A List Of $27 Million Dollars Of “Honorariums” That Hillary Clinton Received For Speeches Given During 2013-2015




Last Saturday the Washington Post run an article on this issue stating the following; “Clinton, for instance, described her free-trade ambitions during a 2013 appearance before an Italian banking group. Records show the group, Itaú BBA USA Securities, paid her $225,000”.

“Clinton, who was paid more than $20 million for speeches between 2013 and 2015, had said she would “look into” releasing the transcripts — but she never has indicated any plans to do so. While Clinton has attacked Trump for refusing to release his tax returns, some critics have pointed to the speeches by Clinton as evidence that she, too, has not been fully transparent with voters.“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” she said, according to an email first reported by BuzzFeed.

Over the last several weeks  a local TV station have been running an ad claiming that Hillary Clinton has received about $22 Million Dollars in “Honorariums” for speeches she given over the last several years.

The national main stream media is seemly going nuts that Hillary Clinton took three big paychecks for speeches giving to a gathering at Goldman Sachs.At $225,000 a pop.

It looks like the television ads placed in the local TV station may be accurate.  It looks like that Hillary Clinton have been extremely busy raking in millions of dollars in “Honorariums”  for speeches given since she left her post as Secretary of State.

 When asked about the“Honorariums” by the media she received for speeches he made during the last several years her responses extremely interesting.  It varies from “It’s what they offered me” to the hilarious “I happen to think we need more conversations about what’s going on in the world.”Pricey “conversations” indeed?
Attached is a list of speeches for pay that HILLARY CLINTON has given during the past several years. The Grand Total is  $21.7 Million Dollars.
Hillary Clinton Speeches 2013-2015_1

“IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming MONDAY

Todays READERS POLL question is:  Are the speeches given by Hillary Clinton over the last several years worth  $21.7 million dollars?

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  1. I’m a Bernie supporter, but don’t you say a damn thing republicans. You’re normally wall street apologists.

    • I always enjoy the underlying vicious tyranny and contempt for free speech in your replies. You will make a fine lower-level camp guard some day.

      J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
      Maximum co-coordinator
      Organizing for Idiocy
      Evansville Cell

    • Don’t you have a Trump rally to protest? BTW, you are no a defacto Hillary supporter now that Bernie sold all of his bots to her.

    • If you’re not into socialism, that means you do not believe in social security, Medicare, publically funded fire departments and police departments, the military, stop signs, anything the general populace combines it’s taxes to pay for.

      If you’re above statement comes from the heart taxpayer, then the next time you cross the Wabash River to go see a Cardinals ballgame, build your own bridge to cross because without socialism, that’s all you have left to do….

      • Always got to love when someone mistakes social programs for socialism. Socialism is an economic theory of tight authoritarian controls over the economy and means of production. It always matures into tyrannical leadership and has never once in its maturity delivered on its promise of equality and plenty for all. In fact, in its maturity it causes economic ruin or becomes communistic.

        It amazes me how many intelligent people have been seduced by the socialism siren.

      • Great you brought that up ..the amount of social security that a person earning only $20,000 during his/her entire live if invested according to the average profile, his/her annuity at age 66 would be approx. 9,000 per month instead of 900 . .oh, you are going to say that he/she would lose if in the market ..but in 1980 the Dow was 780 and now is 18,500 ..even if the Dow backup by 40% the $20,000 would still be lightyears ahead. Of course, he/she would be concerned about some career politician robbing the fund.

      • National Socialist German Workers Party ,also know as NAZI was ran by Adolph Hitler , he along with Benito Mussolini were dictators , Laura look it up on wiki or in history books
        Offhand im unsure of the jap

        • Did you read the link? I did look it up. Hitler called the NAZI party what he did because it was easier to sell to the masses than a fascist party would have been.

      • While were weren’t at war against socialism, socialism took a hard hit from capitalism during WWII How someone living in this country in this day and age can see any benefit to socialism will always be outside my ability to understand other than the want want another has worked for.

        But then it does keep one from addressing one’s default candidate earned her millions. “When Hillary talks, Wall Street listens” For a few hundred dollars a word.

    • Correction We fought Nationalist Fascism in the form of NAZI Germany and Imperilist Japan and Facist Itally. The Socialist Communist (Russians) were fighting with the allies not against us during WWII. Did you fall asleep in World History Class?

