We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”
IS IT TRUE we are told that the search for the next Chamber Of Commerce CEO has been completed?  …the list of candidates that applied for this position was extremely impressive?  …applicants for this position pulled out all stops to get the attention of the search committee?  …one candidate even had Mayor Winnecke, the Governor of the State of Indiana and a Federal officeholder to lobbied in his behalf?  …it would be great if this job went to someone locally?
IS IT TRUE some people are now speculating that former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel may announce that he is will not seek the Democrat nomination for the US House of Representative?  …several people in the political know now feel that Weinzapfel extremely late entry in the race will definitely cause a serious split in the Democratic party?
IS IT TRUE we remember that in 2009 former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel was routinely referred to as a rock star and thought to be on a path to become Governor of Indiana?…one local luminary, the late and great Larry Aitken actually said on camera that Weinzapfel should be President of the United States?…two years later after the Ford Center was shoved down the taxpayer’s throats without a referendum, a promised hotel without subsidy failed to materialize, and the McCurdy fiasco began, the attempted Homestead Tax credit grab, Weinzapfel decided not to run for re-election?
IS IT TRUE that the only announced Democratic candidate for the 8th District Congressional seat is a well respected Terre Haute attorney with a good political following throughout the 8th Congressional District?  …we have been told that Mr. Weinzapfel personally approached a supporter of Democratic Congressional candidate Willaim Tanoos and asked him to tell him to withdraw from 8th District Congressional primary race?  …Mr. Tanoos response was heck no because he in it to win it?
IS IT TRUE last year Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced that he plans to seek a third term as your mayor in the 2019 election?…that this advanced announcement gave Winnecke a long time to raise money to fend off any challengers who decide to toss their hat into the ring?…in his two campaigns for Mayor, Winnecke has proven to be able to raise over a million dollars for an office that only pays around $100,000 per year?…with the apparent popularity that Winnecke enjoys and over a million bucks in his war chest, it will be one formidable task to defeat Winnecke in a general election?…Mayor Winnecke would be well serve to avoid becoming a little dictator because real people do not like hubris?
IS IT TRUE one of the shortcomings of downtown Evansville has been and continues to be the fact that there is no grocery store even close to the residential units that are in the area?…there have been some attempts in the past by local investors like Wesselmans and the Sunshine Market that were on the edge of the downtown but couldn’t get enough traction to survive?…there was recently an attempt at a small grocery section by Stratman’s Pharmacy that was a long time downtown business that did their best to make groceries available to downtown residents?…instead of prospering Stratman’s Pharmacy made the decision to cease downtown operations leaving the downtown with no grocery and no pharmacy?…the reality is that the number of customers who are required to keep such businesses profitable just doesn’t live near the downtown?
IS IT TRUE there is another issue with the building stock in downtown Evansville that makes it difficult to make a profit in any business that competes for dollars with businesses located in new buildings in the population zones?…the age of the buildings and the primitive state of the electrical and insulation systems make the utility bills exorbitant in downtown Evansville?…when a service provider has a $1,000+ utility bill tries to compete with someone in the burbs who has a $150 bill the playing field is not level and often the difference cannot be made up for in pricing and volume?…until something is done to equalize the cost of doing business in downtown Evansville smart businesses will stay away and starry eyed downtown supporters who believe the hype with try and eventually learn the hard way about empty promises?
IS IT TRUE back in June 2017 the City Council voted to allow potbellied pigs as pets in the city limits?…we are wondering what will be allowed next since there are already homes in the city limits with cows, chickens, and at least one donkey?…we are looking forward to hearing a member of the city council bray like a donkey approve East Side Jack as a household pet?  …if City Council would spend more time on things like how to stop runaway deficit spending instead of a  “pot-bellied pigs” issue we wouldn’t be in such a financial mess?
IS IT TRUE last year officials at Henderson Methodist Hospital and Deaconess Hospital discussed issues of economic concerns? …could it be that Deaconess Hospital has a strong interest in purchasing Henderson Methodist Hospital in the very near future? …that Henderson Methodist Hospital is the largest employer in Henderson County and has a major economic impact in the region?  … we wouldn’t be surprised hear that a deal between Deaconess Hospital system and Henderson Methodist Hospital to merge both hospitals may happen later this year?
IS IT TRUE last year Deaconess Hospital-Evansville leadership signed a “Letter of Intent” with Henderson Methodist Community Hospital agreeing that both entities would cooperate in the sharing of physicians and other hospital services?  …we wonder if Deaconess Hospital-Evansville official ever considered a move to help secure a bond debt owed by Henderson’s Methodist Community Hospital to the tune of $25 to $30 million dollars?
IS IT TRUE we feel that Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding is doing a very good job? … that Sheriff Wedding has proven to be a “Good Steward Of The Public Trust”?
Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel its time that Mr. Weinzapfel announces his decision if he’s running for Congress or not?
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  1. It is time for term limits on the Mayor’s job. 2 terms should be it. Of course, this should apply to all political offices. This would alleviate the swamp in local, state and federal offices. Evansville can’t take another term of spend thrift Whiney. Tell the truth Dems. Whineyapple is not going to run because he would get his butt handed to him because of the way he took care of the city.

