IS IT TRUE MAY 15, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville was named the #10 place in America where millennials buy homes in a real estate magazine?…just above Evansville at #9 was Lincoln, Nebraska where the average home is over $300,000 or double the price in Evansville?… Lincoln is also the home of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers and the State Capital of Nebraska?…the theme of the article was that young people are getting sick and tired of the high cost glamorous big cities like San Francisco and New York City where owning a home is next to impossible since the average homes are now well over $1 million and young people can’t afford a home of their own?…moving companies confirm an exodus from the big expensive cities with their pricing?…a UHaul rental from San Francisco to Vegas is now $2,000 but going the other way is only $100?… That tells us at there is a 20:1 differential in leaving San Francisco relative to Vegas and that is no surprise to anyone who craves tranquility and home ownership?…this does not mean that Evansville is the 10th hottest real estate market in the country?…what it really says is that Evansville is affordable for young people who choose to live here?

IS IT TRUE when all the local political movers and shakers were distancing themselves from the candidacy of Mike Braun for the United States Senator Vanderburgh County Commissioner candidate Steve Hammer openly supported him?  …the primary election is over and now the political piranha is doing everything they can to become a major part of the “BRAUN For UNITED STATES SENATE “campaign?  …don’t you just like disingenuous people?  …we hope that Mike Braun will contact Mr. Hammer and ask him to head his Vanderburgh County campaign because it’s the right thing to do? 

IS IT TRUE that incumbent Vanderburgh County Councilman James Raben won his primary race by a wide margin?  …could one of the main reasons why he did was because that the following individuals endorsed him for re-election?  …they were; Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch,  Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, State Senator Vaneta Becker, State Representative Ron Bacon, Vanderburgh County Assessor Bill Fluty, Vanderburgh County Auditor Brian Gerth,  County Council Member Mike Goebel, Vanderburgh County Council Member Angela Koehler Lindsey, Vanderburgh County Council Member Joe Kiefer, Vanderburgh County Council Member John Montrastelle, Vanderburgh County Council Member Tom Shetler, Jr., Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann, Vanderburgh County Recorder Debbie Stucki, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding, Vanderburgh County Surveyor Jeff Mueller, Vanderburgh County Treasurer Susan Kirk?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Democratic party may be pulling a “political rabbit out of the hat” in the near future when he announces who will be running for the office of the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor?  …if this happens we are told that this individual will give our current County Prosecutor a major run for his money?

IS IT TRUE we have been told that the once splintered Democratic party of Vanderburgh County is finally beginning to heal thanks to the backroom political diplomacy of party Chairman Scott Danks?

IS IT TRUE its extremely obvious that Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch has been experiencing a fashion makeover during the last six months?  … whoever has consulted her in changing her glasses, makeup, hair, and clothing have done her fashion justice?

IS IT TRUE we are told that the Vanderburgh County GOP party is splintered? …we are told that the main reason for this division is because of the way that GOP party Chairman Wayne Parke has treated several candidates and elected officeholders during the last several years?

IS IT TRUE that back in 2014 the Indiana State Legislature passed a law concerning the housing of Level six (6) Felons?  … that the State Law that passed the Indiana General Assembly states: “Level 6 Felony may not be committed to the department of correction if the person’s earliest possible release date is less than 366 days from the date of sentencing unless the commitment is due to the person violating a condition of probation, parole, or community corrections by committing a new criminal offense. Specifies that: (1) after June 30, 2014, a sheriff is entitled to a per diem and medical expense reimbursement for the cost of incarcerating a person convicted of a Level 6 felony whose earliest possible release date is less than 91 days; (2) after June 30, 2015, a sheriff is entitled to a per diem and medical expense reimbursement for the cost of incarcerating a person convicted of a Level 6 felony whose earliest possible release date is less than 366 days; and (3) the reimbursement shall be reviewed by the budget committee and is subject to the approval of the budget agency. Provides that a person on home detention as a condition of probation is entitled to earn credit time. Reconciles conflicts and makes technical corrections?”

IS IT TRUE the above law could be one of the main reasons why the Vanderburgh County jail is so overcrowded and the Federal Correctional facilities have ample space to house other criminals because the County jails are forced to house Level six (6) felons?  …Vanderburgh County is paying Posey County $35 dollars a day to house an average of 50 Vanderburgh County inmates a day because jail is overcrowded?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that recently announced Democratic Vanderburgh County Commission candidate Jeff Hatfield can beat Republican Mike Duckworth?

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        • Joe’s point is:
          “I’m embarrassed that Donald Trump pays pornstars for sex, but I have to save face and attack a pornstars credibility.”

          Which is f’n ridiculous. I mean, is Trump SO damaged over this, that Joe has to attack A PORNSTAR’S CREDIBILITY?

          I mean, she’s a pornstar!! What credibility is there? (Which is a straight-arrow way of saying, JoeBiden WOULD NEVER let the pervert Donald Trump near his daughter, wife or child. He knows his favorite pervert is, well, a pervert.)

          • Point is: When Trump got in the entertainment business he entered a liberal world of perversion and fell into the trap. He started acting like a liberal and found that liberal men in the industry went around grabbing women by the P——. This happened because low talent women were so anxious to get a shot at the industry. Democrats are upset because Trump turned on them when he found their lifestyle so unsettling and decided to do a lifestyle change. I think a lot of liberal men and women are upset because the women didn’t get a shot at Trump and the men are just envious. Just another case of liberal envy. I find a man getting it on with a porn star a lot less troubling than a man ? doing and selling drugs, one is immoral and the other is criminal.

  1. Well, the Ttump wanna be,s are both OUT. Just wait til November- will history repeat- will a Dem Congress step in and put a check on the unapologetic one?

  2. Not a chance. Right wing conservative middle Americans will cancel out the Left coast and other Libtard enclaves. You Dems, are so brain washed. Drink Billary’s kook-aid, whine cty and birch. Still going to get stomped in November!!!!

  3. And checkout Obummer’s failed attempt to arm the Syrian,Rebels. Seems all that military hardware was simply handed over to Al Queda. I will be Damned, funny how it turns to doo-doo in Dem controlled hands.


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