IS IT TRUE JULY 17, 2017


IS IT TRUE that U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon just announced that he will only take written questions at his July 21 Friday night “Town Hall” meeting? …that 8th District congressman’s Bucshon has decided to only answers questions that are submitted to him on cards that are submitted to a moderator? …we find it extremely laughable that the congressmen will require questioners to stand up when their questions are read by the moderator, but he will not give them a microphone to make comments to him?  …holding a “Town Hall” meeting on Friday evening is an obvious way for congressmen Bucshon to discourage his constituents from attending this meeting? …if 8th District Congressmen Bucshon can’t take the political heat he should get out of the political kitchen?

IS IT TRUE that a group of private citizens has formed a group to “Support Those Who Protect Us”?  …that people from all walks of life shall be holding a “Public Safety Appreciation Ceremony” on August 23, 2017 on the steps of the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum?  …stay turned for additional information concerning this long overdue public event thanking the “Public Service Employees” of Vanderburgh County for doing an outstanding job in protecting us?

IS IT TRUE that the Henderson sized town of Desert Hot Springs, CA that has faced some serious financial challenges recently, has opened a new dog park?…one can debate whether or not this was a wise decision but an interesting thing about this dog park is that it only costed $60,000 to design and install a very state of the art dog park?…if we contrast that with the million dollar plus pooch park that was proposed by the Winnecke Administration for the Roberts Stadium lot, one must ask just how golden the golden retrievers of Evansville think they are?

IS IT TRUE that Mayor Winnecke’s Chief of Staff, Steve Schafer has challenged the study that proclaimed the long violent place called Gary, Indiana to be safer than Evansville on the grounds that assaults in Gary are not being reported?…Mr. Schaefer has done an analysis of the ratio of murders to assault in Gary being unexplainably low?…there is a problem with getting people to testify in places where the police are not well respected so we expect that Mr. Schaefer’s assertion has some merit?…the words “I didn’t see nothing” are the enemy of safe streets and while Evansville does have a problem with finding willing witnesses, we agree with Mr. Schaefer that Gary is benefitting from under-reporting of assaults by its citizens?…that for the time being the official FBI numbers support the assertion that Gary is safer than Evansville?…we don’t believe these “official” numbers any more than we believe the “official” unemployment numbers, or that the Affordable Healthcare Act has made healthcare affordable?…the only certainly with government data these days is that it is certainly gamed to the point of disbelief?

Todays READERS POLL question is: Do you feel that Congressmen Larry Bucshon is insulting his constituents by holding his Town Hall meeting late Friday evening?

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  1. I wouldn’t call what Dr. Bucshon is holding as a town hall meeting, but it will be a forum for loud protesters and not a venue for a real dialogue.

    • what are you saying? youre saying the voters are not allowed to have discussion time with their congressman? if you want to ask them to do it constructively, then ok disaffected. but you seem to be saying dismiss the meetings entirely, and that’s bull—-. bucshon has a job, and he should be required to do the damn job

      • Is there a law saying that he must hold town hall meetings? Is there a legal format? I am sorry that some will not be able to disrupt the meeting, but it works out best for all serious concerns to be heard.

        • this argument because its not illegal, its ok to do it. what the hell?
          if our congressmen decided that they weren’t gonna run again, so they would just take off to the beach for the rest of their term, thats not illegal either.
          the congressman has a job. i do my job even when i dont like it. bucshon should do his job too. you gotta be on welfare ind. youre being slimy saying its not illegal

        • Is there a real reason it should be illegal to take questions in writing?

          Thee point is that holding town hall meeting is not his job but a gratuitous service he offers. He is under no obligation to people who want to be loud and proud.

          Sorry, but you have no Constitutional right to be loud and unruly.

          • since when? i’m all for advocating a reasonable question/answer period, and i don’t want protests instead of questions either
            let the damn voters have a microphone to ask questions in an orderly manner. i don’t give a damn if you don’t like it indi.

            man, you are disgusting anymore ind.

          • What IndianaEnoch is saying is that he can be loud and unruly when someone he doesn’t like is in charge.

            But when it’s someone he voted for you’re supposed to be like him, down on his knees kissing a**.

            I’m happy to know the founding fathers would backhand someone like IndianaEnoch. I’m sure he’ll respond, he’s a troll with nothing to do.

          • Says Becker4Hillary who is so childish that he thinks it is somehow intelligent to play off my name.

            To bad, but your playground antics will be limited to forums rather than townhall meetings.

      • How did you derive from my post that I wish to dismiss the meetings entirely? Oh, yes, you must change the narrative to fit your agenda, right? Actually, where is it in his job description does it say he must have meetings with his constituents? Read up on the Constitution to find out what he MUST do. Your straw dog BS doesn’t work too well, Banana. Try intellectual honesty next time.

        • this is simple. the guy is refusing to do his job. you can sugar coat that all you want disaffected. “oh i dont wanna talk to the little people!” you can try to give him room to excuse not doing his job. it makes you look totally slimy

    • Civil discourse takes place inside a meeting. Loud protesting should be banished to the outside. That is something no adult should have to be informed about.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Does your presiding officer have a gavel?

