We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way? 
IS IT TRUE last week posted a comment concerning the National Gridiron League newest team the Indiana Firebirds of Evansville Indiana?  …since that time we received several phone calls concerning the financial status of this new National Indoor Arena Football Association?
IS IT TRUE in September of last year it was announced in several local media outlets that the National Gridiron League newest addition will be the Indiana Firebirds from Evansville, Indiana?  …it was also announced that the Indiana Firebirds of Evansville Indiana will play their indoors arena football home games at Ford Center beginning in April of 2019?  …at one of these press conferences Scott Schoenike, the Executive Director of the Ford Center said; “that he has been in conversations with several leagues during the past few years but waited for the right match.”  …that Schoenike also said; “that the city believe they have found one in the National Gridiron League”? ….that a lot of people are looking forward to watching Arena Football at the Ford Center?
IS IT TRUE  that the two (2) links posted below show detailed information about the National Gridiron League for your review?  …the links show you who is the owner and the Board Of Directors of this organization?  …it’s important to point out all 12 teams in the National Gridiron League are league owned?
IS IT TRUE posted below are two links concerning Indiana Firebirds for your review? …the links give you an overview of the 2019 playing schedule and the team’s management, coaching staff and players roaster of the “Firebirds”?
IS IT TRUE we are extremely puzzled why the Ford Center doesn’t have any dates for the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville home games listed on their 2019 events schedule posted on their official web site?
IS IT TRUE we wonder why we haven’t seen any advanced marketing effort by the Ford Center promoting the Evansville Indiana Firebirds first home game scheduled this coming April 12, 2019?
IS IT TRUE that our sources tell us that they are concerned about the overall financial stability of the National Gridiron League?  …that the opening home game of the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville is scheduled on April 12, 2019, at the Ford Center?
IS IT TRUE we are told that the expensive indoor artificial tuff, the Dash-Pads used to protect the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville Arena football team players and also used for advertising purposes, safety nets and goal posts haven’t been ordered as of last week?
IS IT TRUE our sources also tell us that the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville home and away game uniforms haven’t been ordered as of last week?
IS IT TRUE we recently tried to locate the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville business office but we weren’t successful? …we also couldn’t find the listing of their business office phone number?  …we weren’t successful in locating any information concerning the sales and marketing staff for the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville?
IS IT TRUE we have been told that the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville current employees (management and marketing and sales staff) haven’t been paid since they started working for the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville?  …we are told that many people are very concerned about how many team sponsorship and season tickets have been sold so far?
IS IT TRUE we also been told that the housing accommodations for out of town players have never been finalized?
IS IT TRUE it been alleged that the National Gridiron League signed on behalf of Indiana Firebird-Evansville a 5-year contract with the City of Evansville and the Ford Center? …if this information proves to be correct we hope that the Ford Center management and the City of Evansville officials required that the CEO of the National Gridiron League provide them with a performance bond to protect the City and the Ford Center form a breach of contract?  …by doing so, it also protects the season ticket holders, the game sponsors and advertisers from any financial losses concerning this questionable business venture?
IS IT TRUE we also hope that the officials of the City of Evansville and the Management of the Ford Center did a detailed financial vetting of the President/CEO and the investors of the National Gridiron League before they signed a five-year contract with them?
IS IT TRUE we are now told that other teams that are members of the National Gridiron League located in other cities are also experiencing similar financial and marketing problems as the Indiana Firebirds-Evansville?
IS IT TRUE we been told that several former employees of the National Gridiron League have filed lawsuits against them?  …we are told that many more lawsuits will be filed against this organization in the very near future?
IS IT TRUE we hope that this business venture doesn’t turn out to be similar to the Earthcare Energy Corp. or the Evansville Thunderbolts deals?
IS IT TRUE we hope that members of the mainstream media will immediately start to investigate this situation? …we also hope that members of the mainstream media will ask if a 5-year contract was signed by the City of Evansville officials and the Management of the Ford Center with the National Gridiron League? …we hope that the media will also ask for a copy of the performance bond between the City of Evansville, Ford Center and the National Gridiron League?  ..we expect when the mainstream media gets this information they will make this information public?
IS IT TRUE we wonder if members of the local mainstream media embrace this developing story will they give any credit to the City-County Observer for breaking it?
IS IT TRUE when the mainstream media becomes a lap dog for elected officials instead of being a watchdog the taxpayers are the one who pays the price for bad business decisions made by politicians?
Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that its time that our elected officials be held accountable for the bad business decisions they make in our behalf?
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  1. This will be a bunch of weekend warriors who still dream of high school. The Bluecats couldn’t make a profit at Roberts and these cats won’t do any better at Ford.

  2. The Firebirds seem only slightly less real than the other contrivances spun up to keep the Ford Center from going dark and starting to spin as it is called back to the mothership.


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