We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”

IS IT TRUE the that Congressman Dr. Larry Buschon and his primary opponent Dr. Richard Moss have philosophical differences? …both gentlemen are accomplished surgeons, good family men, good citizens, have a deep love for their county? …the 8th District voters  want to know how they feel about: the design and construction costs of the “Wall”, their position on the “Dreamers” issue, their stance on taxes, civil and equal rights legislation, North Korea dilemma, military spending, balance budgets, inflation challenges, public health issues, fair trade, global warming, creative and affordable ways to improve education in America, and pending legislation that affects our quality of life?  …we look forward to Congressman Buschon and his opponent Jasper surgeon, Dr. Richard Moss having civil and respectful debates in the very near future about where they want to take America during the next 2 years?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville’s Vectren Corporation has let it be known that they are taking actions that are intended for selling the company?…Vectren is a highly profitable legislated monopoly, it should make some new owner a healthy cash cow?…Vectren has surely been good to its shareholders and employees?…thee could be a silver lining in this possible acquisition if Vectren is absorbed into a much larger company that has lower prices for electricity?…the perfect way for a new owner to create a bunch of goodwill would be to reduce Vectren’s rates to the national average?

IS IT TRUE if our elected officials don’t make additional increases to the Evansville Police Departments budgets we may have to depend on the “Penguin” to help protect us?

IS IT TRUE a CCO poster named DarkLight posted the following comment we feel worth reposting?  …Darklight said:  “The city needs to get serious about reducing expenses with creative solutions. Eliminating the Homestead Tax credit and increasing the County Option Income Tax is a simplistic solution to rising costs. How about reducing the expenses”?  …he also said: “The city’s health insurance plan should align with comparable plans in the public and private sector where Cadillac plans were phased out long ago. Deductibles and co-pays need to balance the excessive health care subsidy that has grown without check”?  …can you believe that he also stated that  “Pass an incremental cost increase on to city employees rather than incremental tax increases to the average taxpayer who has no say on decreasing the exponential costs in city government. Finally, eliminate health insurance coverage for part-time employees, i.e., city council, et. al”  …we think this post makes a heck of a lot of sense?

IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville and all around the Tri-State have been basking in a most welcome days of warmth and sunshine in what has otherwise been a cold and dismal winter?…with the temperature north of 70 and the sun out we can only hope the worst is behind us and that the damage done by freezing and thawing to our already abysmal roads and water pipes?…aside from a wonderful spring day in February the realities are that our obsolete water pipes have broken as they do in winter creating pot holes and subterranean voids that will eventually result in sinkholes?…in spite of this being known for decades the borrowing to spend on silliness is stil rampant?…we expect there will be another round of freezing and it’s accompanying round of road and water pipe damage?

IS IT TRUE on Presidents Day the George Washington birthday question always comes up? …the question is “Who was the greatest President?”  …CCO reader Bill Hazelip states that question itself is incorrect?  …Mr. Hazelip claims that the correct question should be, “who was the greatest President after George Washington?” …because, without Washington, you would have no question?  …we thank loyal CCO reader Bill Hazelip for sending us this comment?

IS IT TRUE that one of our conservative readers claim that that corporate tax abatements are issued at the expense of the City of Evansville General Fund?

IS IT TRUE we been told that Vanderburgh County Commissioner Bruce Ungethiem political opponents are claiming that he is a tax and spend liberal? …  if the tax and spend label sticks it may prove to be a career ender for the once darling of local conservative politics?

IS IT TRUE that the former City Council Finance Chairmen John Friend, CPA publicly stated that the Winnecke Administration was over spending about $1 million dollars per month?  … we wonder if this situation still exists today?

IS IT TRUE that the former City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn once declared that “the city financial deficit is much bigger, and expenses are much higher than we thought”?  …we wonder if this situation still exists today?