  2. I had no choice but to pay into all government programs,now I’d be a fool to not collect what is mine ,,,,too many handout programs for people that don’t want to work,,,,when you give everything to someone they have no incentive to work

    • Socialism is like alcohol, taken in moderation it is actually good for you.

      It’s only when you over indulge that it can get you in trouble.

      My pick is Kasich with a Democratic senate….

      • I agree with what you say about socialism
        I like kasich but am still going with Trump ,kasich can’t beat Hillary or Bernie

        • In the head-to-head polls Hillary beats the pants off Trump and Kasich and ties Cruz. Bernie beats Trump, Cruz, and Kasich handily.

      • Socialism is poison. Sipping it will kill your liberty and economy.

        You can’t have your pick. It will be Hillary or Trump. I hope if it is Hillary we keep republican control of the legislative branch because the judicial branch will take a sharp turn left otherwise.

        I had to remove the sore loser Kasich off my wish list.

        • My My, looks like you used your capitalistic ties to get this article printed again so you can vent pilgrim.

          Tell you what I’m going to do, since you and I go back a long way, and I know when Trump said women should be punished for having an abortion that that sealed the deal for your vote, I’m going to vote for Hillary with the sole intention of cancelling your vote.

          Remember how I used to cancel Speculators and he used to cancel mine?

          Fun stuff man….

          • Sounds like a good idea way-back.

            How did Trump say women should be punished for an abortion?

            I don’t believe Trump is pro-life and punishing women does not seal the deal for me. What sealed the deal for me was before the Indiana primaries it became obvious that he would be the nominee and that Hillary would be the democrat nominee. But then I said she would be as soon as she began running no matter how democrats voted.

          • “How did Trump say women should be punished for an abortion?”

            By moving his lips.

            Don’t ask me any questions you already know enoch.

            I don’t play the game….

          • Then don’t make statements you really don’t know the answer to because I know the left what to make it sound like he would stand a woman in front of a firing squad when he never really said.

          • Trump said women should be punished for having an abortion when he was asked by Chris Mathews on the Chris Mathews show on MSNBC. You should watch different TV stations once in a while and you might learn something new. IE.

    • Ought to be a disqualifier. Sheer influence buying. It is part of how foreign governments buy enough control to actually affect our government’s policies. Shameful.

      I’ll probably have to vote for her though, simply because except for Kasich and Bush I don’t think the Republicans have fielded anyone of presidential material. As a testament to the Republican base, neither was ever in the running.

  3. As I understand it, American politicians HAVE to spend over half their time building up funds to advertise themselves. That’s the only thing the majority of Americans take notice of. If this weren’t so, how could republicans EVER get re-elected? In some European countries, politicians are NOT ALLOWED to spend $ to get elected! They are provided with equal amounts of free advertising-primarily TV ads. Untill we take the $ out of politics, elections will still be bought & pd. for in the USA.

  4. Hillary need not spend a dime advertising her message. We all know her for what she is. When asked for a one word description of her, I think the American people had her pegged.


    Someone feels a sudden need to shoot some arrows at Clinton out of fear things are not well in the GOP Presidential race? I mean, who would the majority of the Fall, 2016 voters elect President of the United States: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?
    Who would win the most votes nationally?
    (Reposting this is a sign of insecurity. I think, insecurity about the state of the race…that is well-deserved.)

  6. Be sure to notice on the cover of tomorrow’s PARADE MAGAZINE (Sunday 4-10-16) what a whopping lie they have posted for Hillary’s annual income.

    Anyone can readily see by the chart above how much she made in 2015 just for her “speeches” alone! Talk about in the tank for the Hillary propaganda machine!

    • There is a little difference in a HS grad former Hooters girl and a Yale-educated former First Lady who has served in the Senate and as Secretary of State. Surely you could have found a closer to true insult for her than that.

  7. I wonder what the context of Hillary’s speeches were? Is it the same speech? How long is it? What does she have to say that EBay needs to hear?

