We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”

IS IT TRUE the segment held at the end of City Council that allows public comment is dubbed as the unreasonable “3 Minute Governmental Censorship” rule?  …we were hoping that the newly elected President of City Council Jim Brinkmeyer will change this unacceptable public comment policy created by past Council President Missy Mosby but it’s obvious that won’t happen?  …we bee told that the “3 Minutes of Governmental Censorship” policy will be a  campaign issue during the next city election?  …censorship should never be accepted by the media or the taxpayers alike?

IS IT TRUE that it’s obvious that 5th Ward City Councilman Justin Elpers read the above comment posted in a recent IS IT TRUE in the City-County Observer?  …we are extremely pleased to learn that Mr. Elpers will try to strike down the “3-Minutes Of Governmental Censorship” rule?  …the “3-Minutes Of  Governmental Censorship” rule was strictly enforced by the Council President on citizens of this community when they happened to speak over three (3) minutes at City Council meetings during the last several years?  …we highly recommend that members of the Evansville City Council go to a local movie theater and watch “THE POST” and they will get the first-hand insight on how important “Freedom of Speech” is to our democracy?  …that members of the Evansville City Council will have a final vote on this “Freedom of Speech” and the “Governmental Censorship” issue on this February, 26th, 2018?  …we urge members of the free press and citizens of this community join Councilman Elpers attempt to strike down the unreasonable “3-Minutes Of Governmental Censorship” rule that is presently being enforced at the Evansville City Council meetings?  …we believe that putting an unreasonable time limit rule on free speech should never be allowed by any freedom loving society?

IS IT TRUE that a recent study was just published that used real statistics to determine the safest cities in Indiana?…Evansville was ranked as the 54th safest city in Indiana out of a total of 58 that were ranked?…yes you read that right, only four cities in Indiana are more violent than Evansville out of 58 cities large enough to be called cities?

IS IT TRUE this is an abysmal ranking that was obviously earned with official murders, rapes, assaults, and other less violent crimes?…only Clarksville, South Bend, Elkhart, and Indianapolis are ranked lower than Evansville for public safety from less violent crime?…Gary, Indiana of all places is ranked higher than Evansville at #51?…Gary has qualified worse than Chicago for many decades and now good old country River City has fallen below Gary in safety? ..there needs to be some serious accountability across the board for this dramatic fall from grace into the league of violence? …we are sure that all of the borrowings to build trivial fun and games projects will cure all of these problems?

IS IT TRUE are glad that our County officials are finally starting to plan to build an addition to the county jail so we can lock the lawlessness thugs up instead of letting them go back on the street to committed additional crimes?

IS IT TRUE it’s obvious that the City of Evansville needs to start investing more money on the EPD so they can put more boots on the ground and improve their crime-fighting equipment?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Thunderbolt’s hockey team is ranked 8th out of 10 teams in attendance SPHL? …here is the link to look it up for yourself?  http://www.hockeydb.com/nhl-attendance/att_graph_season.php?lid=SPHL2005&sid=2018

IS IT TRUE that “Indivisible Evansville” named Karen Reising as its interim president? …that former“Indivisible Evansville” president Edie Hardcastle left the president position to run for an Indiana State Senate seat?  …both ladies are extremely intelligent and talented and we wish them well?

IS IT TRUE that 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon purchased a condo in Washington, DC right after his election to Congress in 2010?   …in 2016 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon announced that his wife and young daughter will move to Washington D.C. to live with him? …his primary opponent charges that several years ago Dr. Bucson sold his plush Warrick County family home and has leased a small condo in the Evansville area to live in when he visits his Congressional District from time to time?  …his political challenger also alleged that Congressmen Bucshon purchased an expensive home in Washinton DC  for him and his family?  …Dr. Bucshon’s wife (an anesthesiologist) now practice medicine in Washington, D C. and his daughter attends school there?  …that Dr. Bucshon primary opponent, Dr. Richard Moss charges that this move is similar to that of former Indiana United States Senatorial candidates Evan Bayh?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing when former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel decided not to enter the democratic party primary race for 8th District Congressmen seat that the only officially announced candidate for this seat Wiliam Tanoos political war chest is beginning to grow by leaps and bounds?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that the Evansville City Council should resend the unreasonable “3-Minute Governmental Censorship” rule created by former City Council President Missy Mosby?

