IS IT TRUE  we  have just been informed that the year long SIGTARP criminal investigation concerning the City of Evansville “Blight Elimination Program” conducted by the Office Of The Special Inspector General is still ongoing?  …it looks like the City of Evansville DMD Director didn’t tell members of City Council and his media buddies the real truth about this issue? …we hope that the new owners of the Evansville Courier and Press will demand that their new employees do some serious investigative reporting on this developing story?  …if  the media will contact the Office Of The Special Inspector General For The Troubled Asset Relief Program located in Washington DC and ask for the Special Agent Investigation Division they could verify if the above statement is correct?

IS IT TRUE that yesterdays Donald Trump political gathering was a resounding success?  …we predict that Mr. Trump shall win Indiana by a big margin?  …we wonder why Mayor Winnecke and Republican party Chairman wasn’t involved in Mr. Trump visit?  …the turnout of people from all walks of life indicate they are tied of the political “BULL SHIT”?

IS IT TRUE on Tuesday former President Bill Clinton made two stops in Evansville ? …he stopped by the Central Labor Council of Southern Indiana and Penny Lane Coffeehouse? …he had an unannounced private meeting with a couple of local individuals? …some of the individuals who attended this private gathering were: former City Councilman John Friend CPA, former Sheriff and U S Congressman Brad Ellsworth, 8th District Democratic Party Chairman Tony Long, Vanderburgh County Party Chairman Rob Faulkner, and past Democratic Party Chairman Mark Owen,  Sherrianne  Standley, Democrat State Party Treasurer and Matt Neville Democratic Party employee?  …we were told that many present and past office holders were not properly notified about these meetings by Clintons staff?  …we hear that many past and present Democratic office holders were extremely  disappointed by not being invited to meet the 42nd President of the United States?

IS IT TRUE  that yesterday Courier & Press includes two separate legal notices telling taxpayers of hearings that City Council will hold at its May 9 meeting?   …both notices of additional appropriations from the General Fund was for $128,452 and the other was for $1.7 million?  … the additional appropriations request in excess of the budget for the current year?  …the legal notices state that “taxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have a right to be heard.” ?  …similar appropriations totaling millions from various city funds have already been approved this year with unanimous votes and with very little explanation.?  …doesn’t this spending in excess of the approved budget alarm anyone?  …doesn’t  any taxpayers wonder why this administration is clearly spending outside the approved budget to the tune of millions of dollars?  …more importantly why isn’t anyone on City Council concerned about the over spending habits beyond 2016 approved budget?  …we wonder why the newly appointed City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn hasn’t questioned the excessive  pending habits of the Winnecke Administration?

FOOTNOTE:  Todays “Readers Poll” questions is: Who do you endorse in the Democratic primary race for President?


  1. I like Donald Trump. He’s entertaining. The CCO appears to as well identifying with the group of folks who are “tired of the BULL SHIT.” Sometimes….you get what you want though.
    Here are GOP Nominee Donald Trump’s positions. YOU DECIDE:
    1. “Favors abortion rights but respects opposition.”
    2. “One-time 14.25% tax on wealth, to erase national debt.”
    3. “Tolerate diversity; prosecute hate crimes against gays. After Supreme Court vote, gay marriage is a reality.”
    4. “The wealthy have to move assets around globally based on tax incentives.”
    5. “Black lives matter, weed out bad cops.”
    6. “Legalize drugs and use tax revenue to fund drug education.”
    7. “Comprehensive education instead of limiting subjects, no profit on student loans.”
    8. “We need nuclear energy, and we need a lot of it fast.”
    9. “Eminent domain is a very useful tool for job creation.”
    10. “Putin has no respect for America; I will get along with him.”
    11. “Don’t take sides with Israel, so we can lead negotiations.”
    12. “Embrace globalization and international markets.”
    13. “Ban soft money; but allow unlimited personal contributions (like Soros).”
    14. “We must have universal health care.”

    • You don’t have a problem with his promise to order the military to commit war crimes and atrocities? How about his promise to shred the US Constitution? What we actually need is solar and wind energy fast. How would you feel it eminent domain took your house to create jobs for a half-dozen parking valets?

      • No…LKB…I’m not advocating Trump as President. I think that is a big-league mistake. I like him, I would never vote for him for President. He is not meant to be the President of the United States. At all.

    • It is hard to glean all of that from his speeches. There are quite a number of good points on that list. Many of them are well left of Hillary. If I though I could count on most of that happening I may have to re-evaluate my position with respect to Trump.