    • In a free market you are free to make decisions based on a corporations choices. So I am free to be wise and not vote for Hillary. In socialism you take what’s on shelf, If there is anything on the shelf. Kind of like your choice in voting for Hillary, you were given your choice. But you keep telling your self that all the corporate money in her pockets is socialism and she might give you a doggy treat. “Sit, rollover, vote, beg. Good puppy, here’s a treat. “

  8. Third time a charm for this? March 2016 the first time, then April, and now!
    I guess times are tough on that GOP side.
    Surprise the have not went as far as what she may had done in the K-8 grades as well!

    Trumps money ties with Russia, China, and lack of tax returns makes this a non issue until he
    produces his finances!

  9. And now it’s the 4th time! I guess it’s ok to fly into Evanspatch for a hour or two and collect over a million dollars!
    Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites !!!!! Someone learned from the GOP’s, and the GOP’s cry foul!!!!!

  10. Are the speeches given by Hillary Clinton over the last several years worth $21.7 million dollars?
    The only people who can answer this question are the ones paying. A products value is decided by the buyer not the seller. Any of you people taken a high-school economics course.

    Organizations and people.

    Some of the other bigger names, they get more than me, so I am working on it. Ultimately, it’s just good ole free market “demand” for the speaker. It’s the America, the United States, the government isn’t allowed to tell us what price we are allowed to charge, right? I mean, the commies get pissed about free markets, but F- them.

    1. My fee is usually $750 for smaller organizations, but for national companies and organizations, $6500.
    2. Presidential candidate Donald Trump earned $1.5 million per speech at The Learning Annex’s ‘real estate wealth expos. Trump appeared at 17 seminars and collected that fee for each one. He gets paid a lot.
    3. Tim Geithner, former US Treasury Secretary is paid $100,000 for investment firms like Blackstone. Other times, he gets more. He was also paid $200,000 to speak at a Deutsch Bank.
    4. Former Treasury Secretaries Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke make between $200,000 and $400,000 per speaking engagement. The former chairmen of the Federal Reserve’s client list includes international audiences reportedly including Middle Eastern banks, Europoean private equity firms and Asian trade associations.
    5. George W. Bush gets $150,000, and he’s been busy making more than $15 million in speaking fees.
    6. His Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice who continues to be considered for future VP’s, and some people say they want to run for President of the United States, she gets $150,000 per speech.
    7. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, he gets $135,000.
    8. Al Gore – $100K, he gets $100,000.
    9. Sarah Palin, former VP Candidate and considered to be a potential US Presidential Candidate by many voters, political officials and US Congressmen, she gets $100,000 per speech.

    Several socialists think this should be stopped. They don’t believe in capitalism.
    But hey, I am an American, and I believe in market capitalism. The socialists don’t, but I do.

    • I’d like to add something here. People who command these speaking fees do so because they fill a room full of expensive tables. Do you think Goldman Sachs et al let just anybody in that room for free? No, people paid thousands of dollars for those tables. It’s a career move for anyone wanting to get ahead at GS et al. I have to believe what they paid offset what they made, thus making it a money making venture in its own right. That’s reason enough to pay her fee even if you don’t get any free “influence” out of it. I thought you guys loved this system….is it not ok to hold events, hire speakers and charge money for tables anymore? Is the CCO guilty of influence buying when they hold their stupid mole awards and give several to Missy Mosby?

  12. Looks like someone has “Trumptosis”!

    Trumptosis: The lack of ability to follow topic on hand. Narrow vision, as in movement with blinders on.

    Cure: Eliminate watching Fox News 24/7.

  13. Off the Trump/Hillary topic, with the RFRA likely to be addressed again, I am considering sending this recommendation to our legislators. You’re thoughtful insight into syntax or context will be greatly appreciated and respectfully and considered. But I will hike my leg on any comment originating from the primitive cerebral cortex.

    “Due to recent court rulings, you will in the near future once again be addressing the concerns of religious protections. I have a great concern that the religious liberty of many Hoosiers and our churches and businesses could be adversely affected by well intentioned ordinances which unduly burden those living by the convictions of their faith. While in no way do we want to see anyone discriminated against, we also do not want to see those of faith pitted against others living in our society, nor do we want to see faithful Hoosiers forced to violate their religious convictions or suffer severe financial and personal loss as has occurred in other states. The protection of religious liberty is as essential as the protection of all liberties granted by our state and federal constitutions. Likewise constitutional religious liberty is not a right to willfully discriminant against others on the basis of religion, race, or sexual orientation. This task as to how best serve and protect all of our Hoosier based citizens, churches, businesses, and corporations is a difficult one.