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  1. 2,473 attendees per hockey game now huh? That’s gotta be a losing proposition for both the team and the arena. I wonder how many of those are paying for their tickets?

  2. Any updates on the City’s collection of the McCurdy $750,000 water bill? In the mean time, the cost of legal immigration :

    A new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reveals that annually, foreign refugees are being given about $867 million in welfare benefits that U.S. taxpayers pay for. Every year, taxpayers are billed about $1.8 billion for the full cost of resettling foreign refugees, and after five years, American taxpayers will have spent about $8.8 billion on resettling foreign refugees….

    In his first 11 months, Trump admitted 28,875 foreign refugees to the U.S., a vast difference from the whopping 93,668 foreign refugees admitted in the same time period under Obama.


  3. You should look at what Sheriff Wedding said about adding on to the jail. I like his attitude more than yours.

  4. “Absentee Congressional Representatives” have aided creation of the Washington swamp by distancing Representatives from their constituents. Unfortunately, Senators and Congressional Representatives residing in Washington with their families has become the rule rather than the exception.
    What to do? I think John Hostettler (and Brad Ellsworth?) managed to serve in Washington while their families remained here so it can be done. Term limits would definitely help.

  5. Trump owns the property. How much do you think it costs for him to use his property or his golf course. Now let’s compare a FL trip on weekends to the 2 week Hawaii vacations Obama took. That and how many of these 2 week vacations to Hawaii or other spots in the world the Obama’s took yearly. Don’t remember the media being pissed about that. Also, nobody seemed to care when George W spent his vacations at his Crawford Ranch.

    • As usual, TBL displays their skills at being right-wing trumpsuckers on the local level.

      Every “point” you make is absolute and utter BS. You are trying to make it appear that trump is donating the property to America while he is there, and that is absolutely a lie! trump not only charges the government every fee he can, money which goes into his lardass pocket as he steals and cheats America(and violating the emoluments clause in more ways than can be counted), President Obama only visited Hawaii for official vacations. Last time I checked, the President is allowed to take a vacation each year.

      That is not what Cheeto Hitler is doing, and sycophants and hypocrites like you are just trying to use BS to make out like what drumpf is doing is comparable to what President Obama did. I suggest you see a surgeon for the rectal-cranial inversion you suffer from. The Orange Idiot has spent 125 days, or a third of his first year of presidency, visiting his own commercial properties. On the one-year date in January when the United States had suffered under the Tangerine Terror, he spent another 96 days at trump golf properties. TAXPAYERS have been forced to pay for this crap, trump did not donate anything to cover the outrageous expenses that feeds back into his personal pocketbook.

      I think what really gripes people is how trump lies as easy as others breathe. During the campaign, he argued that Americans should vote for him because he would rarely leave Washington. He promised that he wouldn’t go golfing or take vacations because there was too much work to do. But right-wing numbskulls like you just ignore the truth and make more excuses for him.

      President Obama cost around $86 million for his vacation expenses over an eight-year period, but drumpf has wasted $22 million in the single first year.

      Google is still free. Maybe use it

    • fake news commie liberals on the rope………right on right on Doug……………right on……..right on……..TBL………….I have lost count of the upper fbi echelon that has been removed ….quit………transfered…………….uranium one deal………….russia dossier ………….MAGA draning the swamp………….

      • Dems dont carebabout Hillary , she,s old news. TRUMP is the one on the hot seat. Ouch. muellers making him crazy(er)


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