      • Many are left of Hillary. And re: military matters……compared to Trump, Hillary Clinton is a militarily “hawkish”….i.e., substantially more of an engaged national security hawk than Trump is… Trump wants to withdraw American forces from engagements in the world. THAT is stunning. The GOP is supposed to OWN national security matters. Not even close between these two.

      • “Mooning a group of people outside the venue” would seem to imply she was inside the venue. Do you have proof of to which group she belonged?

    • It’ll be quite a sight if Rafael brings all his friends with him. It’d be a good spot to launch a fusillade of those creme pies like the Stooges used to use.

      • Put Chief Hoosier Bigot Scowlin’ Mike Pence in Rafael’s column. Despite the Pence support Rafael’s friend quotient remains mired in the low single digits. That endorsement should just about send Raf and his failed candidacy packing. Two nasty men, put ’em in a sack and shake ’em up.

        • What a commentary on the state of the GOP race: Trump fills the Ford Center. Ted Cruz fills the Pie Pan. (LKB’s linking this and comment is terrific by the way.)

          • It looks like Cruzifer is also planning a rally here on Saturday. He wanted to go to Jasper, but his plane can’t land there, so he settled for us. The Pie Pan thing has all the markings of a Chancellor fund-raiser.

        • Yes, Pence probably delivered the final kiss-of-death to Rafael. He may even manage to make John Gregg our next Governor.

      • Cruzifer, Cruzchev, or Rafael if you prefer is done. He is having his last pie throwing fit over the next three days.

        • Which really leaves one scratching their head over Pence’s move. He certainly was not obligated, to my knowledge, to make a primary endorsement. It was not something calculated to endear him to the vast majority of Hoosiers who have been showing up in droves at Trump’s rallys. Cruz’s and his wife Heidi’s Goldman Sachs connections is a hurdle I just can not get over. I believe that a lot of the ownership and management at Goldman Sachs should be in prison, along with the lady who thinks that US Code on security of communications and documents applies only to the peons below her exalted status.

          I can not help but wonder if Pence’s action might cause some to withhold their “primary” vote for him in protest.

      • I admire the motivation behind your incessant racist attacks on Cruz and Rubio, comrade, but I fear that, like Epsilon Becker, you do not have the finesse to handle progressive racist posts. Please content yourself with the usual hatred and resentment.

        J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
        Maximum co-coordinator
        Organizing for Idiocy
        Evansville Cell

    • There’s been a delay. They’re trying to get some of the meringue off Carly. If they can’t get her cleaned up in time, the Pie Pan show will go on without her. The story will be she needs to spend more time singing to her new bus family.

  2. It would be prudent for all legitimate news outlets with paid staff reporters to get a second source for information coming from this administration, particularly DMD and the controller’s office. Recall that the path to the top for our DMD polity-maker included service as an Abell operative, then a Musgrave operative, then a McClintock operative, and community character, as well as self-described local “historian.” Seems credibility would obviously be an issue.

  3. When Wayne Parke backs someone they have a tendency to lose. So Donald Trump , Connie Carrier and Alex Schmitt should win the Primary. All sounds like good people to vote for!!

  4. Local Personality has been called on his ‘TARP investigation over’ statement. I’d give him and his benefactors time to formulate some twisted explanation but really he owes the people whose money he finds and spends some clarification soon. He just flat out lied or he didn’t. Pick a door, Local.

    I was going to link to the CP article parroting Local’s statement about the TARP investigation being closed but as of right now it is not to be found on their site.

    • ….not on the site….that’s really interesting. This D-Patrick dealership relocation thing born out of federal EBC blight funds has smelled since Day 1.

  5. I’m not happy with any of the candidates for President. I laugh along with Trump during the debates. Now I wonder if that was a mistake. Maybe the best candidate was eliminated while I was laughing at/with Trump. I’m sure I am not voting for Sanders. Tip of the hat a 74 yr old man out campaigning every day. I wish I had his energy. Mrs Clinton is another Obama and the last 8 years was not good to me. I JUST DON’T KNOW !!

    • So true.

      Mrs. Clinton’s vote for the Iraq war almost bought the farm for my son and got my best friend’s son blown all to Hell by a suicide bomber in downtown Baghdad.

      I’ll never understand the Republican base not wanting Kasich but they were obviously laughing too loud to pay attention also Cletus.

      But do you ever wonder if an Al Gore administration being a third term of Slick Willie’s would have really been all that bad?

      At least Scalia doesn’t have to “get over it” anymore….

  6. If the race for President boils down to Trump and Broom Hilda, I guess I will be voting for state and local candidates only. What a choice, a habitual liar and a nut case.


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