    Therefore, I would like to propose this idea for your consideration. We should not not make this issue one of religious freedom, which could be challenged on its constitutionality and pits sectors of our society against one another, but protect every sector of society equally. I believe that could be accomplished most fairly and within constitutional boundaries by exempting specific contractual services where the consumer is specify the terms of service from discrimination laws and services. Over the counter goods and services prepared before hand would not be exempt. This non-exempt service would remove the concern of lunch counter discrimination which has been expressed by those opposing any RFRA. Exempting specific contractual service however would protect Hoosiers from being forced to provided products or services which one’s or values.

    No law or ordinance is perfect, if that was the case then we would not need to consider this issue, but we can resolve issues that are fair and equitable for all parties with in our constitutional framework. “

    • So…..Your rights to freedom to express your personal religion should be guaranteed by the Constitution?

      And US Citizens should have equal protection and equal access under the law, that no one shall have the power to exclude them from equal access and equal protection, right?

      1. Does one Constitutional right supercede the other?

      2. The question is, do you believe the Law should protect a private business whose religion believes black people are immoral, and that man who owns a who owns a private restaurant or mower service should have the right to legally exclude black American citizens from his establishment, service and business, because they are black, and his religion teaches that, so that is his right in his private business?)

      3. This has been decided, right? You are allowed to exercise your freedom of religion publicly as you wish, right? What prevents you from practicing that in your life, Indiana Enoch?

      • No, freedom of religious expression is guaranteed the same as freedom of the press and should not be unduly burdened.

        1. No, but there is not constitutional right to sexual liberty enumerated in the constitution as there is religious liberty.

        2. Refer to what I said not what you want me to say. If a backer does not wants to contract bake cupcakes for a BLM matter rally, then she should not be forced to do so. However, if BLM wants to buy cupcakes over her counter, then she should not decline service.

        I specifically said that over the encounter sales would not be exempt.

        My idea removes the the religious argument and makes it a contractual argument.

        3. I specifically said “unduly burdened.” When a christian couple can be fined $135,000, be gagged b the court, banned from raising funds, and have their assists seized the week before Christmas by a city ordinance because they declined to back a wedding cake, has their constitutional freedom not been unduly burdened?

        4. Please try to read my comments rather than read into them.

        • I-E:

          You didn’t answer any of the questions Indiana Enoch. You wrote stuff, but didn’t answer.

          You created straw man scenarios for everything.
          Straw men are not US Citizens, but they do help you avoid answering the questions.

          • Becker, I am not sure you understand what a strawman is. Using an example of a baker decling service to a BLM meeting is not a strawman.

        • I gave you my answers and I am not playing that game Becker.

          You are free to your opinion, but I am not obligated to jump through your hoops.

          If you honestly believe that my idea would allow discrimination from lunch counters and that it is acceptable to destroy lives over wedding cakes, then that’s your opinion but nothing more.

          • The thing is, you asked for a discussion that centered around Constitutionality and “constitutional frameworks”

            I did exactly that. Asked plain questions related to Constitutional grounds, and asked YOU to respond in kind. (It was you that asked for this framework after all.)

            But you suddenly don’t want that, because you can’t answer legitimately on Constitutional grounds. You call that “playing a game” as though I veered away from your framework. I didn’t.

            You did I-E. You can’t answer……w/out violating someone’s Constitutional rights (as defined by the US Supreme Court defending the rights of the parties to equal access and protection in ways that do not inhibit your rights to exercise your personal and private religious rights.

            The RFRA that YOU want is unconstitutional. Period.

            I’m wrong? Show me how. WHAT YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DO….is answer the 2nd question. You make some silly claim it is a game to ask that simple constitutional question – #2. But you won’t, because you know……you can’t w/out disclosing unconstitutional grounds Indiana Enoch. It is why you won’t answer the question.

          • Becker, again, I answered that question. What you are wanting to do is create a strawman and loaded questions so you can drag this discussion to the lowest levels.

            What i am saying is that in specific contractual services where the consumer is dictating the service the provider should be exempt. Yes, that would mean one who hates blacks or hate whites could decline serving the contract but not across the counter service. Doing so takes religion and motives out of the issue.

