We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”

IS IT TRUE the search for a new CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana has ended with the hiring of what looks like a person who may be overqualified for the Evansville market that she can do this job with her hands tied behind her back?…Tara Barney whose last position was running the entire regional economic development entity for the Quad Cities is coming to Evansville?…in her last job Ms. Barney commanded a budget of over $6 million and all of the tasks handled in this market by the Chamber, GAGE, and the Coalition combined?…she was also in a market that is double the size of greater Evansville?…Barney will be the 3rd CEO in less than 5 years not counting interim CEO decisions?…we do wish her the best, but in the past, the ” good old boy” network of Evansville has mishandled high performers and are fully capable of neutralizing this accomplished person too?  …we hope not?

IS IT TRUE the “Payday Lending” bill that recently passed the Indiana House of Representatives is projected to increases the interest rates by leaps and bounds on some of our most vulnerable residents who borrow short term loans?  …that all four (4) Republican local State Representatives voted “Yes” for this “Payday Loan” bill? ..State Representative Ryan Hatfield (D) voted “no” on this bill and we appreciate him looking out for the intents of the less fortunate of his District?

IS IT TRUE the “Payday Loan Legislation” was co-authored by State Representative Wendy McNamara (R)? …we remember when Ms. McNamara first ran for public office she promised to be a “fiscal watchdog” for the citizens of her District? …since Ms. McNamara was a co-sponsor of this Legislation” we must point out that she wasn’t being a good “fiscal watchdog” for the taxpayers of her District?

IS IT TRUE the St. Ben’s fundraising event called “An Evening At Mardi Gras” was held last week at the downtown DoubleTree ballroom.?  …this event is the primary fundraising vehicle for the PTO for the Parochial parish and school?  …this year’s event sold 360 tickets for the silent and live auction, dinner & dance and netted a little over $100,000 to help fund the needs of the nearly 400 Parochial students?  …the co-chairpersons of this event were Kate Miller and Ashley Hammer, Melanie McMinn and they put on one heck of a fundraiser?  …the City-County Observer gives five (5) cheers to the co-chairpersons of this most worthy community event?

IS IT TRUE this year’s West Franklin Street Mardi Gras parade was a huge success mainly because of the hard work and leadership of Amy Word-Smith? ..we hope that the work ethic and leadership skills she displayed working on the West Franklin Street Mardi Gras parade is an indication of what type of a City Council member she will be?

IS IT TRUE the Trolley Evansville Districts (TED) has officially arrived in Evansville? …..that Amy Word-Smith, Andrea Sinnett (FSEA), Abby Elpers (GAGE) and the many donors that helped make TED a reality and should be congratulated?  …we are still perplexed why didn’t Bob Warren and the CVB Board Of Directors support this project?  … the CVB now have a couple of new and well-qualified board members? …we expect that the new CVB Board of Directors will decide to support this much-needed tourism and destination project? …we feel that the past CVB Board Of Directors would have been better served if they would have invested in “TED” instead of spending $1,200 on a roasted pig luncheon?

IS IT TRUE are hearing that CVB wants to invest more money in Goebel Sports Complex? …before they do they need to fix the existing problems with storm drainage issues connected with the field? …this is just another multi-million dollar capital project that was done in a shoddy manner just like the ball fields scoreboard nonsense at this Sports Complex?

IS IT TRUE that enough states have legalized marijuana by now to begin to see the early effects of doing so?…the State of Colorado has several years of legal recreational use under their belt and much to the surprise of many, the streets are not filled with pot heads?…what has happened is that the price of the products have been falling like an internet stock in Y2K?…top grade cannabis that once sold for $10,000 per pound has dropped to the $2,000 per pound level and every empty warehouse in Denver has been converted into a grow facility?…this is good for the people that own the warehouses but not so good for the people who grow the buds or the cities and states who were budgeting to collect sales taxes on the $10,000 per pound product?…legalization hasn’t stopped smuggling and black market distribution channels either?…with sales taxes as high as 15% in some areas, there is an incentive for customers to go to the black market for dope?…municipalities in Colorado, Washington, and California which will be legal for all over 21 since January 1, 2018 are more enthusiastic about taxing the wakey tobacky than local politicians who borrowed money to build temples for fun and games?

