IS IT TRUE May 9, 2016


IS IT TRUE that former Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman Joe Harrison Jr strongly supported Donald Trump for President in the primary? …our Indy “Moles” tell us that Joe Harrison Jr is a longtime friend of former Indiana Republican Party Chairman, Rex Early, Trump’s Indiana Presidential Campaign Chairman? …we predict that Rex Early will appoint Joe Harrison Jr to head this regions “Donald Trump for President” committee?  … if appointed we expect Mr. Harrison to quickly muster an impressive group of political battle tested individuals to get the vote out for Mr. Trump in November?

IS IT TRUE Joshua Clayborn of Newburgh, Ind. was recently appointed City Attorney by the Democratic controlled Evansville City Council?  …his appointment to this position caused a political uproar within the Vanderburgh County Democratic party because he is a Republican?  … his withdrawing from the Republican National Convention as a delegate has caused Mr. Claybourn serious problems with “Republicans, Democrats” Independents that support Trump for President” throughout the entire State of Indiana?

IS IT TRUE Cheryl Musgrave handily defeated Evansville Mayor Winnecke’s political machine?  …Ms. Musgrave hasn’t spoken to Winnecke since her major victory over her two opponents in the County Commission Republican primary”?  …Musgrave, also said “she and Winnecke should bury the hatchet”?   …we agree with Mrs. Musgrave?  …its time that the Mayor accepts that Mrs. Musgrave is the Republican standard bearer in the Vanderburgh County Commissioner race and he should stop acting like sore loser and give her congratulatory call?

IS IT TRUE Kelley Coures,  the Director of the Department of Metropolitan Development is asking City Council for $1.7 million to launch the new Land Bank program for the City of Evansville?  …Coures alleges that this five-years plan will target nearly 2,000 blighted and vacant properties in Evansville?  ….the money to fund this program was a part of the $25 million advancement the city received in early rent payments from Tropicana Evansville last year?  … the Evansville Brownfields Corp., a city-managed nonprofit will be in charge of this program?  …we wonder why the City deems it necessary  to do away with the Evansville Brownfields Corp. and form a new nonprofit Corporation called The Land Bank of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE the makeup of The Land Bank of Evansville Board of Directors members shall be the same individuals that served on the Evansville Brownfields Corp?  …the Evansville Brownfields Corp Board of Director have refused to make public past audits, minutes of meetings and time and place where they meet? …the Evansville Brownfields Corp has spent many millions of dollars over the years without being held accountable by our city officials?  …we hear that a concern citizen will be filing a formal complaint against the Evansville Brownfields Corp. with the Inspectors General office in Washington and the IRS concerning the past financial activities of the Evansville Brownfield Corp?

IS IT TRUE the session held at the end of the Evansville City Council meeting that allows public comments for 3 minutes has a new name?  …the new name for the public comments session is now called “3 minutes of Censorship”?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer shall be filing a “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST” with the Evansville Housing Authority later this week?    … our FOIR request shall be aimed at obtaining information concerning the alleged mis-information of the status of a program offered by the EVANSVILLE HOUSING Authority?  …this is a developing story?

FOOTNOTE: todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you think Donal Trump will make America Great Again?

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  1. I think we’ve seen peak Winnecke. Maybe the people woke up, too late but roused nevertheless. He put everything available into beating Cheryl Musgrave last week and lost. Had his wife and chief of staff hovering over his candidate at the Haynie’s Fest a couple of weeks ago, couldn’t let him say anything unscripted. All the massive signage, much of it still up and likely responsible for many of the 9000 votes Schmitt got, and the desperate debate prep that didn’t take couldn’t get Schmitt there. The mayor even stood by his chosen one at the mall, trying to entice voters into voting that cipher into the commissioner’s spot. Probably cost him votes. Just like the 17 yr. old girl in the torn jeans who came home with her T-shirt on wrong side out, he left it all at the mall.

    Lloyd Winnecke chose and backed a candidate patently unfit for office. The people would do well to remember that the next time either of them run for anything. Just another case of Winnecke thumbing his nose at the people of Evansville and Vanderburgh county.