      Say: “Sir/Madame, you are not recognized by the chair to speak. Sit down and be quiet.”


      Bang it and say, “Sir/Madame, you are out of order. Sit down and be quiet or be removed from the room. You do not have the floor.”

  2. I feel Congressman Bouchon is going to have a town hall meeting that it needs to be a town hall meeting when you can ask you a question and get a reply not on a card submitted earlier.

    • That would be the prefered way but townhall meeting are now excuses to shout and threaten the politician that has them. They protesters show up to disrupt and make sure only they are heard. It has no resemblance to civil discourse. As I understand it the congressman or whatever politician is supposed to show up for this theater or he is being unresponsive to his constituency. If violence breaks out that is his fault also. I hope this clears up why some politicians may be reluctant to have public forums.

      • StoneD, spot on. The “Resist” Occupy Wall Street type liberal kooks use these meeting to yell and intimidate. Useful idiots like C&P’s Jon Webb write articles that not having town halls by congressmen is basically dereliction of their duty, to pressure for these meetings where the nut jobs yell and scream. It all goes back to and other socialist organizations:
        “Activists have organized dozens of rallies targeting members of Congress at town hall meetings and other appearances, building on a wave of protests over the last month.

        People can find events near them by checking the Resistance Recess site, a project of the progressive advocacy group The site calls on Americans to hold their representatives accountable for plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and for supporting President Donald Trump.

        The Town Hall Project site, run by Democratic-leaning volunteers, has a calendar of town halls and other public appearances beyond this week.”

    • I wonder how many Tea Baggers we have in here. It’s okay to get loud and disorderly when the black guy is in charge. But when a Saggy White Guy like them is in charge, they won’t have it. I’ll be there and I’ll be REAL loud. You Tea Baggers have it coming. Enjoy!

  3. Funny thing about these meetings; Seldom Seen Larry never complained about the shouting that occurred from the Tea Party. I recall a few meetings where the Tea Party gathered around the microphone and shouted down those asking questions. Funny how times have changed.

    • NO SHIT. indiana enoch is full of the same sh– too. somehow he is fine with voters talking to their congressmen if they are tea party members, but now, hes kicking everyone to the curb
      the popping up of the double standard is slimy and creepy

      • It’s amazing what a bunch of hypocrites the Old Rich White Party (GOP) became once their Cheeto Jesus came to power.

    • Your comment is bogus, Paulie. If memory serves, Mrs. Risk was the Tea Party candidate and there was no gathering around the microphone to shout anyone down, unlike the snowflakes at the Poseyville meeting a few weeks ago. You’re confusing the Tea Partiers with the potheads, I believe.

  4. This has to be defined as a “speech” not a town hall. If no one is in the room, the result is the same, correct? If I read correctly NO ONE will be allowed to speak. He may as well do it from his house.

  5. “IS IT TRUE that the Henderson sized town of Desert Hot Springs, CA that has faced some serious financial challenges recently, has opened a new dog park?…one can debate whether or not this was a wise decision but an interesting thing about this dog park is that it only costed $60,000 to design and install a very state of the art dog park?…if we contrast that with the million dollar plus pooch park that was proposed by the Winnecke Administration for the Roberts Stadium lot, one must ask just how golden the golden retrievers of Evansville think they are?” (CCO)

  6. the libs have without a doubt gone bat shit crazier since Maga Trump was elected President……………yet Maga Trump is 5 wins 0 losses in special elections since becoming President…………….the good Dr. has every right to run the forum as he sees fit……………….you who do not like it use your opinion at the ballot box…………..i disagree with Maga Trump on one issue………………………………………….I will not get tired of winning……………lolllllllllllll

    • Agree Al crying lib losers can’t win elections because of their boys using girls restrooms.The media constant lying about Russia.Obama not only ignoring the middle class but trying to destroy us.Black lives matters,Police is bad,on and on and on.All Sharpie your the best.

    • Thank you Professor Lido_Deck. You are of course correct in the text book sense. I bet you a lunch that “I didn’t see nothin” is used more when police ask questions about a crime than “I didn’t see anything”. Sometimes you just have to keep it real when you are writing about what happens on the street.

  7. Drove on the too narrow North Main Street shopping cart path project today. The too narrow road is open all the way north to the Lucky lady. Saw a homeless looking guy riding an old bike on the shopping cart path. First time I’ve seen a bike on the multi-million dollar shopping cart path. The weeds are growing like crazy between the shopping cart path and the too narrow road. If ever a project should be called “putting lipstick on a pig”, this is it. No telling how much money it will take to redo this fiasco so the road is made wide enough for 2 trucks to pass each other.

  8. Democrat instigators who attend the meetings for the sole purpose of disrupting them have caused this. They have done that to Bucshon in the spring at one of his meetings, and they have done the same in other meetings around the state. They don’t follow Robert’s Rules of Order. It will require several law enforcement officers to provide security and that won’t stop them yelling and shouting, and preventing Congressman Bucshon from doing his job Banana. Read the local papers. They just did an article on this very point.


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