We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”
IS IT TRUE we are told that since former Mayor Winezapfel opted out a run for the United States 8th District Congressman it has marshaled in a new era in the Vanderburgh County Democratic party politics? …for over 6 plus years, the local Democratic party was rendered dormant because of a major party split in the party?  …when Weinzapfel and some Democrats loyal to him bolted the local Democratic party and supported Lloyd Winnecke for Mayor instead of Rick Davis caused the split?  …because of this split over the last 6 plus years, the local Democratic party was less than effective?  …Democratic party fundraising efforts were unsuccessful and the monthly lease payments were many months in arrears with no funds to bring it current?  …the local Republican party dominated every local election since the Democratic party split? ..we are told by many loyal Democratic party workers that they are extremely excited to see a new political torchbearer for the Vanderburgh County Democratic party to come forward?  …he is none other than party Chairman Scott Danks?  …Mr. Danks is extremely outspoken. aggressive, likable, trustworthy, one heck of a fundraiser and extremely partisan?  …we predict that that Sheriff Dave Wedding, County Commissioner Ben Shoulders, and State Representative Ryan Hatfield are also going to be asked to play a major role in helping Mr. Dank to rebuild the once proud and powerful Democratic party of Vanderburgh County?  ..this move is 6 years in the making?
IS IT TRUE last week “Hoosiers For Rokita” made some negative statements about Mike Braun and Luke Messer after they filed for the United States Senate seat?  … the negative statements made towards United States Senatorial candidates Mike Braum and Luke Messer was considered by many Indiana Republicans as an act of desperation by the members of the “Hoosiers For Rokita”? …we are told by credible sources that members of the “Hoosiers For Rokita” group better get ready for a direct response from Mike Braum and Luke Messer campaigns concerning the comments published about them last week?    …we are told what the “Hoosiers For Rokita” said about Mr. Braum and Mr. Messer could cause split within the State Republican party?…we consider all three Republican primary candidates for the United States Senate are equally qualified and we hope that future campaigning for this office will be focused on the issues and not negative attacks on one another?
IS IT TRUE a reality check is when socialist college students are sent to a county that closely resembles their desired political system and left to survive for a few months?  …after two days they call home and ask for money to take a plane back to the good ole USA?
IS IT TRUE that America is the only country where people check their food stamps balance on an $800 smartphone and complain about oppression?
IS IT TRUE last week Nancy Pelosi said; “We should only deport illegal aliens if they do something illegal?”  …all we can say; “what in the heck is she talking about”?
IS IT TRUE if you were the Chairman Of The Board of a multi-million dollar corporation would you consider hiring a member of the Evansville City Council to be the CEO of your organization?  If so, who would who you hire?
IS IT TRUE if you were the Chairman Of The Board of a multi-million dollar corporation

we also wonder if you would hire Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer, CEO of the Evansville Water and Sewer Department Alan Mounts, City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr, or DMD Director Kelly Coures to be the CEO of your multi-million dollar corporation?  If so,  which one would one who would you hire?

IS IT TRUE so far this year the City has quietly transferred $12.5 million dollars from the Riverboat Funds into the city employees Hospitalization account?  …the Hospitalization account is still negative by several millions of dollars?

IS IT TRUE if the Vanderburgh County Council would have heeded the advice of former County Commissioner David Mosby that we should build a larger County jail County we wouldn’t be having the jail overcrowding issues facing us now?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Democratic party Chairman Scott Danks can make the local Democratic party competitive once again?

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  1. As for Danks and the Dems. National Dem leaders are encouraging local, regional and state Dem candidates and parties to use “Trump” as their boogey man in the fall. Trump will be a poison pill to any Repub thatwaves his flag, esp if the Mueller finding come to the surface by late summer. Any bets on that timing?
    The jail. Go back and look at the Council and Commissioner meeting minutes 2005 or so. Jim Raben was the “wall” blocking a biger jail. $35 mil, thats it, no more. Dave mosby lost that pne and now we all lose. Another jail pod will be multiple times more top build. Ive nevr heard of crime going down, but maybe Raben has, thus his position. he was quite wrong and he is still on the CountyCouncil – scary.
    As for Winnecke, normally a Dem would have been elected and have to wear the burden of water and gas line replacement costs on the citizens. thats the “boogey man” Dems can use next year to win. Of course, as in the last election, timely street paving will be underway to cover all the pavement cuts by the utilities. that and a few free handout combs work well, always has. Thats all for today.