    • The bottom line is that all the spending for the host of projects that Mayor Winnecke is pushing is still on the table. The reason none of the previous city “long range” plans have ever been completed is because of a lack of leadership in the office of the mayor. If one of your big time donors can not be made part of a project, then the project has to be modified or scrapped.

      This practice of the city paying highly inflated prices for real estate owned by big time donors is obscene.

      • True. However, we cannot find fault with them buying us the increasingly costly Gem of Jacobsville. That building is such a pretty yellow but seems to have developed a voracious appetite for money. It’s upkeep alone will keep Local on the money hunt. Almost have to think that if it had any viable uses, some developer would have stepped forward (not that there isn’t one in the wings, waiting for the public to finance the old girl into shape for another run).

    • Winnecke’s track record. Let’s see? Oh, Jack Scheiber, the Poo was fanatical about his candidacy. What is so difficult to understand is the former Speaker of the House, Mr. Haster confined to a wheelchair will be spending time in prison for doing exactly what Mr. Scheiber confessed to in a written apology letter to his victim, who by the way was 15 years of age at the time and Hester’s misdeeds were performed years ago just like Scheiber’s misdeeds.

      • Hastert is being punished for financial crimes related to the hush money, not the molestation itself. The statute of limitations had expired for that as with Winnie’s buddy Schreiber.

        • Wow. This is perhaps an odd observation, but when you see a dodo bird, you gotta stop and acknowledge it.
          ENGLISH BOB, you answered that with a strictly legal, technical answer.
          All kinds of opportunities to slam and (probably not actually) slander, but you didn’t chase that rabbit in the woods ONE little bit.
          Restraint is not a word usually found around English Bob’s comments.
          Had to call that out….! Shout out to English Bob!!

      • I heard that Schrieber, who lied about being in Viet Nam, is such a creep that he let his wife and daughter read about the mess in the Courier.

  2. In between Schrieber and Schmitt was that commissioner candidate whose credentials included making 8,000 campaign calls for Winnecke. His health took a turn for the worse, reportedly. We’ll see if Kasha comes off the Winnecke bench to face a continuation of the firestorm for her handling of the city-county consolidation mess. She hustles real estate now. She’s on the Kiefer Team. That must be the minor league for the McClintock Team.

    • Got to watch those in the feeder system, they’ll do anything for a shot at the real money. Probably not much the Kiester Team wouldn’t do to break out of the minors.

      • I expect things will go awry for Republicans at all levels in this election cycle. A lot of Kiesters will likely get called up in the coming months, but it seems that Winnecke has a close relationship with many of the biggest ones.

    • Make no mistake. When Trump says “make America great again,” that is code for “make America white again.” He’s speaking directly to his hateful base, which won’t be enough to get him elected in November.

      • Very true.
        NPR had two segments this weekend on their “On The Media” segment that discussed the parallels the current Republican Party identity crisis has with the upheaval and identity crisis presenting The Whig Party just before the Civil War (which could not resolve internal party differences over whether anti-slavery platforms should be part of the Whig Platform or not).
        Trump represents the “grievance voter” within the Republican Party. It goes like this (and it IS essentially, Pressanykey from here at the CCO): “Things are changing in the country, my views are no longer respected, and I am mad at all immigrants, in fact, anyone who doesn’t look like me and my white family.”
        This is a recipe for future voting losses for the GOP.
        So……there is internal GOP dissension. Those who cannot change……have a temporary hold on the GOP through Trump. It won’t last…….once this election is over……two other Parties are going to emerge (one of which will still be known as the Republican Party).
        It is the Whig Party breakup…… fact, quite similar race issues too…….all over again.

        • History repeats itself when we fail to learn its lessons the first time. I just hope we’re not doomed to repeat the fascist lesson.

        • Wow! sorry I am white. This line of argument just shows pathetic their arguments are.

          THose who can not change are the RINOS and republicrats who have yet to keep the charge conservative voter entrusted to them.

          The worse thing that happens to any entity, businesses, churches, unions, or parties, is the believe that they must survive. The Republican party does not need to survive especially in its current state of being. The appearance of Trump has exposed that those who we thought were conservative leaders are just place mats for special interest.

  3. I see that Paul Ryan is trying to wiggle off the hook of chairing the GOP convention. He’s offered to step down if the Donald wants him to. If I were Ryan, I’d leave the country for the entire month of July. Chicago in 1968 is going to look tame compared to Cleveland in 2016, unless something changes soon.