            I said it is not perfect, but is better than ruining lives over wedding cakes. Tolerance means we tolerate people we don’t like.

        • “If a backer does not wants to contract bake cupcakes for a BLM matter rally, then she should not be forced to do so. However, if BLM wants to buy cupcakes over her counter, then she should not decline service.”

          I specifically said that over the encounter sales would not be exempt.”

          I appreciate your attempt to find a way to protect all parties, but the above seems problematic. Most bakeries have pre-baked goods that they customize ‘real-time’ to a certain extent (e.g., a pre-baked cake has a plain frosted top, and the bakers stencil or ice in a message that you specify). Also, very few lunch counters just have sandwiches and such sitting around. Most have some type of prep involved (think Subway).

          Accordingly, an activist getting a sandwich order from Subway for a group of people conducting an anti-gay demonstration being held across the street could be denied by the pro-gay sandwich artist, couldn’t they? How about a person getting a customized message on an already baked cake which the baker finds disagreeable on ‘religious or moral grounds’?

          • This is not a BLM issue. Weak attempt, and an attempt to distract by I-E.


            “Do you believe the Law should protect a private business whose religion believes black people are immoral, and that a man who owns a who owns a private restaurant or mower service should have the right to legally exclude black American citizens from his establishment, service and business, because they are black, and his religion teaches that, is that his right in his private business?”

          • When they customize real time then it is a verbal contrct with the consuner dictsting the terms. Therefore, the baker should have the right to decline. Thwy certainly should not lose hone and business.

  14. And WHO the HELL is HUMA ABEDIN – Clinton LESBIAN SCANDAL or AL QAEDA Insider?

    Bill Clinton aides used tax dollars to subsidize foundation, private email support

    • If this had been Donald Trump who keeled over at the podium the media in the audience would have plastered it all over the world within half an hour! But Queen Hillary gets the royal treatment…..no cameras…..nothing to see here……move along…..move along.

  15. Influence Peddling is the best description of how Hillary was able to command so much money for 20 minute speeches. She didn’t invent it and she’s not the only one doing it but she is the only influence peddler running for president.

    Trump actually wrote her a few checks in her New York days to enjoy the benefits of her influence peddling. I wonder what he got for it.

    • She HAD to be at his 3rd wedding because of his $100,000 dollar donation to the Foundation according to Trump.

      I have a sneaking feeling after this wissbang gets married a few more times he’s going to be broke operating like that.

      But anyway what she did by showing up at his wedding is a felony and everyone of the Right Wingers believe she should be hung by the neck until dead because of it , (Except Trey Gowdy.) Brother Trey you see has actually become a very unlikely admirer.

      Evidently Goldman Sachs didn’t get much more out of her influence peddling than Mop Head did because;


      But she is still guilty by association.

      Just like we all are by being on this same forum with JoeyBiden and Pressanykey.

      Which definitely makes me feel like I’ve committed a felony and getting away with it….

      • Then she is a master swindler. She peddled all of that influence and delivered nothing. Wish I could do that and keep a couple hundred suckers writing 6 figure checks for hearing the sound of my voice. No one has ever accused Hillary of being a fool. She has those Wall Street fat cats paying dues for nothing but vapor in return. She is a better entertainer than Trump. I gotta get me a North Korean dictators suit and hit the paid speaker trail. Hillary is my new idol.

        • I give probably more than I can afford in every election season to different candidates around the country and all I ask in return is for them to work together with the other side to advance the common good.

          I’m sure there are people capable of giving way more than I do who want the same as I do and there are people who want influence only.

          I just wish instead of all of these accusations, someone somewhere would finally nail down a criminal finding on her so Tim Kaine can be president.

          I like him better.

          But F______________________________K Trump!…..

          • I would not at all be surprised if he became president before 2020, but he or Hillary would be better than the scumbags on the GOP ticket.

          • Tim Kaine has been screaming bloody murder that Congress needs to authorize a new resolution for Obama to declare war on ISIS.

            I really like that. It’s starting to ease back into following the Constitution….