  2. Here’s a very tragic story that hits close to home where 2 are killed in Indy by a drunk illegal Mexican that tried to run away after the accident. I bet you a cold Westside fishbowl that the Courier & Press and our local TV stations make no mention whatsoever that the drunk driver was an ILLEGAL ALIEN that caused these 2 senseless deaths:
    “Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Arrested in Roadside Crash that Killed Colts Player and Uber Driver”

    “Indianapolis Colts football player Edwin Jackson, 26 years-old, and Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe, 54 years-old, were killed by an alleged drunk driving illegal alien who plowed into them early Sunday morning as the two men stood on the side of Interstate 70 in Indianapolis, according to police. Mexico native Alex Cabrera Gonsales, 37 years-old, was arrested shortly after he fled the accident on foot.”

  3. So far this year the city has quietly transferred $12,500,000 from the Riverboat Funds to the City Employees Hospitalization Account?
    Is this the same Riverboat Fund established to be used for capital improvements?

  4. Take away the employee heath insurance and have employees get coverage on their own. When people are responsible for their own health care premiums, those same folks make better choices. Increase pay to help offset some of the added expenses and remove this expenditure from the budget.

    • Collective bargaining works like this. First of all ot would have to be bargained. Wages are deferred to pay for health insurance in a group plan. That is a cost cutter versus single plans. If health care dollars were converted to wages ,add $5/hr to each wage minimum. As for folks buying their own, ha! They buy what their paycheck allows. Group plans are the way to go.

      • Mack – There is no savings to the City by paying for employees health care. The “cost cutter” you speak of doesn’t make sense. It is irrelevant what savings there may be in a group vs individual plan as the City is completely free of the expense once it is left to the individual. It is obvious to all that the insurance program now in place is non-sustainable as we are constantly in the red for the program. Increase the wages and let the employees buy plans on the exchange. The ACA/Obamacare has protections built in so no discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions can happen.

    • At least $1,000,000,000,000 taxpayer dollars have been spent on Obamacare. It has not been repealed. Why should Evansville provide insurance for anyone?

      • Its called collective bargaining and city and county workers choose to be union with a binding collective baragaing agreement (known as a contract) You entered into one when your took a mortgage on your home. C’mon. Together they bargain – alone they beg.

  5. Uh oh. We might be screwed. GOP House Districts, kept that way because of the GOP makes sure to draw the District to keep a Republican in the House? None other than Samuel Alito of the US Supreme Court said, “No. You can’t do that.”

    Here it is:

    “The US Supreme Court declined to block a ruling declaring Pennsylvania’s existing congressional map unlawfully gerrymandered, clearing the way for new districts in this year’s midterm elections that boosts Democrats Party efforts to retake the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, without comment, denied a request by state Republican lawmakers to stay a Jan. 22 ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that invalidated the district lines the GOP majority drew in 2011 after the last census. Pennsylvania’s State’s Supreme Court had found that Republicans had drawn distorted districts to maximize their party’s political power”

  6. Is that $ 12.5 Million transferred from Riverboat to Health Insurance Fund the SAME $ 12.5 Million that Tropicana paid to leave the boat and come on land ?

    If yes, when will the construction of the NEXT Riverboat start, so that we can one day convince that casino to pay the City big bucks to come on land ?

    This could be an ANNUITY for the City !!!!

  7. Someone once asked Little Russ what he would be doing if he wasn’t (at that time) Mayor of Evansville. His response was he’d be working at a big-time accounting firm making the big bucks instead of the paltry $75,000/year (at that time) as the city’s Mayor.
    No big-time accounting firm (including organized crime) would be dumb enough to hire Russ Jr.

  8. Now, this is funny, really funny. Who knew the FBI was working for Trump against Hillary, LOL;

    “In her memoir, “What Happened,” which was first released in September, Clinton faulted a range of factors for her loss–like voter ID laws, “Those Damn Emails,” the “unprecedented intervention in our election” by former FBI director James Comey, and the “audacious warfare waged from the Kremlin.””

    • What’s really funny Joe, is that picture of Hillary and her “faith adviser” sitting together. No caption needed.
      What sort of faith advice do you give a Marxist anyway, since their religion is government? Tough job.


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