    • Agree with that, LKB. ’68 was not pretty. But then neither is Trump. I am sorry to see the country has come to this.

      • We have a woman with a questionable legal past and present, and a socialist who didn’t earn a paycheck until his forties. It’s ugly all over. I’ll go with the man who has actually built something in his lifetime.

  4. Thank God I have different values then many of you , I remember a day when we would say the Pledge of Allegiance before school….A day when you could quit a good paying because you found a better one with benefits , the harder you worked the more you had,,,a divorce was practically unheard of ,,,,people in general were more friendly,,,,businesses were allowed to say Merry Christmas,,,what has happened to our values ,
    I’m voting trump

    • It seems you should have spent more time studying than saying the pledge. Nothing is stopping a business from saying merry Christmas. Stop your victim card whining and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

      • The refrain is…….EVILTAXPER: “I am tired of having to work hard and figure things out. Why can’t everything always be great? It’s the immigrants and the people who aren’t white…it’s their fault.”

        Jesus F’N Christ. Eviltaxpayer IS whining. And needs to find someone to blame cause things aren’t perfect. When it rains on your picnic day Eviltaxpayer… you also blame others for that?

        • He’s a comma tater,,,,

          Values is a word that fell some time ago in the service of political talk. It no longer means anything. If it still meant anything as of this afternoon, the bootstrapper Eviltaxpayer went on and did it in. It is a word now loaded with bad connotations and generally uttered with an unfounded arrogance.

          Many of our better words have met the same fate at the fingertips of Einsteins, sad spuds, like the comma tater. That is part of why I must sometimes make up words. ETaxer should have spent less time allegianing before class, especially English class, and more time praying. Maybe he did, in which case his petition for literacy was denied.

    • Divorces have come in awfully handy for your guy. I find people to be quite friendly. Maybe it’s you who’s less friendly.
      You need to learn the difference in “then” and “than”. Trump loves poorly educated voters!!

      • This is quite true. Some of our leading local progressives have under the cover of divorces repudiated hundreds of thousands of dollars of debts contracted by themselves and then blamed their ex-spouses for their own reckless spending. It is a kind of anticipatory communism, if you think about it. From Republicans, according to their ability…to a liberal, according to her greed!

        J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
        Maximum co-coordinator
        Organizing for Idiocy
        Evansville Cell

    • Ironic that you say you remember when “divorce was practically unheard of” and “people in general were more friendly” and then say you’re voting for a guy who embodies neither of those things.

      But the Trump voters are too worried about consistency. That’s why Trump is their candidate. He hasn’t bothered with consistency his entire life, so why should his supporters?

  5. “George Washington warned of “the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party.” To Washington political parties were a deep threat to the health of the nation for they allowed “a small but artful and enterprising minority” to “put in the place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    What is it about that statement that seems to be beyond the intellectual capacity of many who post here to understand. You are so willing to invest yourself in party, and ascribe to that party what ever ideals you may wish to ascribe.

    Try investing yourself in individuals and forget about your so called party. This Presidential race is between two individuals. I do not care about what a bunch of party hacks have to say about their candidates. I am fully able to make up my own mind about which one I believe would do the best job. If political parties were banned tomorrow, I could not care less.

    And as for your illegal immigrant comment, you can take your PC attempt at censorship and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Yes, I am pissed off at the 11 Million illegal immigrants that a certain political party helped across the border, and is attempting to register vote for their party. They can all go back home tomorrow as far as I am concerned.

    • BTW, it is a sign of low intelligence to keep filling the office of POTUS with “inside the beltway” types, and expecting a different outcome.

    • Republicans have had nothing to do with immigration? Hah! Big money republican donors are doing their part to make sure they stay here! Why? Because they’re employing them at below minimum wage!

  6. You say personal entitlement ,yea when someone tries to take what I worked my butt off away from me ,,yea it gets very personal ,,,entitlement ,I’m retired so yes I earned that too

      • Unkike welfare and ADC and food stamps, Social Security and pensions and IRA’s and 401k Plans are not entitlements. They were paid with hard earned dollars, not the taxes enslaved on the working masses.


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