IS IT TRUE that the past weekend was aghast at the indictments brought by a federal grand jury against 13 Russian citizens who came to the United States to disrupt the election of 2016?…these Russian buffoons took to social media to spread confusion and chaos in our nation and there are some who think they were successful in “stealing” the White House for Donald Trump leaving Hillary Clinton to pout and walk in the woods?…these sophisticated and high rolling Russians must have really targeted the purple states because the indictments sates that they spent a whopping $300 on chaos driving Facebook ads in Pennsylvania, $820 in Michigan, and an earth shaking $1,800 in Wisconsin?…these three states put Trump over the top and there are literally some delusional Americans who think that $2,920 tipped the scales for Trump?… For perspective, the total these clever Ruskies spent on Facebook ads was less than $100,000 while the Clinton and Trump campaigns spent a total of $81 million on Facebook ads?…you can’t make this kind of nonsense up?

IS IT TRUE that what these Russians were actually indicted for was a) being a foreign national and trying to influence American elections, b) they failed to register as required of disruptive foreigners under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and c) they did not report their funding sources to the Federal Election Commission?…that is all they are charged with?…there is someone else who has admitted to doing all three of those things and he is not under indictment?…that Christopher Steele who compiled the Trump dossier for Fusion GPS is a foreign national who was paid by the DNC, the FBI, and the Clinton campaign through the firm of PerkinesCoie failed to register or disclose his funding too?…his objective just as the 13 Russians was to tamper with the minds of Americans in a way that would impact their decisions on voting?…this is the same thing that the Russians are going to trial for?…there is also the inconvenient truth that many Americans intentional aided and abetted Mr. Steele in addition to paying him to write a partially fabricated dossier on foreign soil to disrupt our election?…we hope to see justice served equally on this foreign collusion matter?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is:  Do you feel that voters of the 8th Congressional District want Congressman Lary Buschon and his opponent Dr. Richard Moss to have civil and respectful debates about the issues that affect us?

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  1. President Trump took an oath to “de­fend the Con­sti­tu­tion and laws of the United States against all en­e­mies, for­eign and do­mesmeric.”

    But when President Trump’s own na­tional se­cu­rity ad­viser stated that “the ev­i­dence is now in­con­tro­vert­ible” that Rus­sia worked to un­der­mine our most ba­sic con­sti­tu­tional pro­cesses dur­ing the past elec­tion, Mr. Trump slapped him down with a ten­den­tious tweet.

    He has re­peat­edly cho­sen to take the word of Vladimir Putin, the au­to-cratic ruler of Rus­sia and a for­mer KGB agent, over the judg­ment of the en­tire U.S. in­tel­li­gence com­mu­nity.”

    • So did you become a “real Republican” because of the Russians and switch your vote from Hillary to Trump? Do you know anyone who did?

      • I notice you are trying to change the subject with the guy, Dann.

        Trump is in a bad spot. Russia is an enemy of the United States. Period. And even General McMaster is fighting against (his own President for God’s sake) to remind him of that. They want to destroy our freedom loving, strong Country.

        But that bad spot Trump is in? He CAN’T punish Russia for trying to hijack the US electoral process – something now blatantly obvious to the world….because Trump knows it makes him personally vulnerable to the charge that his election win was tainted.

        Look. He’s President. The election is over.

        But he “doesn’t want to look bad”, whine, whine, whine. And Trump is choosing his personal optics over his duty to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the United States of America.”

        He’s an insecure stiff. (And every damn REAL Republican in the United States – of which McMaster is one of them – THEY KNOW – they know Russia is an evil empire.)

  2. Three points today: CCO would be wise not to get too giddy about the Russian invlovement in the 2016 election. It has yet to be determined who knew what and when they knew it, in regard to the ‘administration”. They are concerned, obvious to any casual observer, and so should the GOP. Weekly it seems folks are being indicted by Mueller and making deals. Our concern should be, if the Trump clan is guilty and impeachable offenses are found, whether the GOP controlled Congress will act properly. This voter has his doubts.

    Secondly, these intense weather swings and the increased intensity and frequency of storms in recent times seemto point toward a changing climate. It doesnt matter if you or I win the arguement as to why, we all are living it.

    Finally, the NRS with all its politcal clout, seems to turn a deaf ear in finding solutions to the horrible school shootings. They of all groups should be up front leading the charge against crazed shooters killing our kids and educators. They stand to benefit most of all by taking the lead in finding solutions to the mental health aspects of this debate. they must step up, or deemd to be complicit.

    • I read somewhere that the threshold for impeachment is “high crimes and misdemeanors”. What qualifies as a “high” crime?