  16. UH-OH……Pressanykey:
    “Dump Trump Underway in all GOP Congressional Races Now”:

    GOP candidates are officially beginning the “dump Trump” position in the Campaigns. Examples from GOP Campaigns starting today:

    GOP McCain: “My opponent, Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, is a good person. But if Hillary Clinton is elected president, Arizona will need a senator who will act as a check — not a rubber stamp — for the White House.” McCain is pulling from a playbook Republicans used two decades ago to ditch the Republican presidential nominee.

    GOP Paul Ryan: Before McCain, the highest-profile Republican to deliver that message was House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who said, “We have to protect our majority in Congress, if when President Hillary Clinton becomes the next President.”

    GOP Rubio – same thing, “I feel deeply if when Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States, we need a Senate that has people willing to check and balance that.”

  17. The question that is most likely to do in a “republican” congressman is: “Do you support the Republican nominee for President?” If their answer is in the negative, then yes, they may very well lose their seat. Something they had better think about before the millions of Donald Trump voters cast their ballots.

    • BTW, I have been in contact with Todd Young’s office and Todd Young supports the Republican nominee for President.

      • ….Trump is losing this. The walls are falling in on him……evidenced by primary winning GOP Congressmen ALREADY acknowledging the Clinton Presidency.

        If Trump were gonna win………NO WAY they would do that.

        He looks like a loser. He’s weak. He looks bad in front of his people. He’s down in the polls.
        He’s losing Press.

  18. Maybe this sums it up ..

    view with images

    Biblestudytools.com Logo JOIN US FOLLOW US

    Friday, September 2, 2016

    Proverb of the Day – NIV

    September 2
    Proverbs 10:9
    9 Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.

  19. Editor’s Note:

    This article will finally be replaced by showing Mop Head Trump’s tax returns starting November 9, 2016.

    So enjoy while you can pilgrims….

    • I don’t think you’ll see CCO being fair in coverage of this election. I wish it would publish some of the dirt on Trump, but that doesn’t appear to be a part of the agenda.

    • Will not be holding my breath on those tax returns!
      Likely been deleted, and the “scum bag” from wiki leak
      refuses to look for them! GOP loves this scum bag!
      Our military does not! No wonder he is in hiding!

    • What she did with the the servers and her phones is bad enough, and that alone should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but no one is taking their eye off of the the REASON why she had to wipe them clean: she was up to her ass in pay-to-play deals with donors to the Clinton Foundation. If that were not the case, then there would not have been any need to wipe the servers and the phones.

    • That release today makes her look below that line of not smart enough for Alabama public schools in the Forrest Gump movie. She is estimated to have an IQ of about 140 so she should be nominated for an Oscar. She feigned stupidity well enough to convince the FBI that she should have a seat on the short bus. It takes talent for a borderline genius to act that flipping stupid and be convincing. I wonder which personality is running for president, Smart Hillary or Slingblade Hillary.

      • Multiple personalities? Now you must be referring to Donald Trump the biggest flip flopper in this race. First he loves the guys South of the Boarder and then next day he wants to round them all up and ship them all back home. You never can tell what Trumps going to say next. He’s dangerous … very very dangerous.

        • Reckon the White House kitchen better know how to make biscuits and French fried putaters if Slingblade Hillary shows up to work. Maybe even keep some a dat potted meat on hand for midnight snacks.

          You never know what Trump may say, but you always know everything Hillary says has a lie or two embedded in it, unless of course she can remember her middle name for some reason.

          I don’t think either of them is all that dangerous if the balance of powers isn’t abolished. I will be living the same life in 2018 no matter which one of these two Sybils gets elected.

    • …….Ribs or chicken? Hey hon…..what time does everyone come over?
      Do you have the picnic table cloth?
      Ice down the cooler…..pat hamburgers……Hmmmm.

        • I wonder how many she is going to take to prison with her. I guess Colin Powell had better pack his bags, after all, he made her install the private servers and phones.

  20. He vowed to prosecute and imprision her. The entertainment value of a Clinton show trial is enough to carry the election.

  21. Ah yes, the sweet smell of nostalgia.

    Seeing names like English Bob and Comrade Hugo again reminds me of the good ole days when men were men and sheep were nervous.

    Great article CCO.

    Obviously the one you’ve built your business around.

    Now I think I’ll eat me a Trump steak….

  22. Last night, Hillary should have said;

    What in the world is going on with your nose during these debates Goldilocks? Please stop the debate so this psycho can blow his snoot.



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