IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke came out with a glowing endorsement of subsidized public housing in the 2015 Annual Report of the Evansville Housing Authority?…the Mayor touted the accomplishments of providing roughly 5,000 rental subsidies in the City of Evansville?…that seems like a quite large number of places that qualify for federally subsidized residences?…Mayor Winnecke also proudly announced the kick off of phase one of a series of projects that will spend $31.7 Million to refurbish some of Evansville’s public housing projects?…extensive fix ups for the aging and shabby Kennedy and Buckner Towers which happen to be located right next to the new subsidized Doubletree Hotel?  …when completed either one of these properties could become student housing for IU Medical students?
IS IT TRUE if one adds up the $21M handout to the hotel and the $31.7M for public housing projrcts that makes $52.7M taxpayer dollars directed into downtown Evansville?…that excludes the handouts squandered by former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel down at the McCurdy Hotel to a political crony from Indianapolis?…the people of Evansville of course do not own so much as a single share in any of these handout fuels projects?
IS IT TRUE that some more interesting information is in the 2015 Annual Report of the Evansville Housing Authority?…it all starts out looking fine with a total revenue number of $16.1M for calendar year 2015?… On closer examination $12M of those dollars came from the federal government?…some of those tax dollars were spent to managed the Lincoln Estates property so bad that it was repossessed?…even with revenue of $16.1 Million with most of it coming from Washington DC, the management of the Evansville Housing Authority still managed to lose $610,977 during 2015?.
IS IT TRUE that $600,000 must be a magic number for Evansville as that is about the same level of loss that the Ford Center and the Evansville Thunderbolts lost in 2016-17 hockey season?…we have got to keep these people from doing anything else because every time they pick up those golden shovels the taxpayers lose $20M plus up front and $600,000 per year in perpetuity?
IS IT TRUE if you want to view Mayor Winnecke 2015 letter to members of the Evansville Housing Board  of Directors please click the Annual Reports section provided below and go to page two (2) and you will see Mayor Winnecke letter the board  …the Mayor stated in this letter that “we continue to partner with the EHA on several projects necessary to construct the new convention hotel’s parking facility and the IU School of Medicine”. …he also added that ” as the EHA property Kennedy Towers will be a great next door neighbor to both, it is critical to maintain an open, working relationship beneficial to all involved” is an extremely interesting statement?  …we wonder what the Mayor is trying to say here?
IS IT TRUE that Kennedy Towers is presently undergoing some extensive renovations?  …that some long tern residents of Kennedy Towers who receives section 8 vouchers have been moved to other EHA facilities during renovations?  …we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of the long term Kennedy Towers tenants will not be allowed to move back into their old apartments once renovations are completed?   …we wonder if this decision will pave the way for IU Medical students to be able to rent apartments at the newly renovated Kennedy Towers?  …outline in blue is the link to Mayor Winnecke letter to the EHA Board of Directors— 2015-EHA-Annual-Report?

IS IT TRUE if you wonder who are the members EHA Board of Commissioners:?  …they are: David G. Hatfield, Chairman, Daphne Robinson, Vice Chairman, Vanessa Brown, Commissioner, Richard Engbers, Commissioner and Glenda B. Hampton, Commissioner?

IS IT TRUE that it is a darn shame that the Ivy Tech nursing students are not coming downtown because 1,500 students per day could be transformational?…that is the kind of thing that could have spawned a residential revival sufficient to support basic retails needs like groceries, pharmacies, and a gas station?…the visions of the 1960s Fantus study could have had a chance if the original plans for the medical campus had been realized?…this is the sort of thing that could have given downtown Evansville a shot in the arm nearly 60 years ago?…it will be interesting to see if this good vision is allowed to skip away again?…when one spends themselves into oblivion for fun and games, the funds to support substance are often squandered on short term thrills?
Todays”READERS POLL” question is : Do you think that the Mayor and members of the EHA Board of Directors have cut a deal to house IU Medical students at Kennedy Towers?


