IS IT TRUE we hope that todays IS IT TRUE will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we as responsible citizens of this community need to address in a rational and responsible way?
IS IT TRUE that the new CEO of Deaconess Hospital claims that the new identity change of the downtown location is in line with a city-funded bicycle path being built along Virginia Street in front of Deaconess and the nearby North Main Street?  …we hoping he isn’t claiming that the new bike paths will improve the quality of health care provided at Deaconess Midtown?  …we sorry to report that the quality of health care provided at the downtown Deaconess location will not change one darn bit based on a city-funded bicycle path and a name change?  …that the $60 million Orthopaedics facility being built at the that Deaconess Gateway will?
IS IT TRUE that fun and games disease must be contagious because a chronic case of fun and games disease has been reported across the Warrick County line in Boonville?…the entire Boonville City Council has shown the first symptom of having a terminal case of fun and games disease or FUNGAM for short?…the newly infected Boonville City Council has decided to borrow $950,000 to pay $600,000 for the Quail Crossing Golf Course?

IS IT TRUE this is more borrowed money (bonded in government lingo) going to entertain people who have green fees in their pocket and the time to spend 4 hours on a game of golf?

IS IT TRUE the Quail Crossing Golf Course consists of 204 acres of land that could have been turned into a housing development or a farm at a much higher value?…204 acres of Southern Indiana crop land would bring closer to $2 Million from a prospective farmer?

IS IT TRUE if this land were parceled into 204 one acre residential lots it may bring as much as $8 Million if the lots bring a paltry $40,000 each? …its important to point out if this property is developed into residential it would increase the Warrick County property tax base by a good sum of money?

IS IT TRUE while Evansville and much of the nation is facing losses from golf courses the City of Booneville is borrowing to get into a declining business line?…we wonder if the infection is airborne or if the Boonville officials came over an shook hands and broke bread with the kings of fun and games nonsense with the Evansville and Vanderburgh County elected officials?

IS IT TRUE the plans for the Vanderburgh County Public Safety Foundation event to be held on August 23, 2017 at the steps of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum is really coming together?  …during the next several weeks you will be receiving more detailed information about this most worthily public event? …we encourage you 

 Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that it was wise for the Boonville City Council to purchase the Quail Crossing Golf Course?

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  1. All the reasonable suggestions for a better public use of the Quail Crossing property fall on deaf ears. The first thing to go when the FUNGAM fungus strikes is the ability to hear. The next thing to go is the money. Warrick can look a little west to see it in action. Doesn’t matter, nothing can stop it.

  2. While window dressing is nice for the underinsured and in-need population of Evansville I would had preferred an announcement of money spent to improve the actual clinical facilities of the aging downtown campus. There was nothing in the announcement about upgraded imaging capabilities or state of the art operative suites which are just as important for the care of the inner city population as it is for the economically well heeled of this area. Given that trauma care is exclusively handled at the “Midtown” facility it is odd that $60 to $70 million dollar sophisticated neurosurgical and orthopedic facility is being built on the more genteel Gateway campus. Its now obvious that the economically well heeled in need of elective joint replacements will go to the new specialty center in Newburgh-Gateway while gunshots, stabbings and trauma patients will continue to be shunted to the “Midtown Ghetto Hospital?”

    • You obviously don’t use the Virginia Street Deaconess facilities as you wouldn’t so blatantly characterize it as a “Ghetto Hospital”. And of course you’re not a woman or you would know more about the Women’s Hospital Campus were the babies are born on the “genteel” side of the interstate. But most likely, you are connected to the Indianapolis’s Ascension/St. Vincent’s Medical Group hospital here in Evansville. I believe St. Vincent’s (ST. Mary’s) bought and closed the real downtown hospital, Welborn, didn’t they, while Deaconess has kept and expanded it’s presence in the “ghetto”, most notably, the Clinic? And as a recipient of four “elective joint replacements”, it’s clear to me you know nothing about crippling pain. So, we know you’re entire post is bogus, don’t we? Yesss, we do.

  3. Everybody know the rep the old deaconess hospital has. Go see the shiny new hospital built by big subdivisions then take your family downtown like I have to do. Dirty floors and rude staff let you know which deaconess you’re in.


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