it. This will be a interesting fight.

    • This is far and away area – residential. Not what Id call a Downtown Waterfront Music Venue site. 2 miles from downtown- Redraw.

  2. The proposed “noise ordinance” is flawed. It defines what a decibel is but fails to indicate what scale (or filtering) method will be utilized. dBA, often times written as dB(A) or dBC, often times written as dB(C) are the most common weighting scales used to approximate human hearing.

  3. After winning his title, the UFC’s new interim welterweight champion Colby Covington said that unlike the “Filthadelphia Eagles,” he would be proud to visit the White House and celebrate his win….In a post-fight presser, Colby reiterated his White House comments saying, “I told everybody I was going to make the welterweight division great again,” adding, “A real American should … Unlike the Filthadelphia Eagles disrespecting our flag and kneeling for the national anthem.”

  4. AcousticsEdit

    The decibel is commonly used in acoustics as a unit of sound pressure level. The reference pressure for sound in air is set at the typical threshold of perception of an average human and there are common comparisons used to illustrate different levels of sound pressure. Sound pressure is a field quantity, therefore the field version of the unit definition is used:

    {\displaystyle L_{p}=20\log _{10}\!\left({\frac {p_{\mathrm {rms} }}{p_{\mathrm {ref} }}}\right)\!~\mathrm {dB} ,}

    where prms is the root mean square of the measured sound pressure in pascals and prefis the standard reference sound pressure of 20 micropascals in air or 1 micropascal in water.[31]

    Use of the decibel in underwater acoustics leads to confusion, in part because of this difference in reference value.[32]

    The human ear has a large dynamic range in sound reception. The ratio of the sound intensity that causes permanent damage during short exposure to that of the quietest sound that the ear can hear is greater than or equal to 1 trillion (1012).[33] Such large measurement ranges are conveniently expressed in logarithmic scale: the base-10 logarithm of 1012 is 12, which is expressed as a sound pressure level of 120 dB re 20 μPa.

    Since the human ear is not equally sensitive to all sound frequencies, noise levels at maximum human sensitivity, somewhere between 2 and 4 kHz, are factored more heavily into some measurements using frequency weighting. (See also Stevens’ power law.)

    According to Hickling, “Decibels are a useless affectation, which is impeding the development of noise control as an engineering discipline”.[19]

  5. Somehow the liberal main stream media “forgot” to report the “Religion of Peace” confiscated all 6 Christian Churches in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir:

    Turkey Condemns Austria’s ‘Racist’ Move to Close 7 Mosques… Weeks After Turkey Seized ALL Christian Churches in Historic City


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