IS IT TRUE MAY 31, 2017

IS IT TRUE we been told that a Multifamily Property Management firm out of Indy managed Lincoln Estates before the new owners of this apartment complex took over?  …if Flaherty and Collins did managed the Lincoln Estates apartments maybe a good investigative reporter from the main stream media could find out who owned this property before it went into bankruptcy?
IS IT TRUE that many people are in a near state of panic that the conversion of the 112 units at Lincoln Estates from Section 8 housing to market rate privately owned housing will start an avalanche of gentrification in the areas bordering downtown Evansville?…the reality is that without Ivy Tech nursing students who numbers would had been around 1,500 a housing gentrification avalanche is not going to happen?…there is certainly sufficient demand for the 112 units of Lincoln Estates in the market rate pool but beyond that there are no economic drivers to start an avalanche?…with this project and the McCurdy which is finally open after 9 long years the short term needs for $800 to $1,000 apartments will be filled? …thanks to our local and state elected officials the housing panic can end since there will be no Ivy Tech nursing students locating to downtown Evansville?
IS IT TRUE some folks living in the 4th Ward are worry that the practice of  gentrification may be happening the near downtown area?
IS IT TRUE that Pastor Brooks, Councilwoman Robinson and Mayor W.innecke  promised to meet with the new owners of Lincoln Estates to see about extending the move-out date of the soon to be displaces tenants?   …that our tax and spend Mayor is considering  transferring  $100,000 of our hard earned tax dollars into the Housing Trust Fund to aid in the relocation expenses of the tenants of Lincoln Estates residents?
IS IT TRUE that some 4th Ward leaders feel that the new owners of Lincoln Estates need to give the soon to be displaced tenants 2 months rent for to help with relocation costs?  …some of the 4th Ward leaders also would like for the new owners of Lincoln Estates to give the displaced tenants a deposit on a new rental apartment?
IS IT TRUE that Mayor Winnecke is personally calling some of the soon to be displaced tenants of the Lincoln Estates Apartments and telling them he is working on a plan to financially help them out when they leave?  …we hope this doesn’t mean that our tax and spend Mayor is planning to give our hard earned tax dollars to the soon to be placed residents of Lincoln Estates to help pay for their relocation costs?
IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the majority of City Council members are opposing any plans to help pay for the moving expenses of the soon to be displaced tenants of Lincoln Estates  apartments? …that 4th Ward City Councilwoman Connie Robinson is the driving force behind this funding request?  …this shall be extremely interesting to watch?
IS IT TRUE because the local NAACP was dragged into the Lincoln Estates mess?  …the leadership of the local NAACP leadership spent the entire day of Thursday, May 25th at Lincoln Estates investigating and interviewing residents so they could understand whats going on?  …a full report of the local leadership  findings must be sent to the to the National NAACP office?  .,,,a full report should be completed by Friday,  June 2, 2017 and shall be sent to the National NAACP office?

Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Would you like to know who were the owners of Lincoln Estates before Bayview Loaning Service LLC took over the ownership of this property in 2016?

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  1. IS IT TRUE some folks living in the 4th Ward are worry that the practice of gentrification may be happening the near downtown area? Is it true the real homeowners in the area certainly hope so. The forgotten people in the fourth ward homeowners. So these deadbeats who have been living rent free for no telling how long now want us taxpayers to move them and give them cash on the side?

    • You hit the nail on the head. There are those who have the audacity to “demand” two months rent as reparations for being asked to move. To do that with tax money is a very dangerous precedent. The new owners are obligated to keep it legal. I think that means a 30 day notice.


    EHA Board of Commissioners:
    David G. Hatfield, Chairman
    Daphne Robinson, Vice Chairman
    Vanessa Brown, Commissioner
    Richard Engbers, Commissioner
    Glenda B. Hampton, Commissioner

  3. Why is this a problem? I’m a property owner. I’m asking (telling) the renters to leave. What’s the problem it happens every day

  4. “the reality is that without Ivy Tech nursing students who numbers would had been around 1,500 a housing gentrification avalanche is not going to happen?…”

    The reality is that almost all students that will take classes at the new IU Med School are already attending classes elsewhere in the area. There will be some new spots, but not enough to create a drastic need for housing downtown. It will, however, create traffic issues – instead of students driving to UE and USI, now they will funnel into downtown.

  5. Interesting point, Jukebox. Isn’t David Hatfield State Rep Ryan Hatfield’s dad? Where does he stand on this specific case of gentrification, kicking out the poor and elderly for people who can afford higher rent all over in the name of IU?

    • They are not kicking out the poor and elderly for people who can pay higher rent, they are kicking people out that will not pay their already taxpayer subsidised rent. Being poor is not a crime theft is.

      • Good point, Stone. There is little incentive to work when the cost of your housing, food, health care, and utilities are the responsibility of someone else. I’ve spent considerable time in the surrounding neighborhoods and my experience says your first post this morning is spot on.

  6. Real ones not “alternative “. Facts that all the people who are bring it have been dislocated from Kennedy and now Lincoln Estates are deadbeats as you prefer to characterize them. We all have been subsidized sometime in our lives- your parents or caretakers supported you for some period, taxpayers paid your education., the food you eat doesn’t come free even though farmers receive subsidies from the government. There is nothing wrong with subsidized housing for those who qualify as low income. So , facts you should provide are those that show the people who receive Sevtion 8 housing are not human beings worthy of your respect.

  7. Off point, but wasn’t Trump excellent in the press conference explaining the withdrawal from the disastrous Paris climate change accord. Basically it was a scam to transfer wealth from the US to almost all “underdeveloped” countries in the world, and the regulations imposed on the US did not have to be followed by Countries like China. Not sure why only Nicaragua and Syria didn’t sign up to get free Paris accord money from the US. Love these predictable wacko liberal responses from Hollywood and the Sanctuary City Mayors. You wont have to wait long for business that can to flee from those liberal utopias protecting illegal aliens from the law. What a great day for real Americans!


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