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We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE recently “Lonely George The Tree Snail” died, and the species goes extinct?

IS IT TRUE that 8 years ago than Mayor Weinzapfel convinced a group of his political buddies in the Vanderburgh County Democrats party to defeat Mayoral candidate Rick Davis? …that the Weinzapfel and his political buddies where successful in their efforts? …the anti-Rick Davis Democrats helped elect Lloyd Winnecke Mayor of Evansville by a close margin?…the during last 8 years the Vanderburgh County Democratic party almost experienced the same fate of “Lonely George The Tree Snail”?

IS IT TRUE about two years ago Ben Shoulders helped the Vanderburgh County Democratic party from experiencing the same fate of “Lonely George The Tree Snail”?  …along came Jeff Hatfield and the Vanderburgh County Democratic party is now becoming the Democratic party that it use to be?

IS IT TRUE to no one surprise Ben Shoulders was elected President of the Vanderburgh County Commission and Jeff Hatfield was selected his Vice President?  …the law firm of Jones and Wallace were selected as the Vanderburgh County Commission attorneys?

IS IT TRUE earlier this week we predicted that Karen Ragland will be elected President of the EVSC school board?  …at Tuesday School Board meeting Karen Ragland was elected President of the EVSC school board? …it looks like the days of power politics at EVSC are over?

IS IT TRUE we are told that team Danks, Wedding, Commissioners Shoulders and Hatfield have committed to raising a bunch of money for the Democrats running for City Council in the 2019 general election? 

IS IT TRUE Its time we take a look both the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Mesker Amphitheater and see how we make them once again a major part of our social, cultural and entertainment offerings?

IS IT TRUE that our favorite “Restaurant Entrepreneur” Amy Word Smith is ready to embark in another restaurant venture on West Franklin Street area?  …we can’t wait for her to announce her new restaurant venture and attending the soft opening of her new restaurant in the near future?

IS IT TRUE that CCO poster  recently said  “strange how a person has to get permission from the city arborist to cut down a tree on private land”?. “I guess it’s just another example of the rulers having privilege over the ruled”?

IS IT TRUE that today Mayor Winnecke wii officially file for re-election at the Civic Center? …following this event he and his supporters will venture across the street for some “sarsaparilla and finger food” in celebration of his announcement?  …we expect him to have an impressive group to cheer him on?

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Assessor website shows that the park located at 400 Main St. is now owned by the Evansville City Water & Sewer Utility?  …they paid whooping $$450,000 for this property? …in a recent announcement made by the Mayor he stated that “The park property was acquired from a private owner this year by the Evansville Water & Sewer Utility as part of a land exchange with the Evansville Department of Parks and Recreation for Sunrise Park on Water Works Road. Sunrise Park, where Kids Kingdom playground is located, is adjacent to the East Side Waste Water Treatment facility on land that is needed to comply with federally mandated sewer infrastructure improvement”?  …we wonder how the 4th and Main Park increased in value by $346,000 in just 7 Years?  …we wonder what Realty Company was in charge of this sale?
IS IT TRUE that Kaitlin Moore Morley will be announcing on January 16, 2019 that she will be a Democratic candidate for the Evansville At-Large City Council seat?   …we are told that she’s extremely personable and level headed?
IS IT TRUE according to MSN that Newspaper publishing is one of only eight U.S. industries that employs less than half as many workers as it did in 2008?  …there are now just 160,739 newspaper publishers workers in the United States, compared to more than 320,000 a decade earlier?w…While people still read newspapers, many who do subscribe to the digital version, reducing the need for those who print physical copies?  … that industry workers today are making less money than industry workers in 2008?  …since that time, the industry’s average annual wages dropped 17.8%, one of the larger declines of any industry?
Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Mayor Winnecke has done such a good job that he should be unopposed for re-election?
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  1. Yesterday Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that he expects Mueller’s
    report to be “horrific.” He said “You’re already hearing people speculate Trump could do a deal and resign.”

    How’s that? Conspiring with Russia to win the election (also known as
    collusion) came out yesterday, that’s why.

    Trump has insisted “there has been no collusion!”

    That balloon? It popped.

    Trump campaign chairman Manafort admitted he sent Trump campaign
    polling data to the Russians to guide their Russian trolling efforts
    to manipulate the white nationalists in the US in social media circles
    like infowars, breitbart, facebook and such. Russia is an enemy state
    of the US. That’s illegal, and of course. These people. They are scum.

    But the cat is out of the bag, and Mueller hasn’t even issued his report.

    Trump is screwed. The White Nationalists are going back down in their
    caves. (Where the most frequent poster here at the CCO can still post
    of course, as long as the russians can feed him more propaganda to
    post, he will always post it.)

    • January 9, 2019
      Democrats Can Fund the World, but Not the Wall

      There is nothing like a government shutdown to illustrate clearly the priorities of the two opposing sides to the standoff. On one side is President Trump, keeping a campaign promise to build a wall, to keep crime, sex-trafficking, drugs, and terrorism, not to mention the unfunded burden of illegal aliens, out of America.

      On the other side are the Democrats, hell-bent on keeping 25 percent of the government closed for business rather than funding border security, a concept they wholeheartedly supported a decade ago.

      Democrats were once in favor of border security, too. Many, including Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006. This provided for, “Operational control over the entire international land and maritime borders of the United States.”

      Now, because it’s 2019 and Trump is president, Democrats are conveniently against border security. This is a common theme of Democrats, frequently for something before they are against it. Remember John Kerry and the Iraq War?…

      The United States gives about a million dollars a year in aid to Hungary, the same country that was able to fund the construction of “a second fence on the border with Serbia to keep migrants out.”

      Congress is happy to give money to countries to secure their borders, but House Democrats refuse to spend a dime for the same security measures in their own country.

      Shameful, but the shutdown is illustrating Democrat priorities, especially for Pelosi-Schumer Democrats. Let’s have the debate. Where do taxpayers want their hard-earned money to go? To foreign countries so they can secure their borders and protect their citizens? Or should some of that money stay here, providing safety and security for Americans?

      Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/01/democrats_can_fund_the_world_but_not_the_wall.html#ixzz5c8CFzjp7
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  2. Can you get a list of the EVSC employees that make over 80,000 and don’t work in a classroom. It is top heavy. More money for the teachers in the classroom. How much are we going to pay to mow a closed golf course?

  3. The “W Parke”that had been posting on this website is not Republican Chairman E Wayne Parke. Posted by Chairman E Wayne Parke

  4. Park enclave at Fourth and Main Downtown is for sale. The Evansville Redevelopment Commission will be asked at an upcoming meeting to place the land on its acquisition list, said Kelley Coures, Department of Metropolitan Development director.


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