IS IT TRUE? January 15-16, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? January 15-16, 2011

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Memorial’s own Kyle Kuric hit the game winning shot for Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals against Marquette in a nationally televised game on ESPN2 this morning?

IS IT TRUE that we commend Vanderburgh County Clerk, Susan Kirk and her staff for doing an outstanding job in this past General election/

IS IT TRUE to hear that our newly elected Vanderburgh County Assessor, Bill Fluty, Jr. has rehired a past employee of that department? ….we know that Mr. Fluty shall give the other fired County employee an opportunity if all feasible? …..that by Mr. Fluty’s re-instatement of a past fired county employee, it will save the taxpayers time and money because of possible legal action?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayoral candidate Rick Davis is off to a block buster start. …..his meet and greet neighborhood gatherings are attracting good crowds of people? …..many of the people attending these events are faces you normally wouldn’t see at these type of functions?

IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased to hear that the St. Mary’s Mobil Dental Clinic bus is rolling again? …. that this bus provides dental help to our “less fortunate“ kids of this community? ….we want to thank St. Mary’s Community Outreach program and Dr. John Wittgen, DDS for providing this outstanding to the children of our community?

IS IT TRUE we want to thank our newly elected State Senator, Jim Tomes for his continuing to send us updated information of the political happenings in INDY? ….we hear the Senator is quickly making himself known? ….we predict we have a new political star in the making and his name is JIM TOMES?

IS IT TRUE our newest media partner, Community Observer is off to a smashing success? …..that Community Observer readership has established a traffic pattern of over 100 visitors per day in just 2 weeks?…that the Community has already passed well financed local websites like the Chamber of Commerce and GAGE in’s worldwide traffic ranking?…that the Community Observer is on the same trajectory that has made the City County Observer the third most read media website within 100 miles of Evansville?….we congratulate Community Observer master Daniel Wallace for a job well done?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer shall be announcing just another “Media Partner” agreement in the next couple of weeks? ….once the agreement is signed between both parties we predict that the City County Observer shall quickly jump to the next readership level? ….once this agreement is announced you know our loyal followers will smile and say “WOW”!

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel is trying to reach out and run the day to day operation of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau once again?…that the marketing professional that will have the job of promoting the LST as a tourist attraction will be doing a task that is the CVB’s job?…that Mayor Weinzapfel has strongly encouraged the CVB to give this new person who is paid by and reports to the LST board an office at the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau?…that the new Executive Director or even the interim Executive Director should make that decision?…that running an office costs money and that any Executive Director should be able to charge rent or deny access to an employee of an outside entity?….that shenanigans like this seem to have been causing trouble non-profit entities all over town?…that the Children’s Museum, GAGE, Wesselman Woods, and soon the ECVB will have all had three top executive directors in the space of 2 years?…that the Evansville Housing Authority recently lost its leader and may be the source of news in 2011?…that turnover like that at the top of local non-profits points squarely at board level problems?



  1. is it true that, despite the cold January weather, Rick Davis was able to attract a team of supporters to knock on doors and pass out handbills in the 3rd ward, home of Robert’s Stadium, today

  2. Is it true that there are other government executives actively meddling in the affairs of the local convention and visitors bureau, I mean other than the allegation that the mayor is doing so? And if it is true that government executives are meddling in CVB affairs, what’s the political motivation to do so?

  3. With all of our local government litigation upcoming, let me throw out a guess…

    You’re teaming up with Marsha Clark and Johnnie Cochran?

    – We’ve got Durham.
    – We’ve got the CVB and Fowler.
    – We’ve got Weaver and his political fires. (maybe just one, now?)
    – We’ve got the GAGE and Gorman.
    – Don’t we still have the EVSC suing the manufacturer over the laptops the kids broke – that the administration thought were indestructible?
    – Don’t we still have Weinzapfel suing some insurance providers?
    – Is there also a lawsuit going over that Zoo walkway that washed out?
    – etc…

    • Johnny Cochran has passed away but his services are needed here in the Ville. If the policy is sh**, you must not acquit!


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