  1. I was talking with my cousin about lincoln estates last night. Both of us read IIT daily but neither of us knew key information about the LE controversy. We agreed that if IIT was written in sentences, like a normal editorial, then we’d both be much more well-informed. Quit hiding behind questions. Say what you mean. This is not jeopardy. I bet this comment will be censored.

    • Read the story on Lincoln Estates by Shannon Hall in today’s Evansville Courier&Press and see if you learned ANYTHING. It is a classic example of an establishment press sandwich: two pieces of bread with nothing in between. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

      I will take substance over style every time.

  2. So the landed gentry will be stuck with this bill but with no gentrification allowed for them? Also sounds like 5000 votes for the mayor. I also wonder how much of the subsidized housing is in the fourth ward compared to other wards? Why have we been encouraging or keeping poor people in this area for decades? Is that now becoming inconvenient???

    • The lions share is in the 3rd and 4th wards but some of those new complexes out in the annexed zone north of Lynch Road take Section 8 too.

      While there are no laws to herd the poor into urban ghettos, free rent is a big incentive to get them to choose to stay. Many people only believe that they need to survive and free rent, SNAP cards, and Medicaid will keep you alive. Why risk losing it by developing a skill that will lead to a good paying job? That is not my way of thinking but it is pretty widespread.

      Permanent disability has become a lottery for a lifetime annuity. A job is an opportunity to get yourself injured. That $1,300 per month is as good as $600,000 in the bank from a cask flow perspective.

      • I’m calling your last comment bull crap Joe , get off your high horse , I worked for 36 years and had to go on disability due to heart and major lung issues, I’m trying like heck to get my health back in order so I can get back into the work force even tho I was told it was a permanent disability,
        I resent when someone steps on my toes

        • The comment was not meant to be personal. I wish you the best to return to work and admire you for wanting to. I wish all who are on disability had your attitude.

        • Joe doesn’t need me to defend his comments, but I’m certain you’re not the kind of person he was talking about. I suspect that Mr. Wallace, like most reasonable people, believes that a social safety net (including disability) is not only a morally important thing for a civilized society, but also one that makes economic sense.

          I see lots of ‘disabled’ people in my various lines of work. Many are ‘disabled’ because they spent a lifetime smoking, doing drugs, shoveling garbage down their gullets, etc. Many have never held a steady job, nor did they want to. A very fit EPD friend of mine nearly lost a suspect after being led on a merry foot pursuit over many blocks of urban terrain by a young man on disability – – for asthma. His ‘disability’ didn’t keep him from being a thief nor fleeing like a deer from the law, but I guess he just couldn’t hold a job due to it. Anecdotal, but a true story nontheless.

          Disability has turned into a huge scam, which is a shame, because I have no doubt that many people who very much are entitled to this benefit are being kept out by those who are merely gaming the system.

          • Joe Wallace, you are a smart, effective, talented, insightful guy. But Joe, it’s my observation that you’ve become intellectually tired. Innovation, strategic thinking and solution-driven ideas in your writing (which are truly delightful when encountered) have taken a backseat to a kind of harshness I didn’t notice a few years ago. Nothing wrong with harsh-straight talk sometimes, mind you…but I miss the former.

  3. “A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principals. It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppression of enormous public debt. If the game runs something against us at home we must have patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake.” (Thomas Jefferson)1798

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    This quote would have much the same impact coming from President Trump in 2017, and I believe the President is just as committed to the same goal. The stakes are too large, and failure is not an option.

    • Here is the pure idiocy of Press’ comment today.
      IF Pressanykey really cares about:
      1. “suffering deeply in spirit, and”
      2. “incurring the horrors of a war and”
      3. “the long oppression of enormous public debt”
      …..he might as well get THOSE THINGS from Trump…….by chewing gum!!……instead of hoping the reality TV star Trump will get them.

      Trump isn’t interested in being President. He cares nothing about those things. Trump only wants to be popular.
      There is SOME OTHER REASON Pressanykey likes Trump.


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