    • Maybe Mr. Winnecke should run for a third term which apparently demonstrates a degree of arrogance or at least his challenges understanding finance. Obviously, this should increase the respect for Russ Lloyd, Sr. who after eight years of wild-eyed spending realized that if he ran for a third term, the finger would be on him. When the Mayor finally understands that the loop hole old Russ has utilizing will close the first day of his third term, i.e. all of the city’s liabilities will have to be recorded including over due vendors invoices, advances from the water dept, post employment liabilities (Present value of Health Care for retirees) and unauthorized transfers from the Riverboat moneys to the General Fund perhaps he will final realize the actual financial landscape of the city.

      • @Meter Maid:

        You are wrong ! Mayor + Controller will be back in 2019. They will blame the poor financial statements on the 2011 computer system implementation.

  2. Mr. Weinzapfel must have read the CP’s article in Sunday’s paper where the 8th Dist is one of the five most leaning Repub in the Nation.

  3. Lets hear what the tolerant non-judgmental Hollywood liberals think of conservatives, especially in the Red states like Indiana:

    “The star-studded event was hosted by outspoken Trump critic Mark Ruffalo who emceed the program which focused on the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement, immigration issues and attacking the “ugly underbelly” of Americans who voted for Trump.

    “We’re going to set our sights to continue that work in the next year, and strengthen our bonds and commitments to each other, for long after the Trump era comes to its rightful end,” said Ruffalo. “We ain’t stopping with Trump, OK?”

    Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, whose latest attempt to criticize Trump with his Broadway show “The Terms of My Surrender” failed, said his 2018 to-do list includes the “widespread massive removal of Republicans from the House and Senate the likes of which this country has never seen.”

    Moore said removing Trump, Pence and “the whole disgusting lot of them” isn’t enough.

    “We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place,” he said adding “We must also cleanse our American soul of our white male privilege.”

    Later in the night, Amy Schumer introduced fellow comedian Wanda Sykes who spoke about the “ugly underbelly” of Trump supporters who voted him into office….

    The three-hour event was sponsored by various left-wing organizations including Planned Parenthood and and organizers of the Women’s March.

  4. Can you guys start re-posting some of the old is it true paragraphs about how corrupt and manipulative Weinzapfel was. He screwed the heads of the CVB, Gage, and a couple of commissions so bad that these non profits got sued. There was something about using Gage as a puppet entity to undermine the city council. Can we see some old posts?

  5. Oh no. Stock market is falling.

    “The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 400 points Tuesday in a second straight day of double-digit declines. The blue-chip index recently was down 371 points, or 1.4%, to 26067, after falling as much as 404 points earlier. The S&P 500 fell 1.1%, and both indexes are on track for their worst day since August.”

    • Clintons are DONE. Obama is DONE. NOT running for office anymore. My God. You are obsessed Joe. The people who post in here that talk about how you feel you have to discuss them because you are afraid of Trumps problems? They are right.


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