We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE we just learned from reliable sources that the longtime CEO of the Union County Hospital was abruptly dismissed this week?  …it’s been alleged that the reason for her abrupt dismissal was that she strongly objected to the officials of Henderson County Methodist Hospital to continue taking large sums money from Union County Hospital funds to offset their massive losses?  …this may be developing the story for an aggressive reporter employed by a local media outlet?

IS IT TRUE we were just informed that a highly respected and 30 plus year Orthopedic surgeon employed by Henderson County Methodist Hospital was abruptly dismissed by officials of Henderson County Methodist Hospital earlier this week?  … it’s being alleged that he was replaced by an Orthopedic doctor from Deaconess Hospital-Evansville?

IS IT TRUE it been alleged that a member of Mayor Winnecke staff recently filed a “Freedom Of Information Request” in order to find out which City Council person passed sent an e-mail via their Government account to the City-County Observer concerning the noise ordinance? …if this information is correct all we can say is “are you kidding us”?  …it looks like “Big Brother” rules at the Civic Center?

IS IT TRUE that USI basketball has been hit with sanctions for NCAA recruiting violations?…the offense was not something that USI did but a “supporter” did buy a recruit a computer for less than $2,000?…we find the sanctions and public humiliation of USI for this small action to be overreach on the part of the NCAA?…the level of minutia that the NCAA seems to go to is suffocating college sports?…it is not their business if a friend of USI gave a gift of a computer to a recruit?…if that same supporter gave the kid a Ferrari or a lap dance from Stormy Daniels that would be a different story?

IS IT TRUE during last year budget hearings Scott Schoenike clearly stated before the City Council that “VenueWorks aims to break even” at the Ford Center and went on to say that their primary interest is “to bring economic development to downtown Evansville?” … first off, no for-profit company of any value “aims to break even” or exists to further the civic interest of a city?

IS IT TRUE during the upcoming budget hearings we hope City Council members will ask City Controller Rudd Lloyd, Jr., CPA about how much in advance payments did he receive from the Riverboat Fund and from the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Board so far this year?   …it looks like the practice of borrowing money from Peter to pay Paul is alive and well at the Civic Center?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville is in the news across the country today along with the rest of the Tri-State as the hottest heat index in the United States?…somehow the 4th of July week always seems to bring out the heat here even when June is moderate?… Thermal, CA with a temperature of 120 degrees has a lower heat index than Evansville for one reason and only one reason and that is excessive humidity in the Ohio River Valley?…the high humidity is what makes summer feel hotter and winter feel even colder in the Tri-State?…we offer our condolences to those who are running the air conditioning 24/7 at the highest a rates for electricity in the State of Indiana?

IS IT TRUE that it is no secret that Evansville is struggling with a heroin epidemic along with much of the country?…this heroin epidemic came about first because doctors were handing out opioids like jellybeans and second because they stopped?…this irresponsible practice has created an estimated 10 million opioid addicts?…the parts of the country where opioids were handed out like Halloween candy are seeing more heroin deaths than other places but no place is immune to this scourge?…in 2017 for the first time in history more people died from heroin overdoses than from gun-related homicides?…the only state that did not see a significant increase in heroin-related deaths was Colorado and that has been attributed to legal recreational marijuana?…the lawmakers in Indiana need to let that sink in?

IS IT TRUE that there is a movement among millennials to abandon the Democrat Party when it comes to national elections?…this movement is called #WalkAway and there are a multitude of articles and videos out there that articulate the frustration of young people with national Democrats?…it is curious that there is really no leader of the Democrat Party with any agenda whatsoever?…the only thing the pretenders like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and other assorted malcontents can agree on is that they despise the ground that President Donald Trump walks on?…they even are advocating for an economic crash to get rid of the President?…if the combination of ignorance, arrogance, and downright delusion of national Democrats does not find a positive message, the once inevitable blue wave will probably turn into a decade out of power and possibly a full breakup of the Democrat Party?

Todays “Readers Poll” question Is: Do you feel that Evansville is headed in the right direction?

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  1. Where has all the centrist dems gone? Now we Perez, Chairman of the DNC, stating that that the future face of Democratic Party is Cortez! Member of DSP (wing of the DNC) Democratic Socialist Party . . .so, why is it we see #walkaway?

  2. Sounds like Benny Nolan Methodist ceo didn’t like being questioned about the 22$ million Henderson hospital pilfered out of Union county in the past few years to make up the horrible financial losses under his “expert” leadership.
    And while we’re at it is this the fruit of the deaconess “affiliation”? A blood bath of firings which is going to decimate the economies of Henderson and union counties so deaconess can steal a few bucks back to evansville? Hey board members! Wake up! How cowardly can you be? How little do you care about your own town?!?

  3. Funny how news just broke concerning an affiliation agreement between Methodist and Deaconess. Nolan and his string pullers are working under the assumption if you tell a lie enough times people will begin to believe. They have a business model they are working from but in no way has an affiliation agreement been reached. Just waiting to see if the Henderson Gleaner jumps on this story. Just another example why Methodist needs Lynn Renee in the C suite-for honestly and transparency. Come on Methodist board don’t sell out/do what’s right and take a stand for Lynn. Remember if you’re not willing to stand up and be part of the solution you’re part of the problem. Either stand or get out of the way

  4. The Trump effect continues, despite the negative main steam media:
    “The national seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos in the U.S. labor force fell to the lowest level on record in June of 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data released Friday show.”

    Maybe this is why the Trumpster’s approval has risen with Hispanics, while the leftist Democrat party is busy chanting “Ban ICE”
    After One Full Month of Unhinged and Violent Anti-ICE Protests — Trump’s Approval Jumps 10 Points WITH HISPANICS!

  5. News flash!!!!! Evansville Dunderbolts head coach and GM have left the team. Now, it is time for the Mayor to tell the rest of the team goodbye. No more hockey and having us pay for it. At least it will save money making ice although, the empty Fraud Center still is circling the drain and us the city’s money pit.

    • Head Coach Jeff Pyle and GM Pete Xander are still listed on the team website. Are you telling us that the two top guys have left and it is being withheld from the news media? What is your source.

    • The reason that Mesker Amphiteater was allowed to die a cruel and painful death by intentional neglect of maintenance, is that the powers that be viewed Mesker Amphiteater as competition with the overhyped Ford Center. It’s just that simple.

  6. “it is not their business if a friend of USI gave a gift of a computer to a recruit?…if that same supporter gave the kid a Ferrari or a lap dance from Stormy Daniels that would be a different story?”

    Sorry, I disagree with you. If this were the supporter’s son or daughter or relative that’s one thing. Or if they offered free computers to ALL USI students that would be acceptable. But this was an obvious and blatant attempt to reward an athlete for commiting to play for USI. Nope. No go. That’s wrong. Pay to play is not acceptable. Too much emphasis on athletics in college as it is already.


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