    • Great IIT again today. ‘Pass an incremental cost increase on to city employees rather than incremental tax increases to the average taxpayer who has no say on decreasing the exponential costs in city government.”
      I would add: plus a decrease in city council members salary for every .1% increase in spending.

  3. Kudos to the CCO for another spot on editorial about the microscopic Russian meddling in the election. The Russians also organized post-election anti-Trump rallies that were attended by the likes of Michael Moore. Much to do about nothing there, but the actual collusion between Obama, the DNC, Fusion GPS with bogus info from Russian agents, false basis for FISA warrants, Susan Rice, FBI/Commey, Hillary and Uranium One is treasonous.

  4. Lets look to see what a Democratically controlled state is doing with their public education system. How could this social engineering possibly cause any problems?
    “Children as young as 5 would be permitted to choose their own race and gender-identity —without approval from their parents — under a controversial new policy proposed in Delaware.

    Drafted by the state Department of Education, “Regulation 225 Prohibition of Discrimination” would require schools to provide access to facilities (bathrooms, locker rooms, sex education classes) and activities (team sports like wrestling and football) that are consistent with a student’s gender identity — regardless of the child’s sex at birth or age, even if their parents object. Under the proposal, students could also choose their own race.”

    “All students enrolled in a Delaware public school may self-identify gender or race,” the proposed regulation states.

  5. I’m not a big fan of Moss, but if what was reported about Buschon’s actions are true, he needs to go.
    Buschon is entrenched but this might be the lever that gets,a Dem elected.

    • You may be right OMM. Paul Ryan and the swamp Republicans will give him no help. In fact they may work against him. There is precedent. On the other hand, if enough like Moss are elected Paul “amnesty” Ryan won’t be Speaker Of The House.

      • if buschon gets defeated by a formulaic, cliche pretend-i’m-a-redneck trumpster like moss, the speaker won’t be ryan, it’ll be pelosi.

  6. Say what? Russians were on internet supporting Bernie against Hillary? Is it true Hillary never told voters or the FBI because the Demo primary was rigged in her favor? Is it true Hillary needed a nominal non-electable opponent like Bernie to try to make her primary win look legit? Is this whole Russian interference a complete joke??

    “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) said Wednesday that he did not know at the time that Russian trolls promoted his 2016 presidential campaign and wondered why Hillary Clinton’s team did not do more to tell voters about the extent of Russia’s election interference.

    In addition to their well-known efforts to boost Donald Trump, Russian trolls supported Sanders’ presidential primary campaign, when he mounted a surprisingly strong but ultimately unsuccessful challenge to Clinton, according to special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment from last week.

    Mueller’s team indicted 13 Russian nationals and three companies for interfering in U.S. elections from 2014 to 2016.”

  7. Fox News/Sky News Today:
    “It also wasn’t clear what Mr. Trump was suggesting the Obama administration didn’t do about Russian election meddling. Less than a month before he left office, then-President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia related to its work in 2016.
    Then the State Department expelled what it described as 35 Russian intelligence operatives from the U.S.
    Then the Obama administration imposed asset freezes and travel bans on Russian officials.

    Trump Strikes Back:
    As that was happening, members of the incoming Trump administration were working to undermine the impact of those sanctions, according to court documents.

    Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Mike Flynn, pleaded guilty in December to lying to the FBI about a series of calls he made with Russia’s then-ambassador to the U.S., including discussion of sanctions. Mr. Flynn is now cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller’s probe.

    Then, last year, the United States Congress, refusing to cower to President Trump who tried to stop the bill, voted to further punish Russia for its meddling, by memorializing in law the Obama administration’s sanctions and requiring the Trump administration to list oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government. At the end of January, the Treasury Department published a list, but in a break from what Congress required, it didn’t impose sanctions on individuals doing business with Russian military or intelligence bodies.”

    • Mueller says NO collusion from anyone in U.S. You and Fox News (Sky News are Never Trumpers so we can discount them) say there was. tough call who to believe.
      But it’s an easy call to know Hillary, Barack H Obama, AFLCIO, hollywood, and most dem leaders are the best friends communist Russia has ever had in the United States.


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