IS IT TRUE that the reality is that marijuana will be legal across the country soon and all of the farmers who have been struggling to make ends meet with corn, soybeans, almonds, peppers, and alfalfa will be ready to convert to growing dope?…that will drive the price down further as it always has with agricultural commodities?…someday soon we will see the morning farm report with beans, corn, pork bellies, and dope all streaming across the TV screen?…the ones who are poised to make significant money from dope are real estate owners, water control technologists, wavelength optimized LED lighting designers, packaging suppliers, and specialized sellers of fertilizer?…those who are expecting a sustainable profitable harvest from dope alone or the taxes from it will be as disappointed as a bride abandoned at the altar?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that State Representatives McNamara,  Bacon, Washburne, and Sullivan were correct in voting “yes” on the “Pay Day Predatory Loan” bill?

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  1. The CP reported that the salary of Tara Barney was $292,000 in Quad Cities but that Kristi Gillenwater who just left Evansville was getting less than half of than. I bet you a Ski and a bag of Grippos that Barney isn’t getting $292k in Evansville.

    • hey you weedhead lib. why are you so scared of obama? every day. something else about obama he’s gone
      it is interesting though, that whatever it is that the us department of justice wondered whether they should hold on to, some kind of russian problem, before sharing it with someone before they are sworn in to office?
      it has to be a pretty damn serious offense, something the prosecutor hasnt shared with the public yet i guess. they’re not in court, they dont have to share the mud yet. doesnt look good though
      maybe thats why you posted this

      • Just when you thought California aka “Resistance State” couldn’t get any bat-ship crazier, its now “outright racist” to even mention where our justice system came from.
        “California Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom called Attorney General Jeff Sessions an “outright racist” on Monday evening for saying that sheriffs are a “critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.”

        “Reminder that our Attorney General is an outright racist who wants us all to acknowledge ‘Anglo-American heritage,’” tweeted Newsom, who is running to lead the “Resistance State.”

    • Rightfully so! The incoming Trump admin wasnt ready for prime,admittingly so because they say they didnt expect to win. But with the investigation into foreigners efforts to aid that cause…….. Is it True many WH workers have dop not have security clearance to receive our biggest secrets. Why is that? Is it True some have skeletons in the closet. Just look at the turnover in one year. Scary

  2. In reply to Pete.
    During my tenure as President of the Council, I contemplated limiting public input regarding issues, but I believed that those who elected us as their representatives should have a forum to express their grievances and concerns. There were instances where individuals as you would say, editorialized and when occurred, it was my responsibility to terminate the discussion with dignity. Your assessment is correct about the right of the public to address the common councils, i.e. the councils have the rule authority . . .but, common sense should rule the day and allow open public discussion. Limiting discussion has it’s purpose, but, in many occasions, three minutes will not be sufficient especially when council members have discussion among themselves running out the clock. Implementing a one size fits all approach may be interpreted as censorship resulting in degrees of suspicion by the public. Consequently, the councils should allow any individual to state the subject matter to be discussed and in some cases where the complexities of a particular issue, the individual should request and the chair should grant an extension of time. Apparently, the present policy seems to be too inflexible and probably will not help reduce the negative opinion of the electorate . . .

    • John,

      I agree with your post. I was unaware of the rigid nature of the governance currently in place at the Council meetings. I am a proponent of giving the chair the proper tools with which to control a meeting. That said, I would also expect the chair to exercise a flexible use of that control to allow an adequate opportunity for a taxpayer to appropriately express themselves.

  3. For all dems who absorb daily the fake news and use it to defend the indefensible, then claim there’s no such thing as fake news: this one’s for you. Of particular note is the absolute fawning and practically peeing on themselves of Matt Lauer and Katie Couric, supposed objective journalists.
    Michelle maintained Melania giving her a present upon arriving at the White House was unprecedented. Fake news promptly maligned Melania as classless. Such an irony.

    • That’s what you got? You went back and found some E-Online news to post that? That’s what you post to claim you know what you’re talking about? DESPERATE.

  4. I posted the article for those with even a small amount of reading comprehension as an example of fake news. I realized most dems either wouldn’t be able to read it, or wouldn’t understand. You prove I did know what I was talking about.

    • SO Dann.
      Let do that again. And repeat.

      SO. You decided to acknowledge that your “pitiful and childish idea” for trying to make a point WAS PITIFUL AND CHILDISH alright…so you just copped to it !!

      Laura is right. Your post is weak and proves your desperation and insecurity.

  5. “An unlicensed illegal immigrant was “grossly impaired” when he crashed into an ambulance and killed a 3-year-old boy, court papers say.

    The boy, from Wise, Va., died Monday, a day after the crash. He was with his mother in the ambulance when it was struck and rolled over in Winston-Salem, N.C. Lyndsay Ann Oakes, 27, suffered minor injuries. The boy